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Movies and TV shows related to Nirvana

This is a listing of several movies and television shows with Nirvana music or something else Nirvana related in them. This could be anything from a Kurt Cobain or Nirvana poster being shown in a given movie, to a Nirvana song being played in the background. There are many documentary programs and more about [or with] Nirvana and/or Kurt Cobain, but I won't put all those on this list, which would make it far too long. Only 'real' movies or shows where Nirvana's music was played or where a Nirvana member appears in - or where something else directly related to Nirvana happens - will be included here. For example in the movie "Boys on the side" where a large Nirvana poster is clearly visible in one of the scenes. See the list for further examples. Also I'm not too pleased with adding info about something insignificant, like a talkshow where someone just mentions the word "Nirvana" or mentions Kurt Cobain. Further I don't want to add more info about shows on MTV, ZTV, VH-1, MCM, M2, VIVA, MuchMusic (etc.) mentioning Kurt or Nirvana.

If you can contribute with something please E-mail me. PLEASE do not send contributions without checking this entire list first, to see if the info you wanted to add is already present. If you don't want to read through the entire list just use the "Find/Search" function of your browser. Corrections to the this list are very welcome though. DO NOT E-mail me about "Clarissa Explains It All", "8MM" or "Austin Powers". The Nirvana related stuff from these is already present.

I think about 20-25 people have e-mailed the info that in 'Austin Powers' Dr. Evil's son is wearing a Nirvana shirt. I KNOW! This info has been on the page for about a year, so please stop submitting it. I also don't want to hear anymore about the animated Kurt Cobain in "Family Guy" and the Nirvana posters in the "Last Resort" video. Thank you

Please do not submit the already known info about the Cobain reference in "Californication" and how "Adam's song" reminds of "Come as you are."

Thanks to everyone who've contributed with info so far! Note that I have added my own comments along with some of the info. When I have, my comment is in and usually in brackets, finished with "NFC". Comments/info from the contributors is in green. Do NOT put this file on your own Nirvana website without specific permission granted by the author and current maintainer Rasmus Holmen. This file was last updated on: January 1, 2001.
First of all, there is the movie "Hype!" about the Seattle grunge scene, and this moviered (documentary actually) contains a cliredp of the first "Teen Spirit" performance from 4/17/91. The soundtrack features the Bleach classic "Negative Creep".

Some of the movies that focus directly on Nirvana includes "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!", "Teen Spirit: a Tribute to Kurt Cobain", "1991: The Year Punk Broke", "Hype!", and the movie that had a small viewing audience at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998 entitled "Kurt and Courtney." There are also tons of bootlegged Nirvana concert videos around, various tributes and much more so look for that.

It is worth to mention that Nirvana appeared in the popular show "Saturday Night Live" in 1992 and 1993. They also appeared in the british "Jonathan Ross" show in 1991 and in the British "Top of the pops" in 1991. In February 1994 they appeared on a French show and a couple of Italian ones, near the end of February 1994. They were also on MTV's "Headbangers Ball" once and at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Of course, a ton of television stations, radio stations etc. have done interviews with the band and they've appeared in other TV shows besides the ones I just listed. I just want to mention the most important ones. The purpose of this file is to list non-Nirvana related movies and TV shows where Nirvana is still present in some way .. for example with a poster.

Since a lot of people submit this info, it is worth to mention that an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" featured a brief study of the Kurt Cobain murder theories. They basically talked a little with Tom Grant and talked about some of the evidence supporting the theories. This info, however, does not really belong on this page and thus I will not talk about it further.

Kurt's favorite movie was entitled "Over The Edge," and ironically was the first movie role of actor Matt Dillon. It was about a bunch of teenage kids who didn't like authority, and end up rioting at their local school at the end of the movie. Kurt once confided in a rare radio interview that he would like to possibly be in a movie someday. Unfortunately, that was never meant to be. [Info courtesy of Brian Peterson]

There was an Italian movie entitled "Nirvana" in 1998, but had nothing to do with the band. It featured Christopher Lambert, but received horrible reviews.

The movie called "Mad Love" opens with "Love Buzz" playing in the background, during the opening credits. This movie stars Drew Barrymore and features music from L7 and others.

In the movie "Mad Love" with Drew Barrymore, in the scene where her character, Casey, is "losing it", she is cutting pictures of eyes out of magazines and sticking them all over the walls, as she believes they will protect her. If you look closely you will notice a picture that is clearly Kurt Cobain. It has been awhile since I saw the video, but I do remember that several of my friends and myself noticed that it was Kurt's picture on the wall.

Speaking of Drew Barrymore, in another movie she stars in, "Boys on the side", there is a scene where you can clearly see a large Nirvana poster with the "Bleach" cover. Pretty cool :)

Pat Smear has a tiny part in the cult movie "Blade Runner". He's also got an appearance in the Prince video "Raspberry Beret" and he has a short appearance in No Doubt's popular "Don't Speak" video. Pat is now supposedly working on the movie story of his former band "The Germs."

In the movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", starring Mike Myers, Dr. Evil's son [Seth Green] walked into a room wearing a blue Kurt Cobain T-shirt, while listening to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

In "Jerry Maguire" - 'Cush', the football player who Jerry was trying to sign, was in a hotel room playing an acoustic guitar trying to sing "Something in the way." It is possibly the worst cover of any song in history!!! His brother who also appears shortly in the film wears the Sliver T-Shirt.

In the movie "Hackers" there is a scene with a large Nirvana poster, in the main characters room.

Same info from different source:
If you ever see the 1995 film called Hackers, starring Johnny Lee Miller (he plays Sick Boy in Trainspotting), you'll probably notice that Miller's character has the Nevermind poster on his wall, with Krist, Dave and Kurt on it.

In the T.V show "California Dreams", in the garage, there is a poster of Kurt seen in many episodes. [Someone said that it was actually a poster of Tom Petty and not Kurt Cobain ... NFC]

In the movie "D2: The Mighty Ducks", two punk kids are jumping on their beds and there is a Nirvana poster in the background.

In the movie D2 the mighty ducks are back, after one of the punk kids is kicked out of the game, he threatens to beat up on of the Iceland team members in the time out box while wearing a nirvana shrit.

The movie "Empire Records", with Liv Tyler, has a Nirvana tour poster when Nirvana was touring with the Meat Puppets in late 1993. It is an orange poster with a pirate skull face on it.

In an episode of the show "Millenium", the main character Frank Black was investigating the dissappearance of a boy from Seattle. He went into the boy's room and there was clearly a poster of Kurt Cobain on his wall!

If you ever watch "The Man Who Knew Too Little," pay attention to the apartment where Bill Murray's character was supposed to do that acting thing but the criminal got there instead. In the backround, I remember seeing a Kurt Cobain poster above the bed.

I've also heard that Dave Grohl was in an episode of the X-Files, he was just passing by through a secruity metal thingy in the FBI entrance hall. It was season 3 of The X-Files in the episode "Pusher".

In an episode of CHICAGO HOPE, one of the doctors accidentally kills a kid and goes to the kids house to apologize, and in the kids room there is a huge IN UTERO poster on the wall in the background.

In an episode of ER, Matthew Glave's caracter Dale Edson says "Do you think he pulled a Cobain?" when he was talking about a guy possibly comitting suicide.

On one episode of "Daria" there was a conversation on the bus that went like this:
Daria-- "Do you smell that? It smells like, smeels like..."
Jane-- "Teen Spirt?"
Daria-- "No, cheap perfume, Brittany must be working up a sweat."

In an episode of "Sabrina - The Teenage Witch", One of the aunts says "My date was so fun. He even played 4 lines of Smells Like Teen Spirit with his nose" [Gary noted a correction: "Salem the cat says: 'Your headmaster played Smells Like Teen Spirit??? With his nose?' Sabrina: Yea the first 2 verses' ... NFC]

In "Sabrina - The Teenage Witch", the two aunts are meditating and the older one says: "Have we reached Nirvana?"

On The Show Called "Catwalk" [With Neve Campbell ... NFC] these 2 Girls were Photocoping Some Pages And There Was A "Nevermind" Poster On The Wall Behind Them!

In the movie "Point of No Return" if you look really closely at the posters on the wall in the main character's room you'll see a Nirvana poster.

In the show "My So-Called Life", the Rolling Stone commemorating Kurt after his death was shown more than once. This was in the Halloween episode i believe. One character, Rayanne comments and says "Ugh, I still can't look at him".

Same info from different source:
In the Halloween episode of My So-Called Life, the cover of Rolling Stone with a black & white closeup of Kurt's face is seen being passed around in a class. Later, when Angela (Clare Danes) is in the library reading an old yearbook, Rayanne (A.J. Langer) picks up the issue, groans, and says something to the effect of "Oh, I can't bear to look at him" and turns it over.

I was watching a rerun of Married With Children one night and Peg said "Al, we're gonna go see the greatest show in the world." Then Kelly asks "Nirvana?"

In the movie "I know what do you did last summer" [With Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar ... NFC], one of the girls go to the house of the sister of the person who they believe they roadkilled - to shoe her an anuary so that she can identify Billy Blue. Here you can hear a radio playing Leadbelly's "Where did you sleep last night", which was covered by Nirvana.

There is a show called "Breaker High", where there was a scene in the class room where someone was talking about the real meaning on Nirvana. Then the main charater said "Nirvana rules" he had a walkman on and "Teen Spirit" could be heard in the backround.

In an episode of "Father Ted" (an UK show), they were talking about music or something and one of them says something like "How can Kurt Cobain still be making music if he shot himself?".

In Father Ted, Ted says to someone 'We were just talking about that fella Kurt Cobain. Blew 'is head off with a shotgun' and Dougal says 'How did he survive that then?'

On an episode of Father Ted (Irish comedy starring the late Dermot Morgan) they have an American priest rond to stay and Father Dougal McGuire (Arnod O'Hanlon) says in an Irish accent "You know who was american? That fella Kurt Cobain. He shot himself in the head. How did he survive that then?" The audience fell about laughing and Ted replies "er, Dougal, he didn't survive - he's dead." and then Dougal looks very confused and says "oh... right you are then Ted!" and walks out of the room. It was very funny.

In Father Ted, Father Dougal says to ted 'Ted Ted come here, this rabbit, it looks like Kurt Cobain'. Then Ted says: 'How could a rabbit look like - OH MY GOD IT DOES LOOK LIKE KURT COBAIN!'

In one episode of "Daria", Jane is asked whether she would like to crash Brittany's party, and she says "Oh no, I'd much rather stay home and listen to my brother practice the opening to Come As You Are."

In a episode of "Jonovision", a girl came on stage with a Kurt Cobain shirt on. A hypmatist hypmatised her and she said to Jono: "Why does everyone hate K. Cobain? - Cause he did heroin?"
jono- "We hate Kurt Cobain"
girl- "Why?"
jono- "We hate him"
girl- " You don't know anything about him.....your stupid!!!"
jono- "We hate Kurt Cobain because he never bathed!!!"

On WCW (World Championship Wrestling) - Diamond Dallas Page enters to music that is a rip off of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Also WCW Raven has the begining to 'come as you are' and there is a bunch of crap added in the middle and the begining of 'come as you are'. It starts back up again near the end.

The show "Inside stuff" on ESPN recently played Teen Spirit!

The movie "The Babysitter" [Starring the lovely Alicia Silverstone ... NFC] has a scene with 2 guys in a record store, and in the backgroud you see briefly see a "Bleach" poster and an "In utero" poster.

In Dangerous Minds, there's a party in the school, and a guy says "Should I get a Tupac CD, or a picture of Kurt Cobain?". He didn't say it exactly like that, but something like it.

In an episode of Marienhof (a german show) - there was a Nirvana poster on a wall in an alley. It was black, It had the cover of In Utero (the text wasn't on it), and it said Nirvana, Live '94.

One of the Don Cherry Rock 'em Sock 'em videos has the main riff from Teen Spirit being played over and over and over.

In an episode of a comedy show called "Make Me Laugh", the object of this game show is that there are 3 contestants and 3 comedians trying to make each of them to laugh. Cuz every second you don't laugh you get a $1. And one of the jokes that the comedian was telling to this Alcohol and Drug councelor was ...
Comedian~ "hey, have you ever heard of Kurt Cobain?"
A&D councelor~ "yeah"
Comedian~ "you sure messed up on him."

On a old episode of "Saturday Night Live" (from like 94' maybe) they had a sketch called "Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon" and he would talk about recent news and stuff like that. One of his top stories was.... "and in recent news, Kurt Cobain has almost reached Nirvana!"

I was watching Saturday Night Live about a year ago, I can't remember who the host was. They had this sketch on that was a sing and dance sketch about opposites. One of the lines was "Like Kurt Cobain and fame." Also, on that same episode, they had a sketch about the MTV Video Music Awards. They had Madonna and Courtney Love on it and Madonna was dressed and acting all Buddhist. Madonna was saying, "You have to reach Nirvana, not break it up." And Courtney Love got all pissed and they got into this fight. Sorry I can't remember the host.

I remember watching an old episode of Sat. Night Live last year from around 1993 in which it had paradys of all the popular bands doing an infomercial for some product and it had David Spade dressed like Kurt Cobain and singing a song. (it also showed Adam Sandler doing his Eddie Vedder impression singing Even Flow w/ different lyrics)

Same info from different source:
This is about the SNL episode where David Spade plays Kurt. Well here's more info on it; The showing date was March 19, 1994 (two weeks before Kurts death!), Helen Hunt was the host and Snoop Doggy Dog was the musical guest. The sketch started off the show and it was called something like "Rocker explain Whitewater". There were about 15 others in the sketch like Adam Sandler as Axl Rose and Norm McDonald and Jay Mohr as RHCP. Well each artist sang a little piece about the Whitewater scandal (Whitewater is some kind of tax fraud scandal that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in). Kurt aka David Spade sang a verse, except he just mumbled and moaned it. It was actually pretty funny. He looked suprisly like Kurt complete with goatee and wool jacket.

Recently when I was watching an episode of "Home improvement", during a portion of the show where Tim is on the set of his show the camera does a flash of the audience cheering and in the first row there is an extra with a sliver t-shirt on. I'm not sure which episode it is but I'm sure it's around the 3rd or fourth season.

There was a Nirvana poster in the house of these two people that were fighting in the show "Cops"!

About 6 months ago on Comedy Central's Daily Show, there was a bit about Lollapalooza's financial problems. At the end of the segment, Craig Kilborn said, "At least one thing is for certain...this year, once again, no Nirvana."

On "Unhappily Ever After", I think it first aired 10/24/98, Ryan and Tiffany were talking about 1988. Ryan said, "Kurt Cobain was still in one piece."

It was on episode of the Troklesons last season I think. The main character Dorathy Jane, think that is her name. Well anyway she sneeks out to go to a college dorm. When you get to the guys room. You can see a Nevermind poster hanging on the wall for about 10 mins of the show. It is the one when they're in the pool swimming under water.

