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Getting the bands name " MOLLY HATCHET " from a prostitute ( Hatchet Molly ) who once killed and mutilated her lovers, a great Southern band from Jacksonville, Fla. was formed in 1975.

The group included vocalist- Danny Joe Brown, three guitarists- Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, and Duane Roland, bassist- Banner Thomas, and drummer- Bruce Crump.

In 1978 the band recorded and released its first album titled none other than "Molly Hatchet." Then again in 1979 "Flirtin With Disaster" was released.

In 1980 Danny left the group and was replaced by vocalist Jimmy Farrar, who brought his own sound to the band. After the release of "Beatin the Odds" in 1980 and "Take No Prisoners" in 1981 Jimmy left.

Danny rejoined the band in 1982 and Banner Thomas left and was replaced by Riff West. In 1983 a new album was released titled "No Guts... No Glory." Steve Holland left and was replaced by keyboardest John Galvin.

In 1984 came the release of a new album "The Deed Is Done". In 1985 Dave Hlubek left and he was replaced by Bobby Ingram. Then in 1985 another album was released "Double Trouble Live."

The band continued to tour, and then in 1989 the album "LIGHTING STRIKES TWICE" was released.Then again in 1991 another album was released, "Greatest Hits".

In 1996 due to a stroke and illness Danny had to leave the band bringing in lead singer Phil McCormack to finish the album 'Devils Canyon" in 1996.

At this point the band consisted of members: Bobby Ingram-Lead Guitar, Phil McCormack-Lead Vocals, John Galvin-Keyboards, Bryan Bassett-Guitar, Andy McKinney-Bass, and Mac Crawford-Drums.

In 1998 "Silent Reign Of Heroes" was released.Then in 1999 the band traveled coast to coast with Charlie Daniels and the"Volunteer Jam".

In 2000, the album ""The Kindom Of XII was released in Europe.The band went on tour to promote this album.It was released in the United States in 2001. The band will be releasing a Live album in June of 2002.

The bands current lineup is Phil McCormack-Lead Vocals, Bobby Ingram-Lead Guitar, Tim Donovan-keyboards, John Galvin-Keyboards, Jerry Scott-Bass, Russ Maxwell-Guitar, and Shawn Beamer-Drums.

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