Welcome to my dark chambers... these pages are constantly under construction... right now I´ve mostly just collected a lot of excellent links, but I´ll expand my site in the future. I´ll add more links later, but don´t expect me to do anything to these graphics. Maybe later if I find time and inspiration.

Oh, by the way, there are links both in English and in Finnish. If you don´t understand Finnish, maybe you´d better start studying it, or you´ll miss some good sites...

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Update 3rd of September 2001: Got back from Rome, where I studied six months... so I really haven´t had time to update my site earlier.  Recently I´ve removed dead links (a lot of them!), there are some new ones, too... Good news: I´ll graduate during this autumn *knocks wood*, so I´ll have time to start my new site, "Rome for the dark-minded". Tips for clubbing, shopping etc... and a site about cemeteries of Rome. Be warned...

Update 21. of  December 2000: Oh goodie! Lots of new pics with me fucking drunk, in different positions! ;) No new links, sorry, but it´s Christmas... or Yule, if you´re a pagan.

Update 28. of October 2000: Just a couple of new links... I´m just too busy with my studies right now. Anyway, good news for all ladies: go see my "Sex"-page, there´s a link to the site where you can find some of Peter Steele´s famous Playgirl pics... *drool*