In the movie "Forrest Gump", the original version of The Youngbloods' Get Together appears, when Forrest comes back from Vietnam, and Jenny talks about what has happened when he was away.

There was a Ruby Wax show over here in England (Winter '98 I think) where they were talking about Kurt Cobain's death, and talking about how much shit and stress we have to put up with these when you read the news etc. I think one of the other guests was Joana Lumly.

And in Neighbors (the Australian soap aired in the UK if you dont have it in the US) the other day, Paul said he wanted to name his pet (Iguana?) "Kurt Cobain" and Madge said "who?".

In "Neighbours" Harold accused Paul of listening to disturbing music. Libby went up to Paul in the cafe and started talking to Paul. She said something like "My dad used to try to stop me from listening to Nirvana" and Paul laughed and said something like "Nirvana isn't disturbing".

I was watching 'Neighbours' once and a couple of the characters were playing slow boring music and one of them said "We need a bit more energy and excitement in our music like Nirvana's Love Buzz".

On an episode of the Australian soap "Neighbours" a guy called Luke says: "That's like calling Nirvana's Love Buzz a love song" ... [It's possible that this 'Love Buzz' thing from Neighbours is actually just one scene rather than two different ... NFC]

In Neighbours some character was a hot guitar player and criticised another lame acousticer by saying "this love song is awful. It's got to have bite, like Nirvana's "love buzz" [Another "Love Buzz" scene ... hmm probably the same as above ... NFC]

On neighbours, Billy Kennedy has the poster of Kurt and his vandalism guitar on his wall.

In Uk soap "Neighbours" one of the characters Paul went through a rebelious phase where he named his rabbit Kurt and attempted to play HSB (I think) on guitar. This ended when Libby told him that she too liked Nirvana but felt the band conveyed wrong messages.The show is famous for its "morals" as it is viewed by 5-8 million UK kids every day. It pissed me off so much.

I remember watching the Australian soap Neighbours a couple of years ago and Paul was being hassled by his parents for listening to a rock band called Battery Acid. His friend Libby said she and her brother also got hassled for listening to a band called Nirvana.

Also last week in Neighbours a character called Toadfish was being laughed at for listening to "Seattle Grunge". Funny thing is though, it was the Star Trek nerd who was taking the piss! A few weeks before Toadfish's cousin Tad was looking through his CD collection and came across the Foo Fighters and Everclear albums.

In the new movie "Dead Man on Campus" one of the roomates has a theory that kurt is not dead but living in mt. St. Helens with Vince Foster, this is because they are being black mailed by Bill Gates!

Same info from different source:
In 'Dead man on campus', the suicidal dude with glasses (can't remember the name) who taught Bill Gates was gonna take his brain, said something like: "And Kurt Cobain didn't actually kill himself, he lives somewhere in a high mountain in Tibet. He was hiding from Bill Gates" And in "Dead MEN on campus" (which is a longer version that passes on TV) the other so-called suicidal english boy is dancing in the toilet..."give me an A"", give me a "C" the main character comes in and says: "hey, you're dancing! You're happy!!'re meant to be suicidal!" So he goes:" yeah, I am, hem...look, look I'm Kurt Cobain!!!" And that's it!!

Last night I went to see the movie 8MM staring Nicholas Cage and noticed something I could add to your list. In the movie, this missing girl had a diary that she hid at her house before she left so her step dad wouldn't find it. When Nicholas Cage found it, it showed a quick glimpse of the cover which was scattered with pictures cut out of magazines. Somewhere near the bottom was a picture of Kurt that said "Cobain" underneath of it.

In a recent episode of the X-Files a woman was talking about her boss and she said something similar to "He reminds me of one of those tragic musicians, like Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain."

Same info from different source:
In a recent episode of The X-Files, from Season Six, about this guy who can create the weather - a girl called Cindy is talking to her boyfriend about rockstars and she mentions Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

I remember I saw an episode of "Trisha" (could have been "Moesha), where they created a school news paper, so one of the journalists was making an article for the news paper, and Moesha asked her: "What is this??" so she said "It's my tribute to Kurt Cobain" so Trisha said something like "Hmm, i was thinking about something more current", or something like that.

Also a couple of weeks ago in England on a show called Moesha i think there were two boys on where one was dressed as Kurt Cobain and one was dressed as Marilyn Manson but had a Fender Jagstang guitar with him.

In an episode of "Lois & Clark" the bad guys have some project called "Nirvana". However its not related to the music band Nirvana ...

On the VH1 show Rock and Roll Jeopardy they do each eppisode based on 2 differnt rock era's. On the show w/ one era 1991 on the video screen during the whole show was huge picture of Kurt.

Once was on rock and roll jeopardy they asked a question and it was basically what is the name of courtney love and kurt cobain's daughter and there was this rolling stone special that was on vh1 once and they showed the cover of rolling stone, with kurt after he died, in the background a few times.

Tonight while I was watching Jeopardy, there was a catagory called, "Who's The Parent" or something close to that. The question was "Frances Bean Cobain" And the girl said, "Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love"

On Saturday April 15, probably a re-run, I was watching Rock and Roll Jeopardy, and the final Jeopardy question was something like "Who was Squirel's song 'Mighty K.C.' and Neil Young's 'Sleeps with Angels' a tribute to?" And every single one of them got it wrong, only one person's answer actually started with the letters K and C. Obviously it was Kurt.

I was watching Fox Files and they did a story about a college whos basketball team lost the championship and they had a big party on the street And Fox Files used "Smells like teen spirit" in the backround of that story.

I also saw a "Married with Children" episode with Bud and Kelly standing in line to get tickets for a band called "BBD" and they asked their father Al to stand in line for them , and there was a guy who looked exactly like Chad Channing , it probably was him and he said to Al " Hey this line is not for John Tesh concert" and Al answered "yeah ,well it least John tesh didint have to urinate on his fans to win their respect"

In a german Soccer show called "Ranisimo" they sometimes play Territorial Pissings when they show the highlights of the week.

On the show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (The one with the guy and the robots) They were watching a movie. In it,a guy walks into a huge building,and on the floor is written "Nirvana". Tom Servo immediatly begins to sing the opening to "Come As You Are" only as,"Come,as you are,to my mall....."

In a scene of the show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" they are making fun of the movie 'The Head That Wouldn't Die' and in one scene, it zooms in on a lab table with a needle on it, and one of the guys in the audience says, "Meanwhile, back in Kurt Cobain's house". The episode was aired October 30, 1993.

In the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, while the gang is watching The Giant Gila Monster, one of the main characters is playing the ukelele for his crippled little sister and Joel riffs, "Yep, smells like teen spirit".

Also on Mystery Science Theater 3000, the gang is watching Angel's Revenge and during one scene, a woman is dunked repeatedly into a pool and hanging by a rope when during an underwater shot of her, Tom Servo says "It's the Nirvana album cover!"

And on Mystery Science Theater 3000, the gang is watching a short called A Day at the Fair and while the parade band is passing through, Servo starts singing "Here we are now, entertain us, we feel stupid, and contagious"

ok , I was flipping through the channels and i saw this movie called "Trojan War", with Jennifer Love Hewitt, well there was a part where this guy was practicing a pick up line to say to a girl he's wanted to go out with forever, and in the background, you can see a sub pop poster (a large poster) and you can see different bands listed like TAD, Mudhoney , etc. and in the middle, you can see in big letters "Nirvana" , just thought i'd tell ya that.

I was looking at your list of Nirvana in movies and on TV, when I vaguely remembered an episode of the show Sliders where they changed the past or something and went into the future and they had a Kurt Cobain Christmas Album. It was a couple years ago so I don't remember it well.

Same info from different source:
There is an episode of Sliders in which they go into a parallel universe of some sort and its Christmas time ...they go into a music store and the main charcter strums through several c.d.s and he comes upon a "Kurt Cobain sings Christmas Carols" album w/ a cheesey looking cover thers als a Jim Morrison Christmas Album w/ a different title and a Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin Chirstmas Album I cant relly remember and this was all during the second season before the show got moved from Fox to FX....

I saw on Lois and Clark, they had a case and for some reason the were flipping through 12" Lps and it had various funny titles by Jim Morrison etc.... It had Kurt Cobain "Christmas Carols" on one of the LPs [I don't know if this is related to the "Christmas Album" described above in "Sliders". Micah Jasper claimed that this episode doesn't exist, which is likely. He confirms the "Sliders" episode described above, though ... NFC]

I was watching COPS on time a while ago and this guy got pulled over for ripping off a store and the CD case for bleach was sitting in the front seat!

I saw an episode of "The new adventures of Love Boat" and in the background you could hear a part of "Lithium" played by some other band, but not Nirvana. Anyway I'm sure that it was a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium". [It was most likely not Cobain's Nirvana's "Lithium" .. NFC]

And then there was recently a program on NBC or CNBC about the movie "Kurt & Courtney". They showed some intervievs with Kurt and the guest in the program was Nick Broomfield.

I`m from Germany so I saw the big black/white poster of kurt Cobain in the room of a main character in the soap called "Schloss Einstein"

In another German soap called "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" they played "Something in the way" in the background while they were discussing a problem.

At the 5th aniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, the music channel Viva 2 brought a special of Kurt Cobain / Nirvana (in 2Rock). They played all songs + some songs of Live! Tonight! Sold out!!, a video clip of foo fighters and a video clip of hole - violet. They showed short intervievs,live shows and private film cuts. [On the 5th anniversary, channels like MTV and MCM also had some brief Nirvana specials ... this list is not really intended to mention those, though .. NFC]

In the movie Foxfire, the oriental girl Goldie is being yelled at by her father about her room looking like a drug den. On the wall behind her you can see a really small picture of Kurt Cobain.

Ok, in an episode of X-Files (called 'The Host', episode two of season two), Scully's flipping through a National Inquirer type magazine and you get a quick glimpse of one of the pages and it has some crap about Kurt and Nirvana.

One day I was flipping through the channels, and on the show "Bill Nye: The Science Guy" they were playing the beginning of the song "Come as You Are" for about 5 seconds.

A while ago I was watching Bill Nye: The Science Guy, I think it was a show on air pressure, but anyway towards the end they had a Smells Like Teen Spirit parody. I think they named it Smells Like Air Pressure.

Same info from different source:
I can remember seeing an episode of "Bill Nye The Science Guy" and at the end they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but they switched the lyrics around so it had to do with the environment or something. [I don't know if both CAYA and SLTS were actually played on this show ... NFC]

Same info from different source:
Ok, I have a correction for the one about SLTS that was played DURING Bill Nye The Science guy....not the remake thing. Actually, I just have more info. It was the episode in which they discussed Computers and the Internet and then they talked to some kids who made webpages and then when they started discussing what HTML was, then played the guitar riff to SLTS. There is some more info. BTW, I knew about that remake thing they played on the show.

Hi. this hasn't exactly been mentioned... a long time ago, on Bill Nye the Science Guy, they played the opening to Smells Like Teen Spirit DURING the actual show. This is different from the Smells Like Air Pressure or whatever remake-thing.

There was an episode of Bill Nye the science guy where they cover All Apologies.

A few months ago on either Dateline or 20/20 they had a special on heroin and cocain, they showed a clip of Nirvana playing live (can't remember which song).

I was watching an episode of "Travellers" one day when I heard the worst "Teen Spirit" rip-off ever. The song was the same rythym, the same tempo, and had the same drum and bass parts, but the guitar part was backwards. (i.e. high notes were low, low notes were high.)

The other day I was watching a french tv show (from Canada but a french one) it is called 'Ā la recherche de Carmen Sandiego' (The english version is called 'Where in time is Carmen Sandiego'). If you don't know what is is well it's kind of a questionnaire and they were talking about deodorants. So the participants had to replace in order events about deodorants one of them was the release of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana in 1991. Pretty cool.

I was watching "Full house" (or was it Blossom?) and one of the girls went to a friends house and they were playing a card or board game, and in the background I saw the Nirvana picture with all of them in the water.

I think the movie is called "Little Witches" but anyway, they are chanting and saying stuff like "help us raise the dead" when one of the girls says: "Let us make contact with Kurt Cobain!"

I was watching Cartoon Planet (a show that features Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak) when all of a sudden Brak said "I went to the zoo one day and I saw this monkey and then we went to Seattle and there was this awesome band playing and I was singing (Smells Like Teen Spirit plays) "With the lights out, we throw boogers! Here we are now, throw more boogers!"

I dont know if you'd want to include this but on Backstreet Boys Live on MTV, when Carson asked what ninties groups the band was influenced by or just plain liked Nick Carter said that he liked Nirvana!

When the backstreet boys were on there they ALSO got a question about what Nirvana's first album was, but the idiot who said he was influenced by them said 'Nevermind' was the first album.

In australia they had this virtual reality place called "intencity" anyway during the commercial for this place they had the start to breed playing over and over. so like it was just the intro been looped.

I remember when i was in school one day and we watched this video about sprains and springs and there was a total rip off of smells like teen spirit as the background music for the whole movie. I mean you could tell right when it came on.

In one of the episodes of "the bold and beautiful" one of the models wear a t-shirt with the cover of incesticide.

In the movie "The Rock", Nicolas Cage is talking to Sean Connery and comments on Connery's long hair and he says "What? Am I not in style?" and Cage goes "Not unless you are a twenty year old guitarist from Seattle" [referring to Cobain, I suppose ... NFC] - then Connery goes "What?" and Cage says: "It's a grunge thing."

On an episode from Season 5 of the show "Party of Five", the Hole song "Malibu" is playing in the background while Julia is talking to her roommate. Also in an past episode of the show, Julia's husband at the time, Griffin, is talking about going to a Foo Fighters concert. [I just included these non-Nirvana pieces because I love Party of Five :) ... NFC]

I remember about 4 years ago I was watching a show called 'Clarissa Explains It All' on Nickelodeon and the whole show Clarissa was trying to convince her parents to let her go to a Nirvana concert with her friend Sam. She kept talking about how the band was cool and how much she loved Kurt. It was really cheesy. [Someone said it was actually a Pearl Jam concert, but several claim it was a Nirvana one. In fact I've been getting about 5 e-mails from people saying it was a Nirvana show and 5 e-mails from people saying it was a Pearl Jam show. Personally I think it was a Pearl Jam show "Clarissa" went to. William Moore noted something interesting though; " I have to verify the one about Nirvana being on "Clarissa" and some people saying they weren't. I know for a fact on one of them it was a Nirvana concert. Though, there were Pearl Jam concerts also. Sam did talk about going to a Nirvana concert, but he also talked about going to Pearl Jam concerts
on a couple of occasions."
Now, PLEASE don't e-mail me about this one anymore ... NFC]

Brandon Conner added the following about "Clarissa Explains It All":
This is concerning the "Clarissa explains it all" thing. Yes, there is an episode where Sam and Clarissa go to a Nirvana concert. THERE'S ALSO a different episoode where Sam has tickets to go to a Pearl Jam concert. Unfortunately, on the day of the Pearl Jam concert Sam's dad wants to do something with him. I can't remember what though. I'm also not sure what Sam did either. But, I know theres an episode about going to a NIRVANA concert because after the concert Clarissa wore the "Nevermind" shirt with the baby on it. Everybody who thinks they go to a Pearl Jam concert is thinking about the episode were Sam has to choose between his dad or the Pearl Jam concert.

