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Fans Meet GNR

This page is for those lucky fans who have had the fortune of meeting Duff McKagan and Guns N Roses. You lucky devils you! LMAO! Here are their photos that they are willing to share with us. And for those of us who haven't had the opportunity, well better luck next time around!-Imakagan

Dizzy is a member of the Yahoo clubs and she met Duff on Jan. 14, 1996. Way to go Diz! Thanks for the photo Diz! Love ya!-Imakagan

Blondie is also a member of the Yahoo clubs. She was fortunate to meet Duff on Sept. 6, 1996 at Mama Kins in Boston. Great pics Blondie and thanks! Love ya!-Imakagan

Adrienne is one of the founders of the "Believe in Duff" club at Yahoo. She was very lucky to meet Duff, Matt, and Slash with her friend Julie. Adrienne is the one with Duffs arm around her! You Go Girl!! LOL I will have more of the details shortly. Thanks for sharing Dufflvr44!!-Imakagan

I thought Lori's account of meeting Duff should be in her own words. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories Lori!Peace-Imakagan

These are the times I met Duff....for all I remember...

Dec 91 (4 days before xmas time, what a luck!!!) At the rainbow.

May 95 @ a Slash (snakepit) show at the Palace, I was in the crowd right next to him....

Sept and Oct. 95 (neurotic outsiders shows) every monday night at the Viper Room.

Dec 95 at the Tower Records....

Feb or March 96 (or 97 I forgot) at the viper room to see Suckerpunch, again i was in the crowd and he was standing right next to me, I didnt noticed it till my friend told me...LOL

April 96 Neurotic Outsiders shows not sure how many days they played but I think 3 times during the all month...coz they missed 1 show coz his mom died at that time...

Sept 96 at the tower records again...and the whiskey a go go for another show of NO.

Sometime between March and June 97 with 10 Minute Warning I think I catched 2 shows in that period and one of them was at the Pretty Ugly Club I forgot where the other one was...

July 97 at the coconut Teaszer for a Duff McKagan's Black Dog show, they booked that show in the afternoon and I found out that he was playing like 2 hours before the show.

I think was spring 98 at the Linda Doll's Hut, same thing the show was booked a few hours before the actual show and he was surprised I knew about it and this one was Loaded playing.

Then November 98 at the galaxy theater....again Loaded (lucky me...)

January 99 at the Whiskey a go go- (need passes to get in) a concert for the NAMM show that was last time I saw him...i might have missed some shows coz it's 4 my brain is dead. I always get braindead at this time.....I think this is it...

I didnt catch many Live shows with GNR, only 2. LA FORUM August 91 i think was the last show and it lasted over 3 hours. Then in June 93 in Italy, I missed the one on June 92 in Italy coz he was there and I was here in LA at that can say that was a bad timing....I guess...OK

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