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Hardkore is a man willing to risk his life in any situation. He is a point man and carrys an Ultimator, Maximizer, Maxy (lnl) and a Mad Hornet. He is rough nerfer and always uses his very stong guns (Ultimator/Maximizer) in a war. Even his lock and load (Maxy) has 15 rubber bands on it so if you are in a inside war dont face this guy and hope to be on his team. Hardkore never follows orders from his team (4-Pac) and usally comes back successful.

Dr.Genius is a very good raider he uses the 2500 as a main weapon and uses the manta ray and the ballgun. He loves the range and the accuracy of the gun. He never backs down from someone and loves to raid people with his ball gun. He is a excellent memeber of the team.

Silent Shadow is a great nerfer and loves the crossbow he leads the team to many victorys. He is excellent at modding guns. He is a great thinker. He comes up with great ideas and will have more great mods in the later years.

Sharpshooter loves the 5000 and the crossbow. He loves guns that have great range and he is the team sniper. He can pick off a guy running a cross a hallway. He fixes broken guns like the chainmblazer and the ballzooka. He is the repair man of the team. He thinks of great mods like but some do not come out successful. Lets jsut not hope he leaves this year in 8th grade.