To CLOSE this topic, Neil Manson added the following about the show:
- They were going to a Pearl Jam concert (I know others disagree, but just wait) The Nirvana bit in the show was when her mom was trying to get closer to her and said something along the lines of:
"What kind of stuff are you into these days Clarissa?" and she said something along the lines of "I'm really into Nirvana" and her mom says: "Great, I didn't know you were into buddhism, we can meditate together." [If I get more e-mails about this show, I will have a cerebral haemorrhage! ... NFC]

There's one episode of 'Clarissa explains it all' when Clarissa is having a dream that aliens were in her room and she was yelling "What do you want!? What do u want?" then the aliens go "well, we want a box set of Nirvana CDs!"

A few years back Mark Hamill (A.K.A. Luke Skywalker) was on Howard Stern's E! show. He came in with his 17 year old son who was wearing an Incesticide shirt.

In an german show called "Quatsch Comedy Club" a artist made jokes about life after death...he said something like "people who kill themselves will have problems."and he named some stars that killed themselves...the last one was Kurt Cobain...he said "remember Kurt with a hole in the head can't be funny...

In the movie "The Curve" [aka. "Dead Man's Curve, also starring the lovely Keri Russell ... NFC] Matthew Lillard is telling his friends girlfriend that she and him belong together. She said you belong together, like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Also there is a little used music store by my area and on their commercial they are talking about old cds and flashing alot of there covers and they show nevermind. This is all over the state of minnesota or maybe the midwest in the USA.

I live in Ireland and On the English programme " Harry Enfield and Chums" there is a sketch where Kevin and His friend are in Kevin's room with A girl. Kevin is looking for some music, he bends over and picks up a cassette (Incesticide) and asks the girl if she likes Nirvana, she says "I used to but not any more".

Smells Like Teen Spirit was also used as the background music for some English tv ad.

I was watching the Adam and Joe show last night, and there was an interview with The keyboard player from the Doors. He was talking about how Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain saying that they were all 27 when they died, or something like that.

On the (April?) '99 British music quiz show "Nevermind the Buzzcocks" they did the round where they have make their team member guess the album cover. This time it was Nirvana Nevermind. One bloke got up and laid on his belly on the desk pretending to swim whilst the other hung a fiver above his head. The team member guessed correctly. After the round finished, Marc Lamar said something about Kurt's suicide note reading "It's better to burn out than fade away" which was a quote originally from Neil Young (I think), and then he joked about how old Neil Young was.

In 1992, FOX had a summer replacement show called The Ben Stiller Show (Ben Stiller of "Something About Mary" fame). The show only had a few episodes and was quickly canceled. A few tidbits on the show, it was sketch comedy and featured Stiller, Andy Dick, and Jeanine Garofalo (sp?) among others. Comedy Central showed the reruns of this like four years back, and that's where I saw this. They were doing a sketch called "The Grungies," and it was about this band who looked and acted like Pearl Jam, it was set in Seattle, and the guys were trying to get a recording contract. The problem was, they'd destroy their instruments after every show and didn't have enough money to get new ones. Some of their friends let them borrow instruments if they promised not to smash them. They were going to play a show for some record executives, and when the night came, they played a song that was exactly like Lithium with words about how they were dirty, lazy slackers. They then proceeded to smash their friend's instruments.

Hey i'm from boston and on one of the channels at midnight theres a radio show and in the beginning they play aneurysm

Same info from different source:
I'm confirming what the person from Boston said. Every Saturday night on the show for WAAF it plays 'Aneurysm' as the beginning song.

Here in Spain there is a show called "La casa de los lios" and at least in 2 of the episodes one of the co-stars wears a Nirvana t-shirt (the one with the face of Kurt).

In another spanish show called "Pepe y Pepa" (the typical show about a family) the daugther is the typical stereotype "grungy-kurt cobain clone" (the ridiculos people talking all day about how cool Cobain is and that they want to kill themselves. That they hate everybody and all this stupid false things about kurt). In the room of this girl there are 2 nirvana posters, one of them the one with the face of kurt and the dates of birth and death, the other one just with the word "Nirvana". Also she wears Nirvana t-shirts lots of times, including of of the Sliver single. And the most important thing, in one of episodes she was reading a Spanish Nirvana special magazine in her room then her father enters the room and starts to talk with her then he looks to the cover of the magazine (with Kurt's face) and says:

Father - "Who is this guy"
Daughter - "Who was father..... he's dead, he killed himself"
Father - "Why he kill himself?"
Daughter - "I don´t know..... maybe... maybe he was tired of this dirty world, tired of all this hypocrite people... father!!"
(she embraces her father and starts to cry)

In some cop show with Don Johnson ["Nash Bridges", according to Micah ... NFC] , the cops get this briefcase, and when they open it, they flip through it and the guy is reading "Smells like teen spirit, heart shaped-box, who is interested in some kids old diary?" and some other dude says " that sounds familiar, oh yeah these are songs written by Nirvana, Kurt cobain wrote these, he killed himself, this must be his diary" or some crap like that.

'Ajent Orange' sent in this correction concerning the info above: The "Nash Bridges/Don Johnson" episode was not related to Kurt Cobain's Diary. It was about a guy who happened to own the supposed notebook that Kurt Cobain used to hand write all of Nirvana's lyrics, and he was playing a deadly game where the object was to capture the briefcase that contained this coveted item. Just wanted to set the record straight.

In COPS, two people were fighting, and there was a big nirvana flag in the back, the one where kurt has his sunglasses on and is staring forward and dave and krist are standing behind him.

In the Pulp Fiction movie soundtrack Nirvana is thanked. I know they weren't in the movie or anything, but its a soundtrack for a movie and I thought that would count. [I believe Quentin Tarantino, who created 'Pulp Fiction', was a friend of Kurt ... NFC. Here is some more info about that courtesy of James Emmons: Nirvana were big fans of Quentin Tarantino, and vice versa. Nirvana had personally asked him if they could have a song in the movie and Tarantino said that they could. However, after shooting the film he realized he couldn't find a good place to put a Nirvana song (therefore they couldn't be featured on the soundtrack). Instead, Tarantino put them in the "Thanks" section. Interestingly, Quentin Tarantino's name is spelled "Tarentino" in the In Utero "Thank You" section. I'm not sure why it was spelled the wrong way (probably just an error by the band)]

Iain added the following comment about the Pulp Fiction thing:
Reading over this I recalled that Quentin Tarantino's name is mentioned in the 'special thanks' in the IN UTERO fold-out part (near the end of the list).

I remember watching the olympics one time and they were doing the part with the horses and one female rider's horse was named Nirvana. Right after she said what her horse's name was some reporter said "Nirvana?'' and then they showed the band NIRVANA in concert. I can't remember what song but i think it was at an IN UTERO concert.

On the episode of Beavis and Butthead: Washing the dog, Anderson hands them the dog cos it has been rolling in it's own shit. Butthead says it smells like Teen Spirit then Beavis says it smells like your butt. [Nirvana video's have also been in a couple of episodes of this show ... NFC]

Same info from different source:
On a episode of Beavis and Butthead, they go to Mr. Andersons house because he is an "old guy" and then they offer to do chores. Mr. Anderson tells them to wash the dog and it looks all dirty and smelly. Beavis and Butthead make a weird face and then Butthead goes "Smells Like Teen Spirit." and Beavis says, "Heh heh. Smells like your butt."

I remember about 2 years ago I was watching a show called "Keenen Ivory Wayans Show" and right before a commercial the Band of the show (called something like The GIrls) played the intro to smells like teen spirit exactly as on nevermind a couple of times over. They made it seem like it was there own song, they gave no credit to Nirvana.

A few months ago on the Larry King Show on CNN, Larry was interviewing some guy thats on the news program "60 Minutes" and he said that after Kurt died he made a negative statement about the death of Kurt Cobain. He got over 20,000 letters in the mail from people who were upset about what he said about Kurt.

I just saw a pop-tarts commercial and in the background you could hear (or atleast it sounded like) a cheesy Rape Me cover. No words of course but it had a striking resemblance.

There's a scene in an old episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" that has the "In Utero" poster in the background, when Dylan and Brenda are at one of Dylan's rehab centres.

In Hollyoaks (UK soap) the main character, also called Kurt, had a rare Nevermind poster on his wall in every episode for about 3 years that I haven't seen on sale anywhere..

Same info from different source:
I was watching this British show called Hollyoaks. It was the first ever episode. Anyway, there was a Nirvana Nevermind poster showing Kurt, Chris, and Dave on the character Kurt Benson's bedroom wall (Jeremy Edwards) It was seen several times throughout the show, such as when Tony is playing the guitar. Then it can be seen for several minutes.

In an episode of Inspector Frost called Deep Waters there is a Nevermind poster on the wall in one of the University halls (the poster is the album cover)

The trailer for the film 'Chasing Amy' has Smells like Teen Spirit playing.

I was watching MTV the other day and the new girlband 'Hepburn' were on and they said that their biggest influence were Nirvana. [This sorta info is not exactly what I'm looking for, for this list, though. Just so you know ... NFC]

In an episode of the English sitcom 'I'm Alan Partridge', Alan is having a conversation with Ben and it goes like this:
Alan: "So what kind of music do you like?"
Ben: "Err... Metallica, Nirvana..."
Alan: "Who?"
Ben: "Nirvana. Kurt Cobain. The guy who killed himself."
Alan: "Killed himself?! Why? Weren't they very good?"
Ben: "Yeh, they were very good."
Alan: "Well, someone should have told him!!!"

On the news there was a picture of Kip Kinkel (the kid from Orgeon that shot kids at his school) and he had the Heart-Shaped Box T-shirt on. I also read an article about Kip and one of his friends was describing him and he said something about Kip being quiet and listening to Nirvana a lot.

On the fifth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, MTV Brasil did a three, maybe four hour special showing Unplugged, All the music video some interviews and some other live videos. Some from Live! Tonight! Sold Out!, some not. It wasn't much. [Again, several TV channels made tributes to Kurt on the anniversary. I can't and won't add info about all those specials on this list ... NFC]

On the game show Jeopardy there was a category where they named albums and you had to name the band. Anyway one question was Nevermind, Incesticide, In Utero. Some old guy got it right and said Nirvana.

In Toronto, we have a all-sports radio station called the FAN 590 AM. For one of the segments they use SLTS for the intro music.

I was watching the Real World Boston and in the episode where Montana loses her job at the kids club, Cyrus and the other dude, the logger one are eating at Hard Rock Cafe. Directly between them, behind the table is a case wiht Nirvana stuff. There is a small painting I think of Kurt the one on the tribute t-shirt. I couldn't see what the other stuff was cause there was a glare but I'm sure everything in the case was Nirvana related like I've seen in other Hard Rock Cafes.

Same info from different source:
I just finished watching an episode of the Real World (when it was in Boston) on MTV, and two characters, Sean and Cyrus went to the Hard Rock Cafe to discussing something guess where they sat ... thats right! They sat under a mural of Kurt (it consisted of his picture and, it looked like, the guitar from the Come As You Are video) and at the Hard Rock Cafe they were playing In Bloom. Well, thats it.

Some time ago my mom was watching figure skating and she called me in and some guy was skating to Smells Like Teen Spirit, and when it was over the announcer said something to the effect of "Move over Eddie Vedder, Cobain lives!"

In a commercial for the Danish company "DSB", a Nirvana poster is visible in some kid's room.

In a Danish documentary called "Nicky the kid" or something like that, there is a scene where they are listening to Nirvana and you see a Nirvana poster as well, in the documentary.

In the show "Charlot and Charlotte" the song "Smells like teen spirit" is played.

Yesterday I was watching the dutch program called 'explosief' (it's kinda like rescue 911) and they played scentless apprentice during a segment on sumo-wrestling :-)

In one re-occurring skit, during the show "Kids in the hall", with a bartender named "Buddy" not exactly sure....there is one part of his monologue where you can see a picture of kurt...the one we always see of him as a child.

Same info from different source:
I recently saw an interview with Scott Thompson, of Canadian comedy show "The kids in the hall." Apparently, Kurt was a big fan of the show, as well as a good friend of Scott Thompson's. He said that when Kurt died, Courtney sent him the original copy of a picture of Kurt when he was young (the one on all those T-Shirts; about age 7.) A few weeks later, on the final episode of "The kids in the hall", Scott decided to bring the famous photo to the show. If you watch carefully, you can see it in the background of the bar in Scott's "Buddy the Bartender" sketch. Unfortunately, at the end of the skit, Scott sets the entire set ON FIRE, and let it burn down to ashes, along with the picture of Kurt. When asked why he would want to burn the picture, Scott remarks "I don't know...I guess I just thought it was very symbolic. I think Kurt would have liked that." Pretty cool.

On the commercial for realworld in seatle they were talking about how the roommates would be working for a radio station, then there was people in a car changing the radio staion from some crap to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Then the people in the car started headbanging and stuff.

on VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy there is one episode where the category is something like "grunge" and the first question thing says something like "they came on to the seattle scene with bleach but made their name with nevermind" they also mention STP, pearl jam, alice in chains.

On the MTV series Road Rules (i think season 5) the group gets a clue to go to Seattle and in the background "Heart-Shaped Box" is playing.

On an MTV episode of Road Rules they played aneurysm.

Same info from different source:
You see, I have just finished watching Road Rules on MTV and they were playing Nirvana. They were supposed to go to Seattle and the beggining, chorus and solo of Heart-Shaped Box are played and then one of the geniuses goes, "I guess we're going to Seattle!" Thats it for today.

In an episode of 'Wayne's world' (I don't remember if it was on SNL or an MTV special) wayne talks about Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box' video, saying stuff like: "Is he saying 'Hey Wayne I got a complaint?' Well listen here man (to Kurt) if you got something against me, say it to my face, not national like this."

Same info from different source:
About the info with Wayne's World, it was Wayne's World 2 was coming out and it was an MTV movie special, and when keeps on insulting the video ... besides the "Hey Wayne" comment, he said that it was the scariest video hes ever seen, and that he was always worried that the fat 'organ' lady would fall on kurt, and that the crucifix guy needed some food and he also said 'Sheya, right, like the little kid is in the Klan.' It was the first time I saw the video, and I was instantly frightened ...

There was a sketch on MAD TV where a girl was stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey and her father is relaying details about her little sister's date to her, because she has her hands full and cannot answer the phone. The girl stuffing the turkey asks, "is he cute?", and the father asks the girl and then answers back, "Cuter than Dave Grohl.....". I can't remember what the rest of the line is, but someone else probably has a tape or something.

