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Certificate in Biblical Studies

Associate In Biblical Studies

Diploma in Theology/ Ministry


Degree Program Objectives:

To formulate a theological basis for ministry calling and vocation.

To communicate by preaching, writing, and other media an effective application of biblical truths for life's needs.

To guide and counsel others in times of need and personal crisis so that they can hear and respond to the voice of God.

To engage in worship leadership, integrating music, scripture, and other functions in the instruction and inspiration of God's people.

To research issues and opportunities using a variety of means in the choice of solutions to complex situations.

Study Pace:

Students are encouraged not to be unduly pressured to complete the Degree Program by a certain time. Actually, it is best to pursue training at a relaxed yet steady rate and accompany it with continuous vocation. Thus, as training moves toward culmination, the student will also grow in a vocation.

One-by-One Program:

All courses offered by Lathrop Christian College/VIU accredited college-level courses, which may be taken individually for credit without enrollment in a certificate or degree program, and will be awarded identical credit if successfully. completed, which credit can subsequently be transferred into any LCC/VIU certificate or degree program.

Prerequisites For Admission

High school diploma or equivalent.

Approval from local church leadership.


Following are the curricula for each of the first three years of the pre-degree certificate program. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of each year. Courses are not weighted by number, however, students are encouraged to take the courses in the order presented.

With prior written approval of the VIU headquarters office, the campus director, and the student's mentor, the student may choose to substitute an elective for no more than two of the courses of the designated curriculum for each year.

YEAR I Module 1

Certificate in Biblical Studies

(Each course listed below is a 3 credit hour course)

Program: Certificate in Biblical Studies

Goal: Foundation Building on God's Word

Theme: Servanthood

Recommended Courses

Course # Title (* indicates a required course).

* BI100 Hermeneutics: How to Study The Bible

* BIlOl Old Testament Survey

* B1102 New Testament Survey

* RS1O1 Dynamic Christian Foundations

* BI106 The Bible

RS1O3 Evangelism

RS1O5 Principles of Praise and Worship

RS106 Principles and Power of Prayer

RS1O9 Christian Character

* CC1O1 Marriage and Family Life

* GE1O3 English Composition

PC100 Practicum: Servanthood

Substitution of courses can be made from additional electives courses listed below or found in the college catalog if approved by Center Dean.


B1103 The Pentateuch

B1104 The Gospels

BI1OS Minor Prophets

RS111 Kingdom Living

ED101 Introduction to Teaching

GE1O6 Introduction to Sociology

GE1O9 History of Civilization

RS11O Spiritual Warfare

GEl05 Intro to Psychology

YEAR II Module 2

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

A.A. Degree

Program: Associates in Biblical Studies

Goal: Maturity in Christ (Fullness of Stature in Christ)

Theme: Workman

Recommended Courses

B1203 Romans and Galatians

RS1O2 Christian Life

RS1O7 Great Words of the Bible

RS200 Church History I

RS203 Soteriology: The Cross and the Crown

RS204 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

RS205 The Healing Covenant

RS209 Faith Dynamics

CC2O1 Introduction to Christian Counseling

RS2O1 Authority of the Believer

PC200 Practicum. Steward in God's House

(beginning leadership in Bible study, home fellowship,

helping first year students).


BI201 Gospel of John

BI202 Acts

BI205 Interpreting Signs and Symbols

BI208 Ministry of Helps

BI210 Tabernacle of Moses

BI211 Bible Atlas

RS202 Cults and the Occult

RS208 Eschatology

RS21O Blood Covenant

RS211 Ministry Gills

RS213 New Creation Image

RS214 Royal Priesthood

RS215 Christian World View

RS216 Dynamics of Revival

RS217 The Charismata: Equipped to Serve

GE2O1 Cultural Anthropology

GE202 Health Principles

YEAR III Module 3

Diploma in Ministry/ Theology

Dip.Th/ Dip.Min. Degree

Program: Ministerial Diploma/ Diploma in Theology

Goal: Overseer/Shepherd

Theme: Servant Leaders/Watchmen

Recommended Courses

ED3O1 Principles of Christian Education

B1301 Corinthians

RS3O1 Pastoral Ministiy

RS206 Christology

RS207 Ecclesiology

RS212 Homiletics

RS302 Apologetics

RS303 Angelology

RS304 Leadership and Church Government

RS307 Finding God's Will: Discovery

RS313 Demonology

PC300 Practicum. Practical Ministry (preaching, teaching, worship leading, missions, weddings, fimerals, communion, visitation, etc.).


BI302 The Prophets and Prophecy

BI303 Revelation/Daniel

BI304 Feasts of Israel

RS305 Introduction to Missions

RS306 Worship Leading in the Church

RS308 Youth Ministry

RS309 Highly Exalted

RS314 Principles of Church Growth

CB302 Entrepreneunaiship in Ministry in Christian Business Management

CB303 Creative Ministiy Development in Christian Business Management


Each ministry student must have ample opportunity to practice his/her calling and gift. The best laboratory for such practice is the local church. In the Vision Bible College Program, each student will have hands-on training with experienced Christian leaders. We offer four levels of practicum:

1.Year I - Servanthood/Ministry of Helps - Learning obedience to the word and respect for God's authority in the church. Work will include: Physical work around God's house, research for stafl, transportation assistance, and other areas of service. Church attendance is expected at all scheduled services.

2.Year II - Stewards in God's House - Developing a lifestyle of service unto the Lord is the goal of year II. Each student will serve within the local church in areas of Home Fellowship, helping first year students, Bible Studies, soul-winning, Sunday School Teaching, Ushering, etc.

3.Year III - Practical Ministry - Third year students will begin to branch out as assistants to pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers, apostles, and do ministry throughout the church network. Each student will preach, teach, evangelize, visit, conduct or assist in conducting weddings, funerals, commumion, etc. Ministerial ethics are emphasized.

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