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Anunnakist Spellcrafting

Lightning Striking Tree Spellwork and Sacred Ritual are the proverbial metaphysical backbone of any good Magickal Tradition. The Anunnakist Tradition is no different, however, our system of spellcrafting differs slightly from the accepted 'norm' of other pagan traditions.

Unlike Anunnakist rituals, which require fairly strict adherence to specific formulaic structures, Anunnakist spellcrafting is a free form creative art. It allows the practitioner to spontaneously create their own spells, rather than reading aloud a pre-conceived and pre-written incantation.

The art of Anunnakist spellcrafting is a deliberate focus of energy, emotion and intention, directed by the force of will. Anunnakist spellcrafting is a vital, ecstatic release of energies often accompanied by improvised song, dance, chanting and drumming; all for the joy of the celebrants and the Archetypal Godform which has been summoned for the ritual.

Anunnakist spellcrafting is alive with mystery and power.

Spellcrafting is a very personal form of magick, and everyone has their own way of doing things, however, a few simple guidelines should be kept in mind.

  • Always be mindful of the 'Law of Three'
  • Never use magick to control the will of other beings
  • Strive not to harm
  • Do not curse or hex (remember the 'Law of Three')
  • Magick and spellcrafting should be performed in a relaxed, magickally charged environment
  • Concentration, visualization and meditation are vitally important to the success of your spellwork
  • Remain focused on your spell's intention throughout your spellwork
  • Try to align your spellcrafting with the appropriate days and times for your particular needs (see Tables of Correspondence for daily attributes)
  • All tools and ingredients for spellwork should be magickally cleansed, then charged for the purpose of your spell
  • Always remember, YOU are the source of magick, not your magickal tools and spell ingredients (they are merely aids to your magick)
Below are a few examples of Anunnakist Spells - these are examples only - we encourage practitioners to utilize their own creative abilities in the formation of spells.