Out Of Focus Ideology - Lyrics: From A to Zee
Lyrics: From A to Zee

Here you can find all the Super Furry Animals lyrics plus some info about each track. If you want to reproduce the content of these pages on a large scale elsewhere, ask me first please!

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A Frosty Night In Gothenburg
All The Shit U Do
Alternate Route To Vulcan Street
Aluminium Illuminati
Arnofio/Glô In The Dark *
A Specific Ocean
Atomik Lust
[A] Touch Sensitive
Baby Ate My Eightball
Back On A Roll
Bad Behaviour
Bass Tuned to D.E.A.D.
Battersea Odyssey
Best Mindfuck Yet
Bleed Forever
Blerwytirhwng? *
Blue Fruit
Cabin Fever
Carbon Dating
Cardiff In The Sun
Carry The Can
Check It Out
Chewing Chewing Gum
Chewing Chewing Gum (Reprise)
Cityscape Skybaby
Colonise The Moon
Colorblind *
Crazy Naked Girls
Cryndod Yn Dy Lais
Crys Ti
Dacw Hi
Death By Melody
Dial: Revenge
Dim Bendith
Dim Brys Dim Chwys
Don't Be A Fool, Billy!
Do Or Die
Down A Different River
(Drawing) Rings Around The World
Dutch Ditch †
DX Heaven
Edam Anchorman
Father Father #1
Father Father #2
Fire In My Heart
Fix Idris
Focus Pocus/Debiel
For Now And Ever
Foxy Music
Fragile Happiness
Furryvision ™
Fuzzy Birds
Gathering Moss
God! Show Me Magic
Golden Retriever
Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar Y Blaned Neifion
Gypsy Space Muffin *
Hangin' With Howard Marks
Happiness Is A Worn Pun
Helium Hearts
Hello Sunshine
Hermann ©'s Pauline
Hit And Run
Hometown Unicorn
Hot Nutz
Ice Hockey Hair
Ice Hockey Hair (2)
If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You
Inaugural Trams
Inside Out
Into The Night
It's Not The End Of The World?
Juxtapozed With U
Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy
Lazer Beam
Lazy Life (Of No Fixed Identity)
Let's Quit Smoking
Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon
Liberty Belle
Lliwiau Llachar
Long Gone *
Mario Man
Missunderstanding (sic)
Moped Eyes
Mountain People
Mrs Spector
Neo Consumer
Never More
(Nid) Hon Yw'r Gân Sy'n Mynd I Achub Yr Iaith
Night Vision
Northern Lites
No Sympathy
Nythod Cacwn
Ohio Heat
Oi Frango
Organ Yn Dy Geg
Out Of Control
Pam V?
Pan Ddaw'r Wawr
Pass The Time
Play It Cool
Presidential Suite
Rabid Dog
Receptacle For The Respectable
Run! Christian, Run!
Sali Mali
Sarn Helen
Sex, War & Robots
She's Got Spies
Shoot Doris Day
Short Painkiller
Show Your Hand
Sidewalk Serfer Girl
Slow Life
Something For The Weekend
Some Things Come From Nothing
Spaced Out
Stay Another Day †
Summer Snow
Sunny Seville
That's What I'm Talking About
The Citizens Band
The Door To This House Remains Open
The Gateway Song
The Gift That Keeps Giving
The Horn
The International Language Of Screaming
The Man Don't Give A Fuck
The Matter Of Time
The Piccolo Snare
The Placid Casual
The Roman Road
These Bones
The Sound Of Life Today
The Teacher
The Turning Tide
The Undefeated
The Very Best Of Neil Diamond
The Warmth Of The Sun †
This, That And The Other
Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir
Trôns Mr Urdd *
Valet Parking
Venus & Serena
Waiting To Happen
Walk You Home
Where Do You Wanna Go?
Wherever I Lay My Phone (That's My Home)
White Socks/Flip Flops
Wrap It Up
Y Brawd Houdini †
Y Gwyneb Iau
Ymaelodi Â'r Ymylon
Ysbeidiau Heulog
Y Teimlad †
Zoom! (2)

* Indicates incomplete lyrics.
† Indicates tracks not written by the SFA.

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