Why Limp Bizkit is so Bad
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Why Limp Bizkit is so Bad

I would like to address the rumors and speculations that state "Limp Bizkit is better thatn everyone." They areNOT TRUE!!!!!Off the top of my head, I can name 10 bands which are much greater than Limp Biskit.

  1. Green Day
  2. Less Than Jake
  3. MetallicA
  4. The Offspring
  5. Our Lady Peace
  6. Fenix TX
  7. Goldfinger
  8. Godsmack
  9. NOFX
  10. Moxy Fruvous

All of the bands listed above are of much higher quality and produce better music than Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst make up one terrible band. Fred durst is just a loser who thinks he's a black "gansta" from the inner city(or eminem, same difference). I don't understand how you can take anything this pathedic man says seriously. He trys to act so extremely tough and whatnot by swearing 5-6 times in one line and screaming of violence and how he "...packs a chainsaw..." GIVE ME A BREAK. This guy's a wuss. First off, what does he accomplish by dropping the "f-Bomb" constantly in almost every line more than once. It gets sad after a while. Have of the time he just throws the word in to make himself seem tough even though the word makes no sense what-so-ever in what he's trying to say. Hey Fred...IT'S NOT WORKING. Also, what's the deal with him doing it all for a "nookie." The only way i can see him doing this is that if a nookie symbolizes money. The sellout is only on MTV every other day promoting another one of his poor quality product that were made for "the nookie"(or money because he knows his fans will purchase and love any of the trash he puts out). The guy isn't even putting out new material. When an artis has to put 2 versions of 1 song on a cd, they're running out of material. Also, i have to comment on Fred calling Scott Stapp from creed egotystical. The only one with a big ego is fred himself. He was angry because he and his band didn't get the best slot at a concert. Selfish baby fred bashes the lead singer from creed(who i'm not even much of a big fan of)who got a better time slot than limp. Let me end on this note for all of you whining babies who can't handle the opinions of someone with different ideas than you, all the profsnity filled messages in the guestbook is making me lose more and more respect (of the little i already had) for limp bizkit and their fans.