On Israeli television, they play "Stay away" on the background of the commercial for 'Melrose Place' and Beverly Hills 90210.

On comedy central on a episode of Win Ben Stein's Money, one of the catagories was called "Pink Floyd the Barber."

On an episode of MTV's fanatic with Marilyn Manson, the fanatic said something like "what is your opinion on 'selling out"' and manson said "from the begining we considered ourselves 'sellouts' so there was no suprise in the future, I think that is something that affected Kurt Cobain is when fans [dork fans] started calling Kurt a sellout." That is about what he said but not word for word.

On MTV when they had Wanna be a VJ Too they asked the contestants questions and they asked what the three bands that should go in the Hall Of Fame for the 90's and NIRVANA was number 1. Also on the same show they had a clip of SLTS video and they asked what year was it nominated for the MTV Music Awards. Also on MTV they had Metallica TV and Matt Pinfield asked,"What famous Television Show did NIRVANA parody for their In Bloom video" and Lars Ulrich answered and got it right Ed Sullivan. Also on MTV the special 9 days that rocked the 90's and NIRVANA was number 3. Also on MTV the Buzzworthiest video was SLTS. Also on MTV they had a special 9 movie moments that made the 90's and they played SLTS when they had the movie Clueless. [Again, this is not the sort of info I'm looking to include in this list ... NFC]

On the Finnish TV show "Double Trouble", there was a guy in a church and he said: "First I belived in Buddha. Then I belived God. Then Jesus. Then I belived in Nirvana & then I believed in Kurt Cobain."

On the television show "Noodles For Pauly" (some weird family/sitcom show) the main character, Pauly, is talking about just seeing a music video, and he wanted to know who the 'big, tall doofy guy who was next to Kurt Cobain' was. Well, his son, Dan, goes 'Dad, don't you know anything, thats Krist Noveselic!' and Pauly goes 'Does he get as many women as Kurt?" and then Dan goes, 'You just don't get it do you.' The episodes at least six years old.

In the movie "Dream For An Insomniac" they quote a Nirvana song, but I can't remember which one.

Same info from different source:
In the movie "dream of insomniac," the main girl and her soul mate are walking on the beach and the main girl is quoting people and she says "I wish I was like you easily amused" and her soul mate says "oh ouch, Kurt Cobain."

In some old episode of the Swedish television series "rederiet," one or two posters of Nirvana, including the ever-famous In Utero tour poster, is featured when the character Jussi is going to bed. Throughout the episode the posters are featured several times.

A show called "channel one" played the bleach version of school during the closing credits. This was on an anniversary of Kurt's death. For your information: This show is brodcasted in schools in America (not on regular TV only. It is a special news program for schools, but technically it is a TV mention.

A while ago on SNL they did a skit about women and they were talking to (a fake) courtney love (via satellite) and at the beggining she was calm and she was dresed nicely and the interviewer said whats wrong I mean you are the widow of Kurt Cobain (That's not exactly how he said it).

In an episode of Unsolved mysteries, there is a chick that is looking at the back of the unplugged CD by Nirvana. You can clearly see it.

In an episode of unsolved mysteries from 1996, they do a thing about the women who was the lead singer of a seattle band called the gits. she had been murdered on her way home one night, and alot of seattle bands played tributes and benifit concerts to find the killer and and robert stack says"many seattle based rock bands helped to try to find the killer, including nirvana [and it closes up on a in utero era pic of kurt] and he continues to say" in one of kurt cobain final performances.

On the Family Channel, there is a show with an episode where this teen daughter wants to encourage her mom so that she can go to the Nirvana Concert Live with Backstage passes. The whole show is pretty much based on that.

In an episode of "Frasier" (from around 1996), Fraiser was talking to his producer (Ross) in her programming room, next to the studio and outside in the hallway you can see a Big Nirvana poster. It is blue and had a big NIRVANA in white on top, and a bunch of fine print on the bottom. The poster looked like it was from the days of Nevermind.

There is a Pop Tarts commercial where they play the beginning of 'Lithium', just the guitar riff, not the part with the lyrics.

Recently on the VH1 program "Behind the music", they featured REM's music career. When they got to "everybody hurts" they started talking about Stipe's friendship with Kurt and his death. They asked Stipe about it, Stipe said (not exactly these words) "I was sad and upset, I felt like I lost an ally in music. I respected him as a person and a friend, I wish he was not dead ............" One could clearly see that he was very sad.

In a episode of VH1's Rock of Ages they are talking to some teenage cheerleaders and to some younger cheerleaders about the video SLTS. The teenage cheerleaders know about nirvana and think that the cheers that the cheerleaders do in that video is sexy. The younger cheerleaders didn't know who nirvana was and one of them said, "Isn't Teen Spirit a deoderant, does this scary guy singing go and sniff deoderant (or something like that.)" Later in that same show they are talking to young chefs and the hosts asks if any of the chefs like to listen to music while they cook and one said, "I like to listen to Nirvana because of all the cursing."

Last week there was a show on the Dutch Television the name of the show was "KLOKHUIS" and on the background there was a song of Nirvana: MILK IT from In Utero.

In the movie "Muriels Wedding" one of the characters says to another "u cant be cool listening to Abba, listen to new mucic like Nirvana and etc."

On the show family matters Steve Urkel invents the "Urkel Brush" which is a tooth bruish that you use and it plays music from a built in radio and when urkel changes the music while Carl Winslow tests it out Urkel goes to a harder station and the opening riff to breed is played...then the aa battery in the the toothbrish magically turns into 160 volts and electricutes Carl.

In the short lived saban seires "super human samuri cyber squad" (what an idea) the bad guy sees the good guys (in their un knowingly knowing each other in their other identity style) listening to something and he says "Why don't you listen to some good new music like white zombie or nirvana?" this was at least 4 years ago and why the two bands were put together i will never know.

Smells like Teen Sprit was used for the advertisement for 'City Central', a TV show on BBC1.

There was some Scottish show, Crow Road, here in Croatia, and in one scene when one boy is waking up in his room, you can see two big posters of Nirvana on the wall. One is Kurt screaming - from concert (Amsterdam, Paradiso - 91) and another one is similar to the "I hate myself..." poster. It is from the same day, but it's not that weird looking solo with Kurt, but the whole band.

Same info from different source:
Someone wrote about nirvana posters in a mini-series called The Crow Road, but didn't mention the shirt the guy is wearing right at the start of the first episode. I think its a in-utero tour T-shirt, but i'm not sure.

I was watching TV, well actually just listening to it blaring in my ear. And they had this commercial for like a Rollar derby thats coming to town, and the backround music was Breed.

I was watching MTV and saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers video "Under The Bridge", and the guitarist in the video is playing a guitar that looks like the Jag-Stang (The guitar Kurt invented). It was one of the blue-green ones and had all the same characteristics. The guitar used in this video is most likely a Jaguar (which is "half" of the Jag-Stang).

I was watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Tori Spelling's character, Donna, and this guy were at a place where there was a concert and there was a HUGE line. Tori's character goes: "Great, what are we gonna do now?" and the guy goes "There's only one thing to do, apply for a job at this place so we can go in" - or something like that. The guy goes "Don't worry I did the same thing for a Nirvana concert."

The Canadian film "Hardcore Logo", mentions Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, and Courtenay Love several times in the movie. I can't quote exactly which times. However, I recommend the film to anyone who is interested in 3-chord rock. The movie is about an old-school canadian punk band that reforms for "one last tour". The movie also includes a segment in which DOA perform, reportedly the band of which courtenay and kurt saw when the met each other.

In Israeli TV there's a commerciel for the movie "Empire Records" starring Liv Tyler. In the beginning of the commercial you can clearly hear "SLTS" from Nevermind.

SLTS was also used on a Car Insurance commercial on Channel 2 in Israel.

In an episode of Clueless, when it was on abc, the main character Cher [Rachel Blanchard] was talking to a boy on the phone named Sonny. Sonny says "The music industry went downhill after Kurt Cobain died", or something to that effect and then Cher replies: "That's not true, what about Alanis Morrisette?" I think in another episode the girl mentions Courtney Love.

On the show Royal Canadian Air Farce (a canadian comedy show) one of the guys is playing some famous singer (I forgot who, maybe John Elton) and its all songs about dead singers, and one song is called something like "Don't cry for me Kurt Cobain" (thats not the name, but its close).

On the Comedy Central show "Win Ben Stiens Money" a game show kinda like Jeopardy, one of the categories was "Cities Near Kurt Cobain's Birthplace". The category was never chosen, so I don't know what the question was. I'm sure they would have called Aberdeen his birthplace, rather than Hoquiam, WA.

On the Sunday 18th of July 1999 edition of the show "Mark Lamarr Leaving the 20th Century", Mark Lammar was joking about how Rock stars all feel the need to express their depression through their music and making fun out of bands like Radiohead. Then he finished and Alice Cooper came on stage as a guest. Alice Said "You know one thing, you missed the whole Seattle Movement". Mark laughed and said he couldn't exactly talk about Kurt Cobain, then he put his fingers to his mouth and made the noise of a gun going off and everyone laughed.[Hmmm ! ... NFC]

On MTV's Beavis and Butt-head they had a foo fighters video (can't remmember which one) and Butt-head goes look at the drummer and beavis goes what and its the drummer from Nirvana he's singing (thats not how he said it).

On VH1 they had a special on One Hit Wonders and it was Devo's video for whip it and the announcer said that a lot of bands covered their songs and they said Green Day and Nirvana and then they showed a picture of Kurt.

Here in the UK we have a quiz show called "100%" where 3 contestants have to choose from 3 possible answers to a question, they get a 100 questions. Anyway, question 29, 'Nineties Pop Music': Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of which group?
a) Bon Jovi
b) Radiohead
c) Nirvana
Heh, all three contestants chose Nirvana, not bad considering their average age was probably over 40! :) Its one of those shows that goes out in the day when old people and bums like me are watching TV! :)

On VH1 Behind The Music of Weird Al Yankovic they were talking about the Smells Like Nirvana Parody and they were talking about Kurt, Dave and Krist. and showed Nirvana Clips of interviews and concerts. [Please, no more info on VH-1 and MTV specials now ...]

For those of you who live in Cleveland, on the late radio station 107.9 "The End" they had a promo for the station in which they clearly play the beginning guitar riffs of "Very ape".

In Turkey there is a film called 'Cilgin Bedis'. There is a girl in the movie and in her room there is a poster of Kurt.

On a mexican/spanish tv show called "Rola la Rola" (it's similar to vh1's music jeopardy) Nirvana was once one of the categories. Unfortunately no one picked it.

Kurt was mentioned on a UK tv series today. Its an Australian show called "Blue Heelers" and this particular episode was called "Collateral Damage". There were two police officers who were investigating drug allegations at a high school, a female officer called Maggie (who used to attend the school their investigating) and a male officer. Anyway, while checking the lockers for drugs Maggie finds her old locker and opens and says to her male collegue "Look, theres still my picture of Kurt Cobain on the door", the male officer then says something like "He's dead now" and Maggie responds with "Well he wasn't at the time".

In a show on Mtv Brazil called "Os Piores Clips Do Mundo" (The World's Worst Videos) they recently played "Territorial Pissings".

In the new comedy "American Pie" there is a black & blue NIRVANA sticker behind the main character's computer.

Also, in American Pie there is a scene where you can see the smiley face.

In the movie "Natural Born Killers" with Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis, I've heard the Melvins' song 'Spread Eagle Beagle'. [Kurt helped produce this song, and added extra percussion to it ... NFC]

In the movie Soldier, this soldier guy gets stranded on this planet where a ton of other planets dump their trash. The soldier dude walks around and finds a whole bunch more stranded people, he goes to their little town and in this one room there is a thing hanging from the ceiling made out of cds. Most of the cds are Nirvana cds, but not all of them, this is very difficult to see, because the movie makers didn't want to have to put in the trademark stuff, so they slightly painted over it. People have told me they chose Nirvana cds because the producer or something was a big fan.

On Conan O' Brian in 1995 Conan did a sketch called 'A Demographic Minute'. Anyways, it was something like 'The mind of a thirteen year old boy' and throughout the entire thing 'Lithium' was playing.

On some soap (I think it was 'Days of our lives') and no, I don't have the episode date; Nirvana's 'Something in the way' could be heard, and man, it was hacked up! It went from the first two lines right in to the chourus.

On an episode of "Step by step" Frank is having a midlife crisis so he dresses like Elvis and says "I'm gonna start a grunge band".

On the former "End" radio station, for you Clevelanders, they had this show where they interview bands and they were interviewing Sugar ray and asking members of the band "If they could talk to one person, alive or dead, and just talk with them about anyting, who would it be?" and one guy said "Kurt Cobain".

There was a program called "The Unashamed Poshness" on 20/7/99 Sky One (UK) about upper class people in Britain. They were at a teens club and Smells Like Teen Spirit came on. The crowd went mad and at the end of the song, right at the end of the program they all started singing the words.

Another one is from an English soap opera called Eastenders, from about 5 years ago, when one of the characters - Bianca - was staying in a bedsit, she had the In Utero poster on her wall.

In the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter" (a movie about the life of a country music star in the sixties), the main character Loretta Lynn, is told to calm the baby down. So she goes outside with the baby, and starts singing Leadbelly's version of In The Pines (aka. 'Where did you sleep last night'). Nirvana covered that very song on their unplugged set. [Please don't submit any more info about movies with a song in it that Nirvana covered at some point. Thanks ... NFC]

On a show called "Naked", a program about the human body, on British TV (an episode about puberty) a guy sat in his bedroom listening to Tourette's. He also had a picture of the band on the wall.

This new girl on the show called "Home and Away", aired since about 1989, is in her early 20s. She lives alone, and at the front door there is a wall of posters. I noticed there was that Kurt Cobain signed poster with Kurt sitting in the recording studio. Its black and white, and a pretty common poster i think. He is resting his head on his hand and his arms rest on the guitar. Also there is a close up poster of Kurt (black and white also) sweating and his hair covers most of his face, he is just screaming into the mic. Really close up picture, only his head is there. There is also a poster of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam in much the same pose as the Kurt one..really close up singing into the mic. The vedder one is in color. This girl appeared in about June 1999, and we first saw her apartment/house in July 1999. Her wall of posters first appeared (and is constantly appearing in the background now) since 15th July 1999.

I was watching a movie called 'Danielle Steel's A Perfect Stranger' and this guy was going to his ex-wife's house to see his daughter. He went inside his daughter's room and there was a huge Nirvana In Utero poster on the wall.

In a couple of episodes of 'Shortland Street' on British television this guy in the show called Nick is wearing a Nirvana Incesticide t-shirt.

I was watching an episode of Fox Files a while back about young exibitionists and while it showed them partying in the streets, the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" played in the background.

At the begining of the nascar pennsylvania 500, Breed was being played with a mix of some other crap.

