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Name: Reginald Arvizu
Instrument: Bass
Nickname: Fieldy, Fieldy Snutz (Feel Deez Nuts)
Born: November 2, 1969
Marital Status: Married
In November 2, 1969 a person that would change the face of music forever was born; he was Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu. While his dad was touring with his band. The tour bus pulled over and Fieldy popped out. Fieldy first bass was a gift from his father at the age of 5.
Fieldy is truly a unique bass player; his sound is like a drummer. Fieldy quotes himself, as "I'm a drummer. A drummer on bass." This sound has revolutionized the world of the Bass Guitar.
"I play when I have to, I don't practice ever. If were going to write a song, I'll play, but I don't sit around and play my bass ever. Not even on my most boring day! I used to practice back in the day. But, I mean, I'm not about practicing today. I'm more about creating songs and we only do that when we're in a room together. I don't just sit around watching TV practicing or trying to make songs up."
He gets ready for a concert with lots of stretching. "I don't warm up on bass, I just put the shit on and play."
Fieldy also does the merchandise for KoRn. He designs the t-shirts, hats, and stickers. Fieldy will show the designs to the band. And they'll either approve or disapprove.
When asked about his nick-name Fieldy's reply was, "When I was young I had these fuckin' chipmunk cheeks. So everyone started calling me 'Gopher'. Then it became 'Garr'. Then they started calling me 'Garfield'. Then it became 'Fieldy'.
Fieldy is also known for his love of alcohol. As seen in 'Who Then Now', he says," You always have to have ice coldy's in the fridge. If you want to go on tour with us, start drinkin'." When asked what he likes about touring the clubs, his reply is "the free beer."
In May 1998, Fieldy married his other love, his girlfriend Shela. They now have two daughters: Serena Rae and Olivia.
Fieldy uses the Ibanez Sound Gear series. "When I first started playing bass, I looked at the Ibanez because they were small, smaller than other basses, so that was the main reason. Then I played it, and it sounded better to me than all the others."
Fieldy might be a tough guy of the band on the outside but on the inside he's sensitive. "Just the other day watching our 'WHO then NOW?' video. It makes me cry every time when it gets intense. I cry over anything man. I don't care. When they told us Life Is Peachy debuted at Number Three on the charts (in the US), I just started crying. I cry over the stupidest shit. I can watch The Lion King and cry! It's fun, cleans your eyes out." "When was the last time you got in a fight? Shit, it's been year's man. Probably six years ago. I've almost fought Head (Korn's guitarist) a couple of times, but this was a long time ago. One time Head was yelling at me and he got really pissed off. This was back when we used to fight - we work differences out now. He threw a kick at me and I caught his leg and dragged him down the street, and he was like, 'Alright, it's cool!' Me and David (Silveria, Korn's drummer) also used to have our differences - bad. One time we were arguing and almost getting ready for a fist-fight. We were like, 'C'mon, fuck you! c'mon!', and Munky (Korn's guitarist) had the tape recorder on while we were doing it. We listened to it after we cooled down and we where just laughing so hard. You could hear how stupid we sounded. None of that shit happens now; we just laugh about shit."
West Coast Hip-Hop played a major part in his life; the inspiration, style, and the beats. Fieldy plans to release his own hip-hop LP titled, Fieldy's Dreams. "I listen to rap that's me it's all I listen to, but I love playing heavy music. I play heavy music every night. So listening to something different is my way of getting away."
Fieldy's advice on getting embarrassed is to do it in front of 20,000 people. "When we were at the LA Forum supporting Ozzy. I jumped of one of the monitors and landed face-first on my bass. I broke my bass and the whole arena got up and went 'Yeaahhhh!!!' It was like, 'Oh my god'. I don't think you can really embarrass yourself more than in front of 20,000 people. If you're going to make a ass of yourself I guess that's the best way to do it."
Fieldy's favorite food is sushi. When asked what which last meal want he replies, " All I can eat. I love sushi it's my favorite food. I don't think I wanna go out eating Taco Bell."
What advice would you have for a young player who might want to model their career after yours? "You've got to put everything aside, no matter how tired you are. Make it a priority, NOTHING else. Music has always got to be your main priority, don't let anything get in the way of it."
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu has given a world of young musicians someone to look up to. He will be remembered by millions of teenagers everywhere. While we hail his name, Fieldy! Fieldy!, he will truly be King Reginald Arvizu!!