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October 29, 2000

I'm off to be ghoulish this Hallowe'en...therefore, anything I wrote would be feared by all, and not read.

However, I have this to leave you with:


10.  Stockwell Day (hands out bibles and anti-choice propaganda)

9.  Pikachu (two feet tall, only says PIKACHU!)

8.  Mike Bullard (trick or treats in an ExpressVu van)

7.  A Bell ExpressVu System (usually seen with #8)

6.  Fred Durst (baseball cap & big coat)

5.  a "hobo" (the projects kids will always try passing off their everyday appearance as a costume)

4.  Marilyn Manson ("spookykids" will also try passing off their everyday appearance as a costume - we think Al Jourgensen told them to do it many years ago)

3.  a NASCAR driver (some may even have cars)

2.  Marty McSorley (he'll whack you if you don't give generously)

1.  Courtney Love (every blonde girl in the neighbourhood will show up at your door with squat all for a costume, leaving you to guess that she's dressed as Courtney Love...if she's over 12, ask to see the track marks!!!)

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