On Mtv's Fanatic There Was A Guy Who Was Obsessed with horror movies and he was going to meet the guy who plays Norman Bates in the new Psycho movie and as they are getting into the limo, they are playing 'Come as you are' in the background.

The dutch comedian Theo Maassen used a Nirvana song in his latest show. He said something like 'nobody understands me' and then he used a song from Nirvana.

Lithium is mentioned in an episode for the 2nd season of 'The critic', when the main character Jay is teaching English for cab drivers, he writes on the board "life is hell the only thing that keeps me going is Lithium". Also later in the same episode they say something about grunge or something. [As someone correctly pointed out, the show is most likely referring to the drug Lithium and not the song by Nirvana ... NFC]

This afternoon, I was watching a french television documentary about the english band Oasis. It's called "Behind The Mirror" and Noel Gallagher mentions Kurt Cobain. He says that Kurt was a great artist, a great man and that he was really sad when he learned that Kurt had killed himself. He also says that the band have dedicated the song "Live Forever" to him the day after his death during one of their gigs.

I was listening to a talk show on the radio, and on two seperate occasions they mentioned Kurt Cobain. The 1st time a guy (he was probably 90-years-old, considering the following statement that he said and his vioce) called up and said "What's that crap that you play during commercials?" And the talk show host said "We're having a Kurt Cobain marathon" and he disconnected the caller. the 2nd occasion was when they were discussing John Kennedy Jrs death, and some person was making a joke about it, and then the talk show host said "I heard that same joke about Kurt Cobain's death"

On this afternoon childrens game show in Australia called "pick your face" where kids about 13 have to gather clues and stuff and find the identity of a famous person. One of the segments was Kurt Cobain and had 4 pieces that were all mixed up and the children had the put them together and say who they were, two kids got it right and one said he was some football player. It also had a small like biography of him when the first kid worked out who he was.

This afternoon I was watching an episode of "The Rebel" with Lorenzo Lamas. I don't know if The Rebel is the original title, whatever. Again, Kurt Cobain is mentioned. The episode deals with the story of a punk rock star who can't assume his success. At one moment the rock star says "I could finish like Kurt, a bullet in the larynx". Then Lorenzo Lamas aka Reno Raines replied cynically "You want to finish like Kurt Cobain. He left alone his wife and his daughter and you want to be like him? Think to that."

Last week, on Politically Incorrect, Bill Maher (sp?) was talking about suicide. And he said : "Friends don't let friends marry Courtney Love."

An australian kids show called 'Squawk! TV' showed this scout camp where the kids had made a set of speakers out of 2 orange juice containers and they were playing In Bloom on them.

In an episode of Silk Stalkings, Detective Ryan is interrogating some guy, and the guy (talking about his son's suicide) says something like: "He jumped off a bridge the day after that rock star Kurt Cobain died. Some hero..."

On a local Baltimore/Washington DC radio station, 99.1 WHFS, on the morning show with Lou Brutus and Alan Scott back in about April of 1999, they were talking about a guitar that was singed by many bands and that they were gonna give it away as a prize. And this was the dialogue I remember:
Lou: "...and this guitar was signed by Fuel, God Lives Underwater, Marcy Playground ... is that Eddie Vedder's signature on there?"
Alan: "I can't tell! I'm not a forensics officer!"
Lou: "Well, there are some more artists' signatures on here that I can't even read! So you get even more! Hell, Kurt Cobain could've signed it!" (laughter)
Lou: "He ain't signin' no more guitars now!"

On the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Jay, during a Jay-Walking brigade, he interviews a girl if she believes in the supernatural, and she said how she and a friends were upstairs in her room, playing on the Ouija board, when all of a sudden, it wrote out she was gay, then a poster of Kurt Cobain fell of the wall.

In the movie A Civil Action w/ john travolta and robert duval, When john travolta was telling the media 'do these kids deserve to die of the local water contamination problem?' he was showing a couple of pictures of kids and the second picture it looked like the kurt cobain picture when he was a kid. The one that was mentioned about being in the bar on kids in the hall.

In Sonic Youth's video "Dirty Boots" some girl in dancing in the front with a white Nirvana T-shirt on.

On the Showtime sitcom "Rude Awakening", A woman tries to sell a necklace made out of syringes to another rich woman, and the rich woman says: "I love it, it's Kurt Cobain meets Cartier!"

In the new show on MTV, Downtown, there's a scene where this guy and girl are playing some game, and Aneurysm starts playing in the background. [No more MTV-related info now, please ... NFC]

In that new show downtown on Money Television, in this weeks episode, I guess, they started playing Aneurysm. Surprised me.

On the CBS 7pm news on 8/18/99, they had a segment on school drug tests or something and they showed footage of kids walking around in a school, and at one point they had the camera on this one kid for a while and he was wearing the white Nirvana shirt with the picture of them on the bed with Kurt holding the can opener.

Hey. My name is just im 16 and im from minnesota. Last night i saw detroit rock city and at the beginning the boys are playing in a band and one of the guitarist has a fender mustang the white and red one like kurts. Plus alot of kiss songs that nirvana covered and it is funny as hell.

On one episode of the game show Jeopardy, one of the categories is something like, "lyric titled CDs." The hint answer was, "Oh well, whatever, nevermind..." The contestant answered, "Nirvana- Nevermind".

On a recent commercial advertising beds n' such for college kids , you hear Smells Like Teen Spirit in the background playing while you see a college kid sleeping in a box.. - KKD

On Fox's Fox Files, they were doing a segment on the college riot at Michigan University, and in the back ground, they played Smells Like Teen Spirit.

In the comic strip Robotman, the robot and Monty were talking about reaching the heavenly state of nirvana when Robotman said something like "To all the readers at home, we are talking about the heavenly state of nirvana, not the Seattle grunge band." The last panel show three guys somewhere who are stereotypical grungies who are confused about it and thought it was about Nirvana.

I was watching the NBC show 'Jesse' [starring Christina Applegate] and when Diego's Parents were visiting from Chile Diego's dad said "isn't buffalo the # 1 suicide city in the US?" and Jessie said "no its Seattle" and Diego's dad said "how come I wanna kill my self?" [This could be related to Kurt, I guess ... NFC].

On Sports Page (a Vancouver sports show like Sportscenter or Sportsdesk), they played all of SLTS during the plays of the week.

In, the television show-soap opera "Days of Our Lives" there was a clear showing of the In Utero cd booklet in a jukebox in a lounge that the scene was taking place.

In 'Home and away', in a recent episode where Will is Dating Peta, there is A Nirvana poster Of Kurt (In black and white) from the Mtv unplugged video!

Hey, on one episode of the cartoon network's Cartoon Planet, space ghost, brak, and zorak sing a song called "Smells like cartoon planet." The song only borrows from the SLTS title, the music is different, i didnt recognize it.

On an episode of Saturday Night Live, the were doing a spoof about the A&E Biography show, and their main interest was Courtney Love. The shows host, after the audience is shown a video clip of the fake Courtney Love (played by Molly Shanon), picks up a beer, and shotguns it. Then he says: "What I just did is called shotgunning, and it was a shotgun Courtney's husband, Kurt Cobain, used to blow his head off."

On an episode of Home Improvement where at the beginining, Tim burns some hate mail, you can see a man in his early 20s wearing a Nirvana - Sliver shirt.

Krist appears on the 'Suck You Dry' video clip from Mudhoney (1992).

On the cartoon network show "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" at the end of a few different episodes they cover a whole lot of songs, one being entitled "Smells Like Cartoon Planet", while not a cover, it has different lyrics, and beat to it, it still is in a nirvana style of beat.

i was watching muchmusic and they were going on about some of the great musicians of all time and the reporter was in what seemed to be some kind of gift shop and as they named the "great" musicians (most of whome were never very good) they would aim the camera at merchandise for that particular band or whatever. well they never said nirvana but did zoom in for a split second on a black nirvana t-shirt with a nirvana smilie on it.

I was wacthing a movie on the movie channel called national lampoons dads week off. The dad(Henry Winkler) was talking to a girl that followes him arround, when her ex shows up. Henry says to the ex"im taking her to nirvana". Then the ex says"A rock concert, listen Kurt cobain has been dead for 4 years"

on Home And Away, an Australian soap, also aired in England, where the girl lives with her fake gran, shes new to the show, just inside her house in between the door and stairs theres a poster of kurt with an acoustic guitar, this has been shown a few times.

hey i was watching a episode of mad tv and i can't really remember much about it but a guy was trying to check into a rehap clinic and the woman at the front desk says something like "uh do you want the kurt cobain suite?"

i was reading your thing and somebody said something about channel one and i remember wacthin it in school back in 97 give or take a few years and they were doin a timeline thing for the seniors for that year and in the 1994 clips the first one is from the unplugged clip where kurt is pulling hair behind his ear and smiling.

In 'The Crow: Stairway to Heaven' TV series Kurt Cobain is mentioned. A guy in a record store is talking about dead musicians and he mentions Hendrix, Morrison and Cobain.

On the cartoon "Freakazoid" one of the lyrics to the song is "Floyd the Barber cuts his hair....."

I think I heard "tourettes" playing at the begining of National Lampoon's Senior Trip.

On an episode of "Rock and Roll Jepordy" there was this category called album covers. One question was something like this: "That's little Spencer Eldon swimming on this band's Nevermind cover." The contestant answered "Who is Nirvana."

In "Fucking Åmål", Johan Hult has a Kurt Cobain poster on his wall which says "NIRVANA".

On an episode of SNL, about '93 there was a sketch mocking the 'Real World' with Sandler, Spade, Snider, Meadows, and Mike Meyers, who is from Doublin. Anyway, while they were all arguing, in the background, they were playing 'come as you are'.

On a local comercial for a music store they do a shot of a shelf full of cds and you can clearly see nirvana's in utero cd on one of the shelves.

In February 1997 There was a german Movie from RTL which was called "Der Parkhausmörder". In this movie a girl listened to heart shaped box in her living room.

In December last year, 1998, there was a TV movie from RTL, too. I forgot the name, but they play something in the way 3 times in the full length in this movie. The movie was about a young girl which was rebelling against their parents.

In a subtitled movie called "Atomica" (Spain-1997), Kurt gets a mention. I saw it late at night, but it said something like "Don't end up like Kurt Cobain". what I actually recall being said was more detailed...(yes, i wrote it down!) This girl asks her male companion ... "Don't you remember Kurt Cobain?" .... "Wouldnt you have given the world to save him?".... "now save your friend" (this guys ex-friend was a heroin addict on the brink.... the addict does later die from an overdose in the film). But after that woman's cobain comment he did attempt to save the addict, but it was all too late.

In the movie 'toy story' one of the alines says "nirvana is coming" [This is not related to the band, but just being in the state of Nirvana ... NFC]

Same info from different source:
In the movie "Toy Story", the bad kid Sid wins Buzz, Woody and a "3 eyed squeeky alien toy" from the the rocket ship prize machine. He goes home to play with his new toys. From inside his backpack, the 3 toys are talking...
Buzz: "Sherif, i can see your dwelling from here; you're almost home."
Alien: "NIRVANA is coming! the mystic portal awaits."

On the Big Breakfast (an UK Breakfast show), a guest was talking about deodorants. Teen Spirit was the mainframe and the presenter said something like, "This deodorant was, of course, the inspiration for Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit wasn't it?"

On this Rally car program in Australia they played about 1 minute of smells like teen spirit to the video of the cars

On the television show "Smack Down", which airs on UPN - the announcer made the comment "It smells like soco" and the other announcer made the comment "I have heard of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' but not "Soco Spirit".

I was watching a cable in the classroom special about Matthew Sheppard's death and in the beginning it showed a girl's notebook, scribbled on the inside was MTV's logo and NIRVANA's logo in blue ink!

There was an episode of Oprah about the shootings and peer pressure and the 1 kid was wearing a Kurt Cobain/In Utero shirt. The pic off 12-13-93.

I saw this music quiz show (aired on UK play) called Mark and Lard's Pop Upstairs. This is how it went:
Lard: What's the name of the band with a lead singer who died many years ago now, that released the song...
Contestant: Kurt Cobain, I mean Nirvana.
Lard: No let me finish the question. Who released the song Bohemian Rhapsody.
Mark: I can't see Kurt Cobain singing that can you?

On the begining of the cartoon show "Freakazoid" there is one line that says "Floyd the Barber cuts his hair".

On the UK's National Television Awards, one of the winners said that:"Comparing our cast with our rivals is just like comparing Frank sinatra with Nirvana." - I think she missed something though. Both Frank and Kurt are dead!

In the Netherlands we've got a well-watched program on TV called 'Big Brother', it's sort of an experiment, where 9 people have to live in a small house together for over hundred days, the house is equiped with 40 camera's, so everything the inhabitants do is caught on camera [sorta like the 'Truman show']. They have no contact with the outside world and there is a big fence around the house. The inhabitant that succeeds in staying in the isolated house for 100 days wins a moneyprice of 100.000 dollars. In one of the first episodes of the show you see one of the inhabitants writing 'Nirvana' on the wall. In a recent episode of 'Big Brother' there was a surprise for the inhabitants of the house, singer Anouk came to visit and she had champagne, a CD player and some CD's with her. When they sit down to drink something, Anouk put's Nirvana's Unplugged in NY in the CD-player and during a minute or so you hear the unplugged version of Nirvana's 'Come as you are'.

In "The Fast Show", on a segment called "Indie corner" the guy said: "....which was the biggest mistake since Kurt Cobain tried to do some interior decorating with his head and a shotgun"

In Placebo's "Every me and every you" videoclip there's a guy waiting in line to enter a concert and he his wearing a Nirvana shirt!

On the Big Breakfast, Johnny Vaughan (the host) was talking about a soccer team that were doing really badly and another guy said that what they need is team spirit and (you guessed it!), Johnny said "Smells Like TEAM Spirit!" and it got a whole bunch of laughs. Later on in that show, he was talking about something (I wasn't really listening) and he said "Can you imagine if the ghosts of great singers like Kurt Cobain and Elvis suddenly started flying through your window."

I was watching Sky and for the trailer of a film called Masterminds they used music from In Utero's 'Scentless Apprentice'.

I just watched a movie called "Billys Hollywood Screen Kiss"(1998 on stars). There's this gay guy(Billy) and a Straight gut(Gabe) and billy is asking gabe about his girlfriend and Gabe says she plays drums and Bill says what do you do and Gabe says I play bass and billy says you two are a regular Kurt and Courtney. Gabe just replies ya.

Same info from different source:
In the movie "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," Billy (the main person) is talking to Gabriel (Billy's crush in the movie) about Gabriels girlfriend who plays the drums in a band and since Gabriel was also in another band Billy says to Gabriel "So your a regular Kurt and Courtney"

In the wrestling promotion called ECW, a wrestler named Tommy Dreamer sometimes wears the black and yellow nirvana face shirt. One the wrestlers used to come to the ring with Smells Like Teen Spirit as his entrance music (the real version, not some crappy knockoff). Also, at the ECW live shows, they'll sometimes play Lithium, Come As You Are, or In Bloom before the matches.

