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The Tablet of Creation

'The Tablet of Creation' is a transliteration of the Babylonian 'Epic of Creation' known as the 'Enuma Elish' (pronounced Eh-noo-mah Eh-lish) named after the first two words of the inscription meaning 'When on high' or 'In the Beginning'

'The Tablet of Creation' relates the mythical tale of the creation of the universe and the creation of the first race of Gods, called the Ancient Ones. It also tells the tale of the rebellion of the younger gods, the Anunnaki, against their oppressor, their Creator Apsu and his evil cohort Mummu, and their subsequent overthrow.

The Tablet of Creation also tells the tale of the father of the Anunnaki, a young god named An, acquiring Kingship of heaven, and his son Enki, the first of the Anunnaki, acquiring Lordship of the Lower Realms.

The main players in this cosmic drama are:

  • Nammu - The Source of All Things
  • Apsu - Lord of the 'Sweet Waters', Father of the Ancient Ones
  • Tiamat - Lady of the 'Salt Waters', Mother of the Ancient Ones
  • Mummu - The 'Mist', 'The Conspirator', Vizier of Apsu
  • Anshar - Father 'Whole Sky'
  • Kishar - Mother 'Whole Earth'
  • An - The 'Sky God', Father of the Anunnaki
  • Enki - Son of An, 'Lord of Water and the Lower Realms', 'Lord of Wisdom', 'Master of all Magick', 'Lord of the Fertile Earth'

The Tablet of Creation

('Enuma Elish' pt.1)

In the beginning, before the heavens and the earth were formed. Before the onset of time. Before the birth of stars and heavenly bodies. Before the age of the gods. Before the firmaments of the great heavens were established, there existed only the churning primeval sea of Chaos within the Mind of Nammu, the Source, that which was to become all creation. Nammu rested, slept and dreamed…and so, Time began.

From the deep dreams of Nammu the Source, there created the Abyss, known as Abzu. Deep within the Abzu were contained the Spirits of the Sacred Waters of Life, and a thick mist which overhung them all. The Sweet Water God was called Apsu, the First, begetter of the gods. And the Salt Water Goddess, the dragon mother called Tiamat, the Maker, who bore them all. And Mummu, the Mist, vizier of Apsu. Together they flowed as The One. Their Waters co-mingled. The Three-in-One.

In time, their union brought forth the first generation of gods. From their passion emerged the first blazing nebulae of burning cosmic gasses, the first birthing of stars, the exploding gasses, the physical matter and anti-matter of the universe in expansion. The primal essence of the Waters of Life spread throughout the stars. The zones of the heavens were formed and the unknown angles between them were affixed. The vast outer spaces were cast abroad as a net, reigning in the clusters of newly formed stars and gathering them together in great spiral arms and discs of pure light. The Universe learned of Light. The Universe learned of Darkness. The Universe learned of Life.

In the center of all creation, in the place of all beginnings, lies the abode of the Ancient Ones, called Anduruna. Here the young generation of gods lived and played. The First Born of the Ancient Ones. The Lahmu and the Lahamu were the first Gods to emerge. Upon their emergence from the Waters of Life, great Mother Tiamat who bore them pronounced their names and empowered them with the breath of life. As soon as they had grown and matured, the God Anshar and Goddess Kishar were born, and quickly surpassed them in stature. And so the Ages passed…

In the fullness of time, Anshar and Kishar added to the number of the gods. Their first-born son, An, rivaled the powers of his forefathers. Anshar had created his son like unto himself, and double-crowned him with godhood, making him surpass all others. And in time, when An matured, he made a consort of his mother, Kishar, and took her unto himself. From their passion, An and Kishar begat their first-born son, Enki, made in the likeness of his father. He, Enki, was superior to his forefathers in every way: Great and profound was his wisdom and understanding, he was the strongest of the gods, his skill-at-arms was unsurpassable. Mightier he was by far than Anshar, his father's begetter. Enki had no rival amongst the gods, his siblings and peers.

During the eons which passed, the number of young gods and goddesses increased a hundredfold. A great multitude of heavenly beings now winged merrily about the outer spaces and played among the stars. Joyful and exuberant were they, so much so that they began to disturb the rest of their Queen and mother, Tiamat. The younger gods were exceedingly loud and boisterous, clamoring back and forth within the abode of Anduruna. As their disturbances increased, so did Mother Tiamat's resentment.

When Tiamat could stand it no longer, she approached Apsu and bade him to quell their disturbances. When Apsu attempted to talk with the young gods, they ignored him and continued in their noisy fashion. In time, Tiamat grew silent and remorseful. No matter how grievous were the ways of the young gods, no matter how bad their behavior, she would indulge them, for they were all her children.

As time passed and the disturbances of the younger gods continued unabated, Lord Apsu convened a meeting with Tiamat and his vizier Mummu. Apsu was enraged, and made his loud voice heard.

