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War stories

I got one. (this is a true story)Me and my friend and my brother and his friend were having a mini nerf war. my brothers friend is real fat and i asked him later and he said he was numb all over. (numb all over my butt) So me and my friend were shooting at him and we kept hitting him. (hard target)(*rolls eyes*) He said he couldn't feel any of them. So I got out my lnl and i fired one at him and sure enough i nailed him right in the forehead. Let me let you in on a little secret MY LNL HAS HORRIBLE ACCURACY!!! so I figured he must have felt that. but whats funny is I shot my lnl again and nailed him in the forehead! I did it like four times in a row. A couple days later he was over again and I asked him if he wanted to play. he said, "well its not very fun when you get nailed in the head fifty times." by President

Well i was having a war with Penny Wisdom, Dr. Genius, Sharpshooter and penny wisdoms little brother. It was me and Penny Wisdom vs. Dr. Genius, Sharpshooter and Penny Wisdoms little brother. The rules where just like west side rules. If you got hit 5 times you where out ect.. Well penny wisdom and Sharpshooter where dead and so Dr. Genius and Penny Wisdoms little brother where teaming up on me. Dr. Genius had a 2500. Penny Wisdoms little brother had a BBB. I had a 1500 with 2 ammo and a lnl with one shot. I shot my 1500 at Dr. Genius and i hit him right in the leg he was out of the war. Then Penny Wisdoms littlem brother shot the BBB arrow at be and missed. I shot my 1500 and he dodged the supermax dart. I pulled out my lnl and shot him right in the back. The war was over. by Hardkore

My very first nerf war. Ahhhhhh.... was it shit. I had a triple strike. Dr. Genius has a ball blaster. And a kid called craig had a bbb. His little brother had a lock and load. Me and Doc kicked there ass. Craig stopped nerfing ever since that very day! by Hardkore