On an old episode of Mad Tv there was this skit with a Hari Krishna band playing in an airport. One of the members said "Were going to Nirvana and I don't mean heaven, I mean the top of the charts."

On an episode of Jonovision special Guest Em Gryner said that she would put Kurt Cobains head in a 90's time capsule.

There this show called Madison and in one of the episodes a guy was killed. He came back from the dead and told his friend that being dead wasn't so bad because he's been seeing a lot of Kurt. He also said that Kurt is depressed and all he does is play his guitar.

On the Camila Scott talk show(canadian) there was this episode with celebrity look-alikes. This one guy looked exatly like Kurt Cobain. It was scary. Even the way he moved and talked was like Kurt.

In the drama show 'Party of five', Claudia is trying to get her brother to let her boyfriends band play at Charlie's wedding, and the conversation went something like this:
Claudia-"I think that Cody's band could play."
Bailey-"What kind of music can they play?"
Claudia-"I don't know, I've seen them do lots of stuff. Blues, Motown, NIRVANA ... anything you want."

I was flipping channels when I heard 'Smells like teen spirit' in the background on the 1998 or 1997 mister universe competition when the winner was announced and it played the whole time until it went to the commercial break.

In the movie "Girl" (itself based on the book of the same name about the Portland rock underground in the early nineties - very unrealistic), there's a character called Richard who hasn't showered for weeks and people are starting to comment on his smell. The reason given for him not showering is that Kurt Cobain never did (!)

Same info from different source:
You have something already written about the mentioning of Kurt in this movie when Richard has stopped showering b/c Kurt never showered it was actually Greg who stopped showering and Kurt is mentioned two more times in this movie a guy named Kevin says "Everyone thinks they're going to be the next Kurt Cobain and maybe they will...." and Cybil misses a band rehearsal and Greg says "Kurt Cobain never missed a rehearsal bands in a reality never miss a rehearsal."

I noticed this in canadian film 'Fun': In one scene where two girls are getting ready to go to sleep, there is a poster of Kurt from rio performing live, among the bunch of other music posters.

In the X-Files episode that aired on 12/5/99 (in the US), Agent Mulder asks a murderer who's in a hospital bed what happened to him. The kid replies, "Too much Teen Spirit," then Mulder says, "It smells like murder."

Same info from different source:
On Sunday's December 5th episode of the X-files, David Duchovney was asking a kid in his high school why he killed his teacher. The kid replied, "too much teen spirit, I guess." David Dochovney then said, "Smells like murder to me." That's an obvious Nirvana reference.

Same info from different source:
This kid collapsed in his school parking lot after he murdered a teacher. Well, Mulder asks the kid, whose name was Max, what happened. Max sneers, "I don't know, too much teen spirit I guess." And mulder responds, "Smells like murder to me." Also for reference, on the door of Max's room was a Doors poster. Even though he was a murderer, Max liked good music.

Hi. I was flipping through channels the other day, and then on the German channel they started playing the intro to Breed and then it showed Kurt Cobain and then a bunch of kids moshing. I don't know what revelance it had to the news, since i don't know any German, but it was still cool.

I just wanted to say that Kurt Cobain was once mentioned in an episode of "The Renegade". In this episode, there was a rock singer who, unable to bear the stess of being a celebrity, decided to plan his own kidnapping. So when Lorenzo Lamas came to know about the plot, he began questionning this guy about his motives and here's the conversation that took place(at least it was something like that):
Lorenzo Lamas: Why would a guy like you plan his own kidnapping?
Rock singer: I didn't want to end up like kurt.(Here he keeps his hand, shaped in the form of a gun, against his mouth-roof)
Lorenzo Lamas: Yeah, poor Kurt Cobain. He killed himself, leaving a wife and a daughter behind.

On Eastenders,(UK soap), some kid ran away and his Dad said,"I hope that he just doesn't do a Kurt Cobain on us."

In a german late-night-show called Harald Schmidt Show the host was making jokes about the Mini-Playback Show (another german tv-show in which kids try to look like musicians). Then he says that a kid being asked who it wants to portray answers Kurt Cobain.

In a music video by the german band Tocotronic you can clearly see the vinylcover of Nevermind standing besides a record player. The title of the song is "Wir sind hier nicht in Seattle, Dirk".

In the roadmovie "A boy called hate" the main actor and main actress are sitting near a fire in a desert. They're doing some talking and then the guy says: "Look over there. If you look closely at the fire you can see Kurt Cobain raised from the dead". Then the two laugh a bit.

On a finnish tv show called "Elämän suola" a guy said "I'm interested in languages and strings, the ones that are on guitar (language and string means the same word in finnish)", then he grapped an acoustic guitar and played few notes of "Come as you are".

Also, on a finnish motor sports show called "Ruutulippu", once when they showed Trial motorcycle driver Tommi Ahvala doing some stunts, "Come as you are" intro was played behind.

I was just watching Conan 'O Brian and they had a joke where Conan held up an ad in a newspaper for something. It was a picture of a dog but it had the words "Scrappy- 1991-1994, died like his hero Kurt Cobain" under the picture.

Same info from different source:
On the conan o'brien show they were doing this skit where they had (fake) newspaper and magazine ads that said funny stuff and one was for a pet adoption service and there was a picture of a chihuahua and under it it said "1991-1994 died like his hero Kurt Cobain"

In Jeopardy was mentioned in a Teen Tournament episode. The category was 'famous song titles' and the answer was "Nirvana didn't sweat over the title of this 1991 hit". A girl named Kristi Jones asked the correct question.

On a talk show in Australia called "the panel" (5 people sit at a desk and discuss news) they were talking about the release of the kurt and courtney movie.....Then they started going into the "who killed kurt" debate, then one of the guys said "id kill myself too if I were married to Courtney love!

Nirvana was supposedly asked to be apart of the 1992 movie "Singles." The movie focuses in on the Seattle scene, and a few people that live there. There is live footage of Alice and Chains and Soundgarden in the movie, and well as a few members of Pearl Jam having small roles and going under the band name "Citizen Dick" with the stars of the movie Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda.

In the movie titled "Marilyn Chambers Desire" at the beginning of the movie one of the stagehands is wearing an In Utero tour t-shirt.

Although not a movie, but a music video, the rock band Oasis have a picture of Kurt on the wall in their "Live Forever" video off of Oasis's 1994 "Definitely Maybe" album.

Same info from different source:
Oasis released two 'Live forever' videos. One was kind of shit (they're burying their drummer) but in the second one its just them in a room which has pictures of famous dead people on the walls. In a number of bits there are pictures of Kurt. I think (cos its only shown for about 5 seconds) that its pictures of him playing in the In Utero tour because he's got angel wings.

The trailer for the film 'Chasing Amy' (featuring Ben Affleck) had Smells Like Teen Spirit playing in the background.

When the Melvins appeared on the HBO show Reverb, Melvins leader Buzz Ozbourne starts telling a lady he is trying to by a house from about all of his accomplishments. He mentions that Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of his band. It was a setup gag that Buzz is supposedly trying to get the house basically given to him because of his fame. He also mentions his part as the godfather of grunge. The lady later replies for him to go from the Beverly Hills mansion back to Seattle.

At the 1997 Billboard Music Awards comedian host David Spade after the running of a clip of Mama Cass Elliot on Scooby Doo from the 1970's came back with "What's next, Kurt Cobain on Rugrats?"

On the cartoon "Space Goofs" one of the characters while flipping television channels says "Oh great, one more channel to Nirvana!" then you hear rock music playing off of his TV.

Cartoon icons Beavis and Butthead have reviewed two Nirvana videos to my knowledge: Smells Like Teen Spririt & Heart Shaped Box. Kurt even saw the episode where they reviewed Teen Spirit. They thought Nirvana was cool both times. When watching the Heart Shaped Box video Beavis says that the video has given him nightmares. He also says that he wants to fix up his room like the actual Heart Shaped Box room that appears more towards the end of the video. [Courtesy of Brian Peterson]

It was on episode of the Torklesons last season I think. The main character Mary Joe, think that is her name. Well anyway she sneeks out to go to a college doorm. When you get to the guys room. You can see a Nevermind poster hanging on the wall for about 10 mins of the show. It is the one when there in the pool swimming under water.

In 1996, Metallica held a contest where they would come to winner's house: a promotional gig on MTV for their Load album, and play there. Well the winner just happened to live in Aberdeen, WA. The same place Kurt, Krist, and the Melvins all lived in their childhood.

The who killed Kurt Cobain murder talk show episodes are starting to rack up as well. Cobain has been the subject of at least one episode of such shows as Geraldo Rivera, Montel Williams, Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich. Hard Copy, Inside Edition, American Journal, and dozens of other entertainment television shows have also televised many Cobain related stories. Others shows that have mentioned Nirvana before have included EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Current Affair, and CNN Showbiz Today. [Courtesy of Brian Peterson]

I don't know if this counts but, on an old episode of the Real World on MTV the two people Sean and Syrus were talking in a bar and on the wall over their table was a monument of Kurt Cobain.

In the January-February issue of 411 video magazine (its a skateboarding vid. mag. in case you didn't know) there's a section where some skaters are trashing a bunch of computers while "tourette's" is played in the background. It's awesome cuz it fits perfectly w/ the video.

ECW wrestling promotion back in 94, Raven (ECW Wrestler) was cutting a promo and said "the world is full of kings and queens, they'll blind your eyes and steal your dreams, Kurt Cobain didnt make it, and left a generation of tourtured souls behind" Another ECW Wrestler TAZ had the entrance of "Breed" sometime around 91.

In Seattle there is a show similar to Saturday Night Live called Almost Live. It airs right before SNL in Seattle. During the opening segment, the host John Keister was talking about his goatee. He said something like, "Yeah, it's a grunge thing. I'm gonna go to the Nirvana concert now." This show was from November or December of 1994 so John Keister must not have know that Kurt had died. Later during the same show they played a clip of Stay Away.

In English crime drama 'Trial & Retibution III' they was a house with a poster in it. I only noticed it 'cause I have the same poster myself. It features a large pic of a sweaty Kurt with Nirvana written at the top and 'Smell like teen spirit' at the bottom, it also has a smaller pic of Dave Krist and Kurt at the bottom.

On Law and Order today (1/5/00) some cops were investigating about a kid who was murdered. They made this kid out to be sensitive, and while they were interviewing some skater kids the girl says, "Chris was sensitive. In my Modern Lit class he recited a Kurt Cobain song." There we go, Kurt!

In Croatian TV show called "briljanteen" the background song was "Smells like teen spirit"!

Sky One recently showed an episode of their teen documentary/soap "Sixteen" in which a teen watersports fanatic was training for the european championships. As he was taking off to practice, Breed (or at least the start, played on a loop) was played very loudly in the background, and I think played again later towards the end of the program.

When i was watching MTv (don't ask why). They had a show called "do what?" that basically showed people how to play instruments and dance like there favorite trendy people. The only interesting part was when dwezil zappa was showing on guitar some various chords, etc. When he got to the bar chords section he played the basic riff. Then a video went on and it was nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit and at the bottom of the screen it showed how to play that song on guitar. It was pretty accurate except they didn't play the verses like kurt did.

On Danish DR-1 there was a show called "Adam and Eve" where you see a poster with Nirvana.

I was watching Rock & Roll Jeopardy the other day and a category was "Tall". Anyway, the question was: "at 6'7, he was the tallest member of Nirvana." It took the guy a minute but he finally answered Krist Novoselic.

On an episode of "the Sopranos" on HBO, a girl on Tony Soprano's daughter's soccer team tries to commit suicide after the coach molests her. Somehow, the topic comes up at the table during dinner. Tony's reply to the matter: "Well, it's not like she pulled an f-ing Cobain or something." Those words may not be exact, but it's pretty close.

in the ecw the wrestler balls mahoney wear the kurt with wings t shirt pretty often. the wrestler raven was doing an interview about two weeks ago while wearing a silver t shirt. it sounded like silver was playing in the background to. i think it's because he's doing this angle wear his childhood was all bad and stuff.

In the WB11 show "Dawson's Creek", the gay guy, Jack, meets a hot guy who is into rock, and when Jack is asked to go to a festival called "Capefest", he replies sure because he loves rock, but then the hot guy asks "Oh yea? Then name your favorite Foo Fighter" and Jack replies.."Courtney Love."

In another show also on WB11 "POPULAR", a girl named Carmen just made the cheerleading squad and before rehearsals asks her friends "Well how do i look?" and one of the girls replies something like "Like you have teen spirit"

Same info from different source:
The WB show "Popular" had a reference to Nirvana in this past week's show. An unpopular girl was talking to a cheerleader and as soon as she left, her friend came and said: How was she? What did she smell like? The Unpopular girl said: She smells like Teen Spirit.

Hi! On 4/8/99 on Fox they aired a show called "Fox Files," which was basically an in-depth news show that lasted only a few episodes. Anyway, on that day they did a report on parties and riots on college campuses and while they showed the footage they played a good chunk of SLTS in the background. An obvious homage to Nirvana on a very dark day in music history.

Also, in another Daria episode, Daria goes over to Jane's house and, while I can't remember the exact conversation, Jane says something about either going out with Daria or listening to Mystik Spiral (Trent's band) practice the opening to CAYA. (Sorry, I know you don't want MTV but what the hell)

I was watching a show called Nash Bridges, anyway they had a case that someone stole the actual paper that Kurt wrote the SLTS and CAYA lyrics on, or his rough draft. Then they found the guy and he goes to jail.

In the new movie 'down to you' the girl of the movie paints album covers and one has the 'Nevermind' nirvana cover with her and her sister swimming around in the background.

Last year (1999) there was an Icelandic TV show called "Kolkrabbinn" (Octopus or cuttlefish n english). In one episode, someone in "kolkrabbinn" was talking about how you could make yourself happy and everybody else around you if you were feeling unhappy or bad. Then he said you could sing for people, then someone with guitar went to an old people's home somewhere and started to sing and play "Polly" for them. That was cool. Plus, last year (again) on April 8th I e-mailed them and asked them if they could talk about Kurt Cobain because then is was 5 years since he was found dead, and they did. They talked about him in 3-4 minutes and played the "Heart Shaped Box" video at the time. When they were reminding people about they're "Best Of" episode, they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in the background!!

I was watching VH1's Top 100 Songs of Rock'n'Roll today...Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (what else?) came in at #41 in the overall category..and #1 (AWESOME!!!) in the category for best Rock song of the DECADE (90's).

On MST3k (I think it was "The Brain that Wouldn't Die") there's a shot of some hypo needles and Mike says "Later at Kurt Cobain's house.."

On Clarisa Explains It All her friend gets her a "New Nirvana album' (Incesticide on tape).

