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Protection Spells

Protection spells are vitally important in this day and age, just as they have been over the millennia. We, as followers of the ancient ways, should always aspire to live in harmony with all living things, but sometimes, not all things want to live in harmony with us.

Protection spells are used to protect us, our families and loved ones, and our personal property. They are also used to protect our neighborhoods, our communities, our towns and cities, our homelands, and ultimately our world.

Spell Examples:

Wall of Flame - When you feel you are in need of protection, strongly visualize your energy force extending out in front of you, forming a wall of power, and then mentally ignite it into a wall of blue spiritual fire, blocking the path of any negative energies or forces.

The Crystal Egg, (Part 1) - From the Alpha state of awareness, extend your energy outward to form an egg-sized ball of energy in front of you. Raise this energy ball over your head and visualize it drawing in more energy from the air around you, see it glowing brighter and increasing in size until it is about the size of a basketball.

Visualize this ball of energy exploding in a flash of white light; raining crystalline sparks down over your body.

Mentally fuse these crystalline light energies together to form a shell around your body that extends in all directions. Envision yourself standing inside a crystal egg. This is your astral protective shield that will protect you from all negative energies and forces.

You may also create crystal eggs around your property, such as cars, boats, homes, etc.

You may also want to shield friends and loved ones, but use discretion with this, as it can be construed as a form of manipulation.

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