' The ways of the younger gods have become very grievous to me. By day I can find no rest, by night I cannot sleep, their noise is persistent! I have tried to speak with them, but they all ignore me. They will not listen to my pleas for peace and quiet. I have no choice in remedies. I must put an end to this clamor. I shall deal with them only as I know how. I will abolish them and their ways, and disperse them amongst the stars. Then shall peace prevail, so that we Ancient Ones may finally sleep.'

When Tiamat heard her husband's words, she became enraged. She shouted back at Apsu,

'I do understand how you feel, Apsu. Was it not I who first asked you to speak with them? Was it not my sleep they first disturbed? I do not know what to do with them, but I do know that which you are planning is evil! How can we allow that which we ourselves created to perish? Yes, their ways are rude, their manners are annoying, but we who made them must be patient and understanding. In time, they will grow weary and finally quiet down. Then I, and all of Anduruna may once again rest.'

Mummu, the vizier, sided with Lord Apsu. He leaned over and whispered in the ear of Apsu,

'My Lord, I must advise you to ignore Queen Tiamat's opinion in this matter, it is just her motherly nature talking. You must proceed with your plans for the destruction of the gods. They show no respect for your authority. They are unruly and bothersome both night and day. Their behavior will never give you any peace. Anduruna will never know peace again. You must put an end to their troublesome ways. Do this, so that Tiamat may rest and sleep once again.'

Mummu's advice was ill wished and ungracious, but nonetheless, Apsu smiled. For he secretly rejoiced at the evil he was planning for the gods, his children. Mummu climbed upon Apsu's lap and kissed him deeply and rapturously. Together they plotted further evils against the younger gods. However, Apsu's courtiers to the younger generation of gods relayed all the plotting between them.

When the younger gods heard of Apsu's plans for them, they were stunned. Agitated, they paced back and forth, wondering what was to become of them. Some of the young gods cried and wailed. Others were shocked into silence and remorse. All of them knew their doom was at hand.

Enki, wisest and most understanding and capable of the young gods, who knows everything, discovered his great-grandfather's plot against the younger gods. He saw through their scheme, and devised a plan of his own. He made for himself a sacred design of everything, and laid it out to study correctly. Enki raised the powers of magic, and created a masterful spell. It was superb in cleverness. He cast a fog about the young gods, so that they were not to be found by Apsu, and then he intoned his supreme incantation and directed it to the deep abode of Apsu. He recited it again, and made it subsist into the deep. Master Enki poured sleep upon Apsu, and Mummu, the treacherous vizier, he made impotent to move.

Enki entered the deep and bound the sleeping Apsu in chains; he removed his crown and halo and placed them upon himself. When Enki had claimed the symbols of kingship for himself, he held down Apsu and killed him. He then imprisoned the vizier Mummu, and led him about by a ring through his nose. Enki commanded Mummu to swear his allegiance, and Mummu did as he was told.

When Enki had vanquished his foes, he let out a wild triumphant cry, heard throughout all of Anduruna. The spell that he had cast was lifted, and the gods came out of hiding. Enki approached his father An, knelt before him, and spoke.

'Father An, I have slain Great-Grandfather Apsu, begetter of us all. In addition, I have imprisoned Mummu, the conspirator. We are now free from their evil plot of destruction.'

Enki then removed the halo and the crown, and placed them upon An's head, he turned to the Assembly of Gods and shouted.

'Behold, our new King! An, Father of us all. Our foes, the Ancient One and the treacherous vizier are vanquished! An is now your King. An, King of Anduruna and the stars. An, King of the Sky. We are the Children of An, We are the Anunna.'

The Assembly of the Gods rejoiced for their new King and for their newfound status.

Standing before the Puhur Ilani - The Divine Assembly of the Gods, Lord An pronounced his first decree as King of the Sky,

'Enki, arise before me. I, your Father, have created you to be the wisest and most capable of the gods. You have proven yourself against our foes, the Ancient One and his vizier. You have conquered them by your mastery, skill and cunning. I bestow upon you Mastery of all Magic, you shall be the Lord of Wisdom and the Lord of the Sweet Waters, our birthplace, the former abode of Apsu. You shall be known as Lord of the Lower Realms and Lord of the Waters. Go now, unto the place where Apsu lay, and make your new palace. Enki, Lord of Apsu.'

With that, Enki turned and departed Anduruna for the Lower Realms of Apsu.

Enki made his abode upon the fallen body of Apsu and the Sweet Waters that had once belonged to him. He called his new home 'Abzu', built to honor his vanquished great-grandfather. There Enki built a splendid dwelling place and a magnificent temple, he assigned chapels dedicated to his father An throughout the halls of his great new palace. In addition, Enki took for himself a lover, of the goddess Damgalnunna, and within their private residence in the Abzu, they dwelt in splendor for the passing of an age…

Thus Concludes the Tablet of Creation.

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