On the news in Boston (i think was channel 7) they were having a review of the 90's and had this short special/tribute to all those musicians who had died in that decade, and of course they had Kurt Cobain and they showed a short clip from the Heart-Shaped Box video.

VH1 gave Johnny Rotten (of the Sex Pistols) a TV show that is all his, it's called "Rotten Television". In the show, he wanted to interview some celebrities and confront them about some issues he has with them. He said something like this: "I wanted to interview Courtney Love, also known as Kurt's money, but she declined to interview" He went on to call Courtney a fake, asking "she thinks she's a rebel, but what is she rebelling against?"

Just wanted to mention that there was a commercial on Fox promoting Seattle and there's a whole flash of clips but you can clearly catch Kurt Cobain singing in concert at one of his In Utero shows. You can also see the winged mannequins in the background. There is also this channel Musique Plus and they would have this show called SPAM and my understanding of it was to put sports and music together in the midst of talking and there's an episode in which the SLTS video is playing side by side next to a football game. That's it!

Yesterday (February 9, 2000) they mentioned Kurt on the American game show '21'. the question was "What band did the late Kurt Cobain sing in?" I don't remember what the choices were, but I thought you would like to know.

Hey, I recently rented Best of Adam Sandler on SNL, and in operaman they show a pic of Eddie Vedder and he mumbles a bunch, he goes on to sing french but he says "Beat Nirvana KISS MY ASS-A" Which I guess means when the new Pearl Jam album beat In Utero.

There are two episodes of The Simpsons with references to Nirvana. The first was in 'Treehouse of Horror 2' and when Lisa wishes for world peace you see a top view of America and all the children join hands to form the 'mercedes' symbol whilst chanting the opening bit of 'Territorial Pissings' (Come on people now...). The other was very vague. In the episode where Bart copies a daredevil, Marge says "Oh well, monkey see, monkey do" which, as we know, is the opening line of 'Stay Away' from 'Nevermind'.

In a movie called "Night of the Demons 2" this group of teenagers r in this haunted funeral home and the 1 kid says"whats that smells like teen spirit" an dthis other kid says " no it smells like your ass"

I was flipping through the channels the other day, and I saw a clip that crappy show "blind date" were on of those "thinking bubble" things popped out of some guys head and he was thinking "This is better than a Foo Fighters concert!", then later on he thought "I want to have 2 Kids and name them Kurt and Courtney".

on the show, a science show on the Discovery Channel in Canada, one of the "articles" is an interview on what loud music does to us. at the very beginning, a clip of Lithium from Reading (i think, one of the shows from the official music video, with someone dancing) live.

I was watching fox last april 8th ( of all days) and fox was having some fox files news show running and they where talking about out of control college students rioting on the city streets and campus the only school I remember was michigan state university but they where showing clips of the riots they played smells like teen spirit

Nirvana was on 'who wants to be a millionaire' (tv show) although they were not the answer to the question, the question had somethin to do with what band protested or filed a lawsuit against ticketmaster for its monopoly in 1994. The answer was pearl jam, but Nirvana were one of the possible answers.

Same info from different source:
Tonight, on the US's ABC network show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", they asked the question: "Which band sued Ticketmaster in 1994 for monopolizing ticket prices?" and Nirvana was one of the choices!

I was watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and the question was, what was the #1 video on MTV's countdown of all time videos and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was one of the choices.

Just saw "Who wants to be a millionaire", which had the question "What band was named after their lead singers great grandmothers favorite recipe". The choices were a) Pearl Jam, b) Nirvana c)Meat Loaf and D)Sugar Ray

On the Feb. 10 episode of the TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" there was a question that was something like "Which artist did 'Weird Al' Yankovic parody in the songs 'Eat It' and 'Fat'?" and one of the choices was Nirvana!

Kurt was mentioned on the show "Who wants to be a millionaire" on Tuesday the 22nd of February. The question was "Kurt Cobain's music is often referred to as falling under which musical category?" Or something like that. The answer of course, was "Grunge"

Same info from different source:
I noticed you mentioned that nirvana has been mentioned a few times on the millionaire show. Well, again tonight 2-22-00, there was an easy question about kurt. It was something like "what style of music is Kurt Cobain associated with?" grunge, bossa nova, hip-hop or electronica. real tough huh? the guy of course got it right without a problem.

Just a couple of minutes ago, Frances Farmer was mentiond on "Who wants to be a Millionare." The question was something like "Whose biography was titled 'I know who the caged bird sings for'?" or something like that, and one of the choices was Frances Farmer.

I saw nbc's "who wants to be a millionarie" type of show "21" and one of the questions i think it was for 7 points and it was something like this - what is the name of the band late singer kurt cobain performed in? - there where four possible answer and i think they were nirvana, korn, limp bizkit and i don't remember the other one, anyway the guy got ir right!

I saw a Nirvana poster in the background in a movie called "too yong, too fast" in a scene where a man is trying to rape a women and in the background you see an In utero era poster.

Once on Much Music in an interveiw with the backstreet boys (I hate this band) a questions was asked "If you could bring one person back from the dead who would it be?" and Nick Carter replied "Kurt Cobain".

a few weeks ago, i was watching that show cops, at like one am, and in the house of this guy who was supposedly beating his wife or mother or whomever she was, there was a nirvana poster. it was the one of them in black and white with kurt in the front of dave and krist and he has the huge white sunglasses on. the assailant dude was standing right in front of the poster, so it got a lot of airtime. it was a nice shot of it too.

A while ago on an Irish music quiz for teenagers called "2 Phat",the question for the star prize (an exclusive honda scooter) was "Along with dave Grohl, which ex-Nirvana member joined the Foo Fighters?" The person didn't know the answer.

In an Icelandic tv show called "getu betur" they were asking the last question about music, and they showed 3 pictures of very famous music people and then they showed a picture of kurt cobain smiling while playing teen spirit.

On a BBC1 documentary about Lea Betts (a girl who died in 1995 from taking ecstacy) they recreated the night of her 18th birthday (when she died) with actors. During the recreation of the party they played 'About a girl' and 'Come as you are' as well i think.Also two people at the party were wearing Nirvana tshirts. Show was on the 8th of March at 9:30 on BBC1.

Today [March 12, 2000] on American MTV, they had this show about famous rock feuds and it featured Nirvana and Pearl Jam. It showed a few clips of Kurt saying that he hates Pearl Jam.

Same info from different source:
Last Saturday MTV had some stupid online game on which group or artist could beat a rival in the same category. They had some commentary on famous feuds and one of them was that between Nirvana and Pearl Jam. They showed an excerpt from an interview that i am absolutely sure was from Rolling Stone with Kurt( it was included in the Rolling Stone book i have about him that had lots of photos and interviews). They showed part of the "Heart-Shaped Box" video and some stuff from Pearl Jam. In all honesty it was very stupid and short.

In an episode of "Roswell",There was a black and white poster of Kurt Cobain Playing an acostic guitar. His signiture is on the poster ontop of the guitar,it is not his actual signature though!

A couple of nights ago on Channel 4 they had a special late night edition of Hollyoaks, a British soap opera about some teenagers. They threw a party and one of the main characters was in the party wearing a longsleeve Kurt Cobain tribute shirt.

I was watching "Smack The Poney" a British comedy scetch show made by women and they had a scene about some unlikely flatmates. One of them was a really bad bass player. She was sitting in her room talking and you could just about make out a black+white photo of Kurt on the wall behind her.

In a new movie just released called "Whatever It Takes" there is a scene where a couple characters enter a crowded party and one of them says, "Smells like teen spirit in here!"

Today (March 27th, 2000) I watched on RTL (Germany) the US military series: J.A.G. There talking two guys about the special unit, called Foo Fighters. the one guy asked the other: "Do you mean the band with Dave Grohl?"

hey, in the new movie High Fidelity, John Cusack's character makes three references to Nirvana. A. Mentions someone's dissapointment when his fav band opens for Nirvana. B. Includes "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in some top five list. C. Asks one of his employees who's starting a band who their influences are, Nirvana comes up as an example.

Uk chat show 'TFI Friday' had John Cusack on talking about his new movie 'High Fidelity' and they showed a clip of it the clip showed Cusack and these guys who work in a record shop. And everyday they choose a 'top five songs to play today' list and one of them is "Nirvana smells like teen spirit from Nirvana's nevermind" says Cusack in the movie and this other guy when hearing this says something like "Nirvana? how orginal.." or "how safe".

Back in I forget if it was 1996 or 1997, but on WCAX TV's "1996 (or '97) in review, then they played "All Apologies" when they reviewed August. I could easily tell because my brother Ben was singing along.

In the Danish version of "Who wants to be a millionaire?", they asked which band Lars Ulrich was the drummer in. Among the answers were Nirvana. Though, Metallica is obviously the correct answer. The show was aired on April 7, 2000.

I was watching the Disney show Bugjuice (im not sure if thats the name of it) and its a "real life" show where they tape kids at summer camp. In one of the episodes, in the background, you can see a kid wearing the black/yellow Nirvana smiley face shirt. Marilyn Manson and Hole shirts have also been shown before.

I just wanted to inform you that on a recent episode of the WB11 show ROSWELL (4/17/00), a black and white closup poster of Kurt Cobain appeared in the room of one of the main characters, Michael.

Ok on MTV's new TV movie "Jailbait" one of the main characters, Amanda, is talking about her boyfriend and how people are calling him a martyr and she says something like "...when I've got my own personal martyr for a boyfriend, like Kurt Cobain" or something along those lines, I can't remember right now.

In the commercial for the program "Baren" on Swedish TV3, the opening of Nirvana's "Breed" is in the background.

There was a news report on a Russian news station (4/20/00) about a teenage boy in Russia who killed two of his peers. At the scene of the crime, photos were taken of the two victims and one closup was shown of a boy's hand which had KURT written on it in large lettering. The name probably pertained to Kurt Cobain.

Comedy Central has a standup comedy show called Premium Blend. On one of the episodes a woman sang a song in which she said something like "I'll go to Seattle and visit the grave of Kurt Cobain." The line wasn't funny (not offensive, just not funny) and it seemed really out of place in the song.

Today (April 27) RTL aired a show called "Die Motoradcops" in which Smells Like Teen Spirit was played! (at 20.27 o'clock).

Same info from different source:
in a german episode of "motorad cops- hart am limit" they played smells like teen spirit two times. at the first there were a riot of pupils, and at the second there were two teens who steal the money from a salesman. the episode of "motorad cops" were called: "ghetto kids!

An American tv movie which I have forgotten the name of where the main character kills his Girlfriend's abusive father has a scene where they are sitting beside a campfire.Guy points and says"look close you can see Kurt Cobain rise from the ashes" or something like that.

I remember very well, I was watching TV and the real world came, from the first season, and one of the members had a band. They went down to a radio station to promote their album, and on the DJ's desk you could easily see an enlarged picture of the nevermind album.

I recently saw an interview with the Seattle band The Presidents Of The USA on Irish TV. The interviewer compared their quirky music to Nirvana's more serious attitute to their work. He did this a couple of times, and each time one of the band members, who had been goofing around with an acoustic guitar, played the start of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I was watching a music video station called the box, and somebody requested a grop called "Papa Roach", well in the video they go into peoples rooms, and one person has a nirvana poster in the background.(the one where he is holding a canopener)

Same info from different source:
I was just watching the music video for "Last Resort" by Papa Roach. And in some of the bedroom shots you can see some Nirvana and Kurt Cobain posters on the walls, along with some of KoRn, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, etc.

Same info from different source:
Also, in the Papa Roach music video for the song Last Resort they show kids from the crowd in their bedrooms. Three of the kids have Nirvana posters located somewhere in their rooms. One has a picture of Kurt from Unplugged, one has a poster of the black and white picture of the whole band that's inside Wishkah, and the other you see has one where you can see the bottom of the Nirvana poster where it has the whole band with Kurt in the front and he's wearing sunglasses.

One time on NBA Inside stuff they used the song LOVE BUZZ as their highlight song

Well on the VH1 show of Video Killed the radio star that had 4 episodes beening shown from 8-12 showed the Director of Smell Like Teen Spirit his name was Samuel something like that welll it said That he never talked to the band again after the video he said he gueesed they didnt like it. Well it then showed him talking about 7 months or so after Kurts death he directed Courtney video about kurt "Body Parts" he also did the video for gabrage with Stupid Girl which butch vig is in the band. Just thought u like to know.

It was the other day, a comedy/sports gameshow on Britain's BBC 1 channel called 'They think it's all over'. anyway, there's a section called 'guess the sportsman' where someone describes the person. anyway, some person called dude love came on, so jonathan ross (same guy whose show nirvana played territorial pissings on) said 'second name is same as nirvana's kurt cobain's wife second name' and, surprisingly, david gower (50 yr old former england cricket captain, very posh) got it and said 'love'.

Same info from different source:
Last night on UK sports quiz show They Think Its All Over.....they were playing a game where they gave clues about who the sportsman was, it was Dude Love, and the guy giving clues was Jonothan Ross(you probably know who he is) said:"Kurt Cobain from Nirvana was married to Courtney.....?" "And the other guy said""

Tonight (Saturday 27th May) on the UK music quiz show 'A Question of Pop', Nirvana featured in one of the questions. It was a 'What Happened Next ?' question. A clip of the performance of Territorial Pissings on the Jonathan Ross show (as shown on Live, Tonight Sold Out! video) was played as it neared the end. Then the question 'What Happened Next?' was posed. The team gave the correct answer which was obviously the fact that Kurt, Krist and Dave finished the song and then smashed up their instruments as normal.

On a recent episode of Craig Kilborn, they came back from commercials playing Teen Spirit. Also, on an earlier episode Dave talked about his Seattle days for a few seconds.

Last week on question of pop a show like question of sport on t.v they showed a clip of nirvana playing negative creep on their what happened next section.

in the breaker high episode, the charactors name is Jimmy... then Cassidy comes along and does a really ugly headbanging thing trying to look cool.. it's quite funny seeing her making a total fool of herself. and it's when denise (i think) was sending a videotape home to tell her parents that she wanted to leave the ship :)

on our australian soapie 'Home and Away', in the characters house, Peter, as you walk through the front door, there is a picture, one of the huge ones, of kurt playing guitar on the wall. It is clearly shown in every episode of her house.

Last night I was watching HBO and they had the movie "Girl" Playing, it's basically about this girl that is kind of dorky and stuck up and turns into a grungy groupy.. Anyways they mention Kurt Cobain a lot and how "everyone wants someone that looks like Kurt Cobain and sings like him on their record label"..Also I think the guy on their.. his name was Todd Sparrow..In a lot of parts he looks just like Kurt cobain..

today in drivers ed... we were learning about the "blind sides" or "no zones" for big trucks. we watched a movie.. caslled "the saftey zone" it was about the topic... during parts of the movie they played...can you guess?.... "smells like teen spirit". I dont know what that has to do with truck driving...and i wonder why people think they can use that song for just anything.

