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Random Facts about 3DD


The following facts are all from e-mail I received or from sites on the web that I stumbled across. If you have any "random facts" about 3 Doors Down that are not included on this page, please email me them at


     -The less-than-spectacular origin of the name "3 Doors Down" is an old, boarded up building that the band drove past one day. There was a crumbling sign on it, the only legible part of which read "Doors Down." At the time, there were 3 guys in the band, and they decided "3 Doors Down" just sounded cool. 

     -Brad's girlfriend personally pieced his navel for him. 

     -Brad's girlfriend, now fiancÚ, is Tyreka Roberts and she works at McRae's, a department store)..

     -Brad claims he wrote the lyrics to "Kryptonite" in his high school algebra class - that and about twenty other songs. He went to East Central High School in Hurley, MS.

     -When Brad told his father that it was his voice on the CD, his father responded "Go tell your mamma. She might believe you." The old man hadn't heard his son sing one word before the band's first CD was released. 

     -Their record was mixed by Toby Wright, who has also worked with Alice in Chains and Korn.


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