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Liturgical Rites & Rituals of Anunnakism

Winged Genie Worshipping the Sacred Tree, from the Palace at Nimrud (stone)

High Anunnakism:

Anunnakist High Mass
Anunnakist Standard Mass
Anunnakist Black Mass
Marriage Rite
Funeral Rite
Seasonal Rites - (4) - Akitu / Tammuz
Exorcism Rites - (Maklu & Shurpu)

Standard Practice Anunnakism:

Casting the Cella
Calling the Quarters
Summoning the Fire
The Bolt of Heaven
The Bolt of the Sea
Cleansing Ritual
Consecration Ritual
The Aga Rite
The Duku Rite
The Primary Ritual

Meditative Rituals

Breath Counting
Stone Stillness
Elemental Meditations
Synesthesia Meditations (The Six Senses)
Assuming the Mantle
Angelic Sun Meditation
Eye of the Dragon
Mantra Meditations

Shamanic Rituals

Raising Power Hunting Power Storm Ritual Ritual Dance Drum Ritual Rite of the Ancestors The Eagle’s Path The Serpent’s Path The Vulture’s Path Totemic Rituals

Divinatory Rituals

Devotional Rituals

Dedication Ritual
Daily Prayers
Ritual Bathing
Daily Meals
The Sedu Rite (Washing the Mouth / Opening the Mouh)
Rites of Adoration
The Rite(s) of Nammu
The Rite(s) of Gibil
The Rite(s) of An
The Rite(s) of Ninhursag
The Rite(s) of Enki
The Rite(s) of Enlil
The Rite(s) of Nanna
The Rite(s) of Utu
The Rite(s) of Inanna
The Offertory Rite
Burnt Offerings
The Sacrificial Offering
The Tablet Rites
The Tablet of Destinies
The Rite of the Me’s


The Primary Invocation
Invocation of Nammu
Invocation of Gibil
Invocation of An
Invocation of Ninhursag
Invocation of Enki
Invocation of Enlil
Invocation of Nanna
Invocation of Utu
Invocation of Inanna

Prayers of the Anunnaki

The Anunnakist Prayer
The Anunnakist Creed
The Anunnakist Pledge

Hymns / Psalms of the Anunnaki

Proverbs and Wisdom Literature


The Litany Against Fear
The Litany of Focus
The Litany of Truth
The Litany of Dreaming

Tablets of the Mythscape

Tablet of Creation - Enuma Elish Pt. 1
Tablet of the Serpent - Enuma Elish Pt. 2
Tablet of the Elder Gods
Tablet of Destiny
Tablet of the Covenant




The Calling of the Winds
Summoning the Lamassu
Summoning the Anzu

Oracular Rituals (From the Cabal of Oracles)

Oracles / Eye-Priests (Priestesses)
Oracle of Nammu
Oracle of Gibil
Oracle of An
Oracle of Ninhursag
Oracle of Enki
Oracle of Enlil

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