Yesterday (6/14/00) i was watching an episode of "family guy" this animated tv show. well anyway petter was trying to persuade his wife not to quit her job so he said, "you cant quit Louise, what if Kurt Cobain quit?" then they showed this little segment about what if Kurt quit drugs. It was basically saying that he would still be alive and successful and courtney would be washed up. It was mean to courtney but pretty funny.

Same info from different source:
Tonight on the cartoon show "Family Guy", Louis wanted to quit being an airline stewardess and Peter said, "Louis, you can't quit! What would have happened if Kurt Cobain quit?" and then there was what was supposed to be a Nirvana concert right at the end, and Kurt went up to the microphone and said "thank you. Don't do drugs!" and left the stage. Once he went backstage, Courtney Love showed up, and Kurt and Courtney went up to some guy and Kurt said, "Do you know my wife Courtney Love?" and the guy said "Who?" and then there was this evil look on Courtney Love's face.

Same info from different source:
In an episode of the cartoon TV show Family Guy the husband on the show was talking with his wife who was a flight attendant was about to quit her job. Her husband didn't want to quit because then he wouldn't get to take free airplane trips anymore. So the husband named Peter told his wife "Don't quit, what if Kurt Cobain quit?" Then it shows Nirvana ending a concert and Kurt saying to the crowd something like "Hey kids don't do drugs." Then he goes backstage and there's someone telling Kurt "Great show Kurt!" and Kurt then says something like "Thanks, hey have you met my wife Courtney Love?" and Courtney is standing there next to him looking all drugged out and the other guy says, "who?"

Same info from different source:
Last night [on "Family Guy"] Nirvana were on, sorta: Peter Griffin: Lois, you can't quit your job, what if Kurt Cobain quit [drugs]?
- Fades to picture of Nirvana on Stage, Kurt is hitting last cord -
Kurt: Thank You (takes off guitar, walks into stage wings).
A&R GUY: Great show Kurt, the label is really looking forward to the 7th album.
Kurt: Hey thanks, (Courtney enters) you remember my wife courtney love don't you? (courtney swaggers, drunk)
A&R GUY: Who? (fade back to peter and lois). [Thanks to everyone else who also submitted the info about 'Family Guy' ... NFC]

Same info from different source: [From CDnow]
Anyone familiar with Fox's animated show, Family Guy, is used to the sitcom's random acts of ridicule, but Tuesday (June 13) night's episode was the creme de la creme of put-downs.
In a scene where the husband on the show, Peter Griffin, is trying to convince his wife, Lois, not to quit her job, he says, "Lois, you can't quit. What if Kurt Cobain had quit?" Then it flashes to an animated Nirvana onstage with Kurt saying, "Thank you and remember, say no to drugs." Backstage, a record executive says to Kurt, "Great concert Kurt. The label's excited about your seventh album." Kurt, standing next to Courtney Love, replies to the executive: "Oh, you remember my wife, Courtney Love?" Executive says, "Who??" Flash to Courtney scowling. Ouch!!
(For the humor-impaired, Fox was insinuating that if Kurt had quit drugs, he would've had a long, successful career and no one would know who Courtney was. Hey, Fox said it, not us.)

I was watching that dumb show "21" or something like that and one of the questions was "who was the late Kurt Cobain the lead singer of?" and there was 4 choices. I don't remember all the choices but I know one was Green Day. The guy got the question right.

I heard on a few interviews that Ethan Hawke used Kurt Cobain as inspiration when doing the movie Hamlet.

About a week ago on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Penn and Teller were the guests, and they were doing this magic trick where Penn would get a dead musician who died of an overdose to write something on a napkin. They had a bunch of CDs with bands like Sublime, Blind Melon, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana. When Teller showed Jon the Nirvana CD he said that Penn thinks he died of an overdose, but he actually shot himself (makes shooting motion towards his head), but that maybe if he hadn't been on drugs, he would have shot Courtney.

In the movie "Girl" with Dominique Swain and Portia de Rossi there is this band of three weirdos in school called 'the 3 apocolys' and so the guitarist didnt bathe, and someone says "ugh what is that smell". The drummer (his best friend ) says "hey greg doesnt bathe coz someone told him kurt cobain never bathed."

Hey, I just saw a Honda motorcycle commercial on USA Network while watching WWF Wrestling. It had an obvious Smells Like Teen Spirit ripoff song playing in the backround, it was in a higher key, and had an added part at the end. Just thought this information might be helpful to your site.

I was watching a show yesterday (July 3, 2000) called "blind date". well during a blind date little bubbles will come up and say funny things about the date. well during this episode the first thing that caught my eye was a little bubble came up and it said "this is funner then a foo fighters concert". then later on another 1 comes up and says "yeah, we are gonna have 2 kids and their names will be kurt and courtney".

At school a few years ago, I was in some science class and we were watching a video about genetic engineers or something. It had some woman talking about how you can still live a healthy, normal life as a scientist. It was so stupid that it was funny. Well, anyway, when it showed her having a "normal life", she was walking around her house while Smells like Teen Spirit was playing on her stereo.

About three to four years ago I was watching ECW wrestling and they were interviewing Mick Foley (Cactus Jack at the time) and he said to Joey Styles 'Whats your faviorite song' and Joey said Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and Mick Foley sat there and sang the first verse and the chorus!

On channel nine (in california) there is a sports show,im not sure of its name,it always plays a keybord version of 'smells like teen spirit',on either their updates,or during a broadcast of a baseball game.

There's an english tv show named dancing in the streets... a few chapters in the last one in the end they talk about nirvana and plays smells like teen spirit...

hey, i was watching Vh1's Rock and Roll jeopardy and the one category was something like "TAll People". i wondered if they'd say anything about Kris Novelselic. well, the last question of the category was something like, "this man was a 6'7" bassist for Nirvana". of course the answer was Kris Novoselic. i thought that was pretty cool.

Firstly the DumDums a soft rock/pop group over here in Britain were on a kids TV show called FBI last Saturday and one of the members was asked something like "what would be your ideal festival lineup" and the first thing he said was "I would reserect Nirvana".

I was just watching Rosie O'Donnell and she had Alec Baldwin on. They were talking about Celebrity "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" and "Celebrity Jeopardy" and how they dumb down the questions. Alec was saying about how he was watching Celebrity Jeopardy once and the people were really stupid. "There was a bunch of young Melrose Place like model-good looking calendar guys and there was a question like 'what was the play "Amadeus" about?' and you know of course it's John Lennon and these guys are like (in dumb surfer accent) 'ugh...I dunno, is it Kurt Cobain?'"

In the Larry Sanders show, (a comedy spoof of a talk show), Courtney Cox was the special guest. When the co-host was talking to her, he told her that he was sorry about what happened to Kurt Cobain, mistakenly thinking that she was Courtney Love.

Last week on fox on a show called American High where they follow highschool students around for a year. One of the students named Kaytee said how she felt different than other students and how she started listening to Nirvana & worshiping Kurt Cobain and the whole Grunge movement.

On one of the sports channels some guy said 'As I've written before, penalizing Walton for an injury-plagued career is like penalizing Nirvana from the Musical Pantheon because Kurt Cobain had some emotional problems'

I can't recall the episode numbers, but in the episode when an older man can see when people are going to die, he dreams of his death with an abvious heart-shaped box reference, and when the paper is dropped off at the door of Mulders hotel room it has a story of kurts death on the cover.

In a FOX show called American High , a show about students in their life at high school , one girl in the show mentioned "I worship Kurt Cobain and listen to grunge music" . She was a girl that could play guitar and sing.

On an english show called "A Question Of Pop" one of the rounds is "guess the album cover" One of those albums was Nevermind, obviously without the writing

A few weeks ago, in a new contest-programm a question was something like: "Name of the band whose meaning is liberation of mind and soul in the buddist culture". The guy succeeded, answering "Nirvana".

If you're ever heard about FIB (Festival International of Benicasim), in the tv advertisement a guy appeared laying in his bed, and you can see a nirvana flag on the wall. It was that black flag with the smiling face and nirvana word in yellow colour

2 From Rock and Roll Jeopardy: Category: Rhymes with Drum "I think I'm" This, "or maybe just happy" sang Kurt Cobain. The answer was Dumb, and they got it right.
Category: Elements of Rock "(Li) by Nirvana" Lithium, they got it (Li is the atomic symbol for the element Lithium.)

Kurt Cobain was mentioned on Friday nights Law&Order on NBC! Well the two detectives were looking for a teengae boy and were questioning two so called freaks. The first "freak" told the detectives that the boy they were looking for was a real sensitive guy. The second claimed that HE WAS NOT sensitive. The First "freak" shot back with "Yeah he was sensitive. He even recited a KURT COBAIN song in poetry class!"

In an episode of the Danish documentary "Basserne", Nirvana's "On a Plain" was played in the background briefly.

There's a documentary on a german tv channel called 3sat. the title is something like "autobahnausfahrt ost" which means "highway exit east". it´s about people who had great plans all their life but ended up there at the highway exit. however, in the preview they played "polly"(acoustic).

I was watching a cartoon somewhere on tv, called "the pink panter" and they sad: "Hey, do you want to kill yourself, just like Kurt Cobain?" and then the other man says: "oh that guy from Nirvana"

Anyway i was watching an episode of "Inside Edition" and they were doing a story about girls getting raped at woodstock and other concerts, and a girl was standing outside wearing the Nirvana yellow happy face t-shirt.

There was this documentary series called 'Dancing In The Street', i think it had about 6 episodes. one of the episodes focused on punk rock, it was mainly about the sex pistols + the clash and the rest of 70's punk movement in britain, but at the end it had a little piece on Nirvana, and how punk rock was taking a new direction. It had a closep of the Nevermind vinyl and played some Nevermind songs over the top. cant remember what songs , it was all pretty cool though.

I was just watching an A&E Biography on Frances Farmer. Once it was over, the narrator said something like, "Another Seattle area fan of Farmer's was the late Kurt Cobain." He then went on to mention that Courtney's wedding dress was once owned by her and how they named their baby Frances (even though she wasn't really named after her). He even mentioned the song "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" and the lyric "She'll come back as fire/to burn all the liars..."

In The Netherlands there is a program called "Domino d-day". They try to break the world record in domino. In one episode they used "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at the end of the show.

A radio station here in Central Florida airs a commercial for their station that has some hot blonde chick wearing leather reciting the first part of Come As You Are, then it cuts to a graphic for the station and plays the actual clip.

There is an Irish ad for Monday night TV on net work 2 (really shitty Irish station) and the courus of "Smells like teen spirit" is playing in the background! There is also a car ad with the same song on in it!!!

In the video to the single "kung-fu" by U.K. band "ASH" there is a picture of Kurt on one of their guitars at the end

A few weeks ago on Dawson's creek episode 4.02, "Failing down", Dawson is talking to Pacey's older sister Gretchen about music he is trading in. The conversation that took place goes like this: G: Vanilla Ice?? Dawson what were you thinking?? D: I don't know I was 10, who's got good taste in music when they're 10? G:By the time I was 10 I could rattle off the name of every band on the sub pop label, and I was telling anybody who would listen that a guy named Kurt Cobain was about to change the face of music as we knew it.

Hi, it's me again to inform you that in a recently new mexican soap opera called "Primer Amor, a Mil por Hora" a kurt cobain t-shirt can be clearly seen. In the plot of the soap opera, two rebel teenage girls hang around in the their apartment time after time... and you can se posters of Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols and Pearl Jam.....but in the center of the room you can clearly see a black t-Shirt of Kurt Cobain that has his name with big red letters under his image.

Today i was watching the children's movie "the indian in the cupboard". the main boy goes up into his 2 older brothers' room to find something. on the wall in the background is a black and white poster...only the bottom 2/3rds shows up, but it's obvious that it's nirvana. view a picture of the poster in the movie here:

In the made for TV mini-series about the Beach Boys, in the second "episode" if you will, the band is backstage at a concert which supposedly to took place in the early 70's. In the background (but still in focus, and in clear) of one of the shots, there's a guitar case leaning against the with a number of stickers on it. Among and Erine Ball guitar strings sticker, and a D'daddario stickers, there is one black and yellow Nirvana sticker. This is one of the many continuitys in the film. It was a poorly reseached film from the get-go. Things like the recording equipment they used in the film where dead wrong (in one scene where the parents, and one of the kids where recording a song in the garage, they used a two-track Nagra open reel for multi-tracking, first off you can't multi-track on two tracks, and second very few american studios were into multi-tracking, and there were no consumer multis out either). And a lot of amps they used didn't even exist at the time.

On a kids/early teens TV show recently here in Ireland they showed an interview with new Irish band JJ72 and during it the band mentioned being influenced by Nirvana and they played a clip of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

On the Late, Late show, Friday, the 25th [of November, 2000], Jewel was on, and during 5 questions, (The second, I think) the question was about the birthplace of Starbucks. Jewel answers "Kurt Cobain's earthbound heaven: Seattle." Oh, by the way, on the same episode, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters play a cover of "Stairway to Heaven."

On an episode of The Simpsons, bart and homer was waching tv or some thing or there was a big crowd and auto the bus driver said it must be a nirvana concert

On the British TV show "Question of Pop" there was a picture board where you had to correctley geuss who the celebrity was. Noddy Holder (from Slade) choose a picture of Kurt (I think it was from the In Utero tour) with his hair in his face. Noddy incorrectley guessed Sheryl Crow.

Hey guys, just thought id let you all know that I was watching ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and guess what one of the questions was? Well, it was who played bass for the band Nirvana!

Thought you might want this for the news section/Nirvana in TV/Movies. I was watching the game show "Who Wants To be A Millionare" and Nirvana came up a few times on the show. The first contestant had to put the bands in order based on when they got an MTV Best New Rock Video Award. The optionts (in correct order) were Living Colour, Nirvana, Alanis Morrisette, and Natile Imbruglia. Later on in the night, a girl was given the question, "Which of the following guitarists was a band member of both Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chilli Peppers?" The answers were Dave Grohl, Dave Navarvo, Dave Matthews, and Dave Stewart. The girl answered wrong when she said Dave Grohl.

Our High School was having another one of those bore-to-death drug free programs, and we were watching clips of Football, because the instructor was showing us things we could not do if we use drugs. But the Football tape turned into a Football tape! In the background, the popular Foo Fighters song "My Hero" played in the background the entire time.

The host of the show "Os Piores Clipes do Mundo" makes fun of the videos, and in each show he make fun of the lyrics, using a literal translation, so he did it with the Sliver video. He said something like: "What a lyric! Well Kurt Cobain had the right to do it".

In heath class we watched this video about smoking.. some HBO special ..the kid was talking about how he got all this free stuff from marlboro..and clearly in the background you can see a nirvana poster...

i was reading your list and seen a thing about a question of pop well i have another one about it because last night when i was watching it some guy got a the question which read 'dave grohl from the foo fighters was in which band before the foo fighters' the team messed around for a while but they eventually correctly anwsered nirvana