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about the band

Bulletboys are among the greatest of the hard rock/metal bands. Formed in the late
1980's, Bulletboys debut self-titled release and follow-up entitled "Freakshow" were
received with an enthusiastic response by both critics and in hard rock/metal circles.
By 1993, the year of their third release - "ZA-ZA" (and last release to date with the
original line-up) - the rock climate which had been thriving in the late '80's had turned
in favor of the "grunge" sound.
The music scene of the 90's has been good and bad, but rock in general has been stale.
There have been some shining moments, such as the release of the fourth Bulletboys
album, a departure from their signature sound entitled, "Acid Monkey". With only half
the original band in tact, they wrote this new album with a violent and raw edge - sometimes
sounding as "punk" as it does "metal."
 Bulletboys went their separate ways for awhile during the late 90's to work on other projects,
some of which I will mention more of as this website progresses. However, the word is
out, the original band is back together for another studio album (and perhaps a tour?).
Stay tuned...

The Original Bulletboys are:
Marq Torien - Vocals
Mick Sweda - Guitar
Lonnie Vencent - Bass
Jimmy D'Anda - Drums, Percussion
Past members:
DJ Ashba - Guitar
Tom Pittam - Guitar
Rob Karras - Drums, Percussion