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Vision International University is authorized to grant degrees by exemption by the State of California. VIU is provisionally recognized by the State of California.


Accredited with the International Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities from Antwerp, Belgium.

(IASCU is a non-U.S. Department of Education recognized agency.)

"Accreditation does not provide automatic acceptance by an institution of credit earned at another institution, nor does it give assurance of acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of students or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. For these reasons, besides ascertaining the accredited status of a school or program, students should take additional measures to determine, prior to enrollment, whether or not their educational goals will be met through attendance at a particular institution. These measures should include inquiries to institutions to which transfer might be desired or to prospective employers and, if possible, personal inspection of the institution at which enrollment is contemplated." ( U.S. Department of Education, "Accreditation in the United States",

Ministerial and Professional Recognition

Tabor Bible College in Australia allows a transfer of Vision International University credits into several of its programs. Further information can be gained from any of the various offices of Tabor.

In the USA various accredited universities and colleges have accept transfers of Vision credits,

VIU is "authorized to grant degrees by exemption in the state of California, Florida and Hawaii"

Accredited with the International Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities from Antwerp, Belgium.

Founding members of the Apostolic Council for Educational Accountability under the auspices of Dr. C. Peter Wagner. (Dr. Wagner is also a faculty member at Vision)

Is a member of ACCESS, the Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries.



Vision International University, is in relationship with Newport University who will consider Vision students on an individual basis They offer degrees in Business Administration, Human Behavior, Law and Counseling.


Who Will Take Vision Credits?

We have contacted a number of schools asking about their policy regarding the transfer of credits from Vision into their programs. Students wanting to transfer to another school in order to pursue studies and degrees that are not offered at Vision are encouraged to contact the school of schools that they may wish to attend and ask for their specific policy and the acceptability of Vision. All schools have their own policy and can accept transfer credits from whomever they choose.

The following schools are a sample of what students can expect. There is never a guarantee that all credits from all schools will be accepted.


Colleges and Universities

College # of Credits accepted 
1. Colorado Christian University

2. Pt Loma Nazarene University

3. Calvin College

4. Eastern College

5. Judson College

6. Roberts Wesleyan College

7. Eastern Mennonite College

8. Southern California College

9. Indiana Wesleyan University

10 Cambell University

11. Union University

12. Grand Canyon University

13. Grace College

14. Trinity Bible College

15. Southwestern College of Christian Ministries


Up to 50% (12 guaranteed)

Bible Courses Only


Case by Case

Case by Case

After 1 year case by case

Up to 54

Up to 64

After 1 semester, up to all

Case by Case

Up to 60

Up to 90

Up to 90




Seminary* # of Credits
1. Mennonite Brethren Theological Seminary

2. Church of God Theological Seminary

3. Gordon Cornwell Theological Seminary

4. Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry

5. Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary

6. Ashland Theological Seminary

7. Central Baptist Theological Seminary

8. Denver Seminary

9. Fuller Theological Seminary

10. Covenant Theological Seminary

11. Wesley Biblical Seminary

12. Emmanuel School of Religion

13. Payne Theological Seminary

14. Anderson University

15. Associated Mennonite Bible College

16. Toronto School of Theology

17. Philips Graduate Seminary

18.Washington Bible College

19. Capital Bible Seminary

20. Earlham School of Religion

21. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

22. Trinity Evangelical Divinity

23. Columbia Theological Seminary

24. Lutheran Theological Seminary

25. Samford University, Beeson Divinity School

26. North Park Theological Seminary

27. New York Theological Seminary


Case by Case

Case by Case

Case by Case

Case by Case

Case by Case

20 or probation

case by case




18 or Probation


Some, Probation



Provisional, yes to some


Yes, some

Yes, some

Yes, provisional

Up to 60

Case by Case

Case by Case




* Most Seminaries will attempt to accept students who have graduated from non-traditional Bible Colleges such as Vision. To be sure of how they will handle your case, contact the Seminary directly. Most require the completion of the bachelor's degree.

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