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Welcome to my world. There's not much to it, but then again, I don't need much. "If I can't find it, then I don't need it." Enjoy your visit!

The Other Woman . . .
Her name is Lynda. She's an Epiphone/Gibson 635i. I found her in a pawn shop in Lewisville, Texas of all places. It was love at first sight. Whoever let her go doesn't know what they are missing. Thankfully, whoever the fool was either took real good care of her or (perish the thought) never let her come out and play. (The white swirls near the cut-outs are sunlight from a window. She likes to feel the warmth on her body, he..he..he) There's nothing like "pluggin' in" and running my hands up and down her neck. You wouldn't believe the beautiful sounds this girl can make. But then again, with curves like that, I wonder who's playing who sometimes!
The Protector . . .
Throughout time it has been known that the dragon is capable of much more than controlling the virgin population through human sacrifice. This fearless guardian of treasures and all powerfull creature has been reveared as the provenience of wealth and good fortune to all who carry its likeness. That's why I keep this little guy close. I can use all the help I can get. You can never have too much of a good thing, wealth and good fortune that is!
A Thought . . .
The next time you start to think that we as a species are ALL knowing, ALL seeing, ALL important, or just plain ALL THAT, remember that "You Are Here" depends greatly on your point of view. The World was here long before we arrived and will most likely be here long after we've left. So if you have a moment, stick your head out the window, look up and think to yourself... "Is there anybody out there?" And if there is, "Just how hard are they laughing at us?"

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