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The band formed around the ten songs that now make up their debut album. A year was spent writing and recording tracks as well as playing the occasional low key gig to develop their sound. The addition of saxophone and a little bit of piano to their mix of driving guitar riffs, bass and drums enabled the band to embellish their songs. The resulting mixture of hard rocking and mellow tracks were completed and brought together as the debut album 'Making A Scene'.


Crasha are a rock band with a musical twist. They incorporate diverse styles and influences into their sound to create a powerful and varied take on the rock genre. The songs on their debut album 'Making A Scene' veer from full on rock to plaintive ballads with lyrics dealing with the pain and passions of everyday reality. The title of the album refers to the percieved lack of interest in the music scene particularly around the bands hometown but also affecting the country as a whole. Music should always have an important place in peoples lives.


The band plan to embark on the recording of their second album later in the year. The remainder of the year will be spent playing live gigs and promoting the album. Hope to see you somewhere along the way!





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