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Prosperity Spells

Prosperity and money spells are the most popular of spellwork, but there is a great misunderstanding among many witches who believe that prosperity always equates with money - well, it doesn't. Prosperity is a state of being, not a material possession; one can be prosperous and still lack physical cash. True prosperity relates to the 'fullness' of your heart, spirit and mind. Prosperity of this nature equates with abundance.

When working magickally for prosperity, try to work for the essence of prosperity as opposed to working for specific forms, such as cash, cars, etc. With the essence of prosperity, all our needs will be met, but if we work for a specific form, we limit the universe and ourselves.

Never, under any circumstances, limit the creative power of the universe.

Spell Examples:

The Prosperity Plant - Do something good for yourself, and for the earth. Plant a 'money tree' or a 'prosperity plant'.

Obtain a seed or seedling of your favorite plant or tree and three silver coins.

On the Day of Inanna (Friday) or the Day of Utu (Sunday), you must decide whether you are going to plant the seed in a pot, or outdoors. Once you have decided on a location, dig a hole (not too deep) and place the silver coins in it, cover them with a thin layer of soil then gently place the seed or seedling into the hole above the coins.

Bury the seed; add fertilizer if you wish, then give your prosperity plant it's first watering. As you are watering the seed, strongly visualize all of your wants and needs being met - financial, emotional, physical and spiritual. Envision the spirit of abundance coming to your household to stay. Intone the following incantation over the planted seed:

Mother Ninhursag of the Earth,
Bless this seed and give it birth,
As it rises from the fertile mud,
By root and stem and leafy bud,
Let abundance to me be shown,
May I prosper as this plant is grown.

As the plant sprouts and grows, so too will your prosperity. Care for your prosperity plant and keep it happy and healthy. As long as the plant thrives, it will continue to draw abundance into your life.

Abundance Charm - Items you will need:

  • A gold, yellow or green charm bag (may be made of any material - the shinier, the better - such as gold lame' or yellow satin)
  • Dried Marigold
  • Yellow Mustard Seed
  • Frankincense tears
  • Myrrh grains
  • Green Lodestone or a small magnet
  • A small piece of gold or gold jewelry
  • Amber stone
  • Myrrh oil or Frankincense oil
  • A gold candle or green candle with a fireproof holder
  • Abzu Lamps (a black candle and a white candle)
  • Incense - Frankincense and Myrrh mixture or a mixture of Amber Resin, Copal, Cedar chips and Pine.
Abundance and prosperity spells are best worked by the light of day, and ultimately better if the rays of the sun can play over the ingredients of your spellwork.

So on a bright, sunny Day of Inanna (Friday) or a cheerful Day of Utu (Sunday), prepare your altar and perform the spell in the following manner:

Place your altar or a small table near a window through which sunlight and moonlight passes. Let the sunlight shine upon your altar.

Now, upon your altar - facing to the north, arrange the Abzu Lamps and the gold or green object candle in a triangle formation with the point facing towards you. Place the black Abzu Lamp in the upper left point of the triangle and the white Abzu Lamp in the upper right apex with the object candle (green / gold) at the point nearest you.

Dress all three candles with Frankincense oil or Myrrh oil (or both).

('Dressing' is to anoint a candle by rubbing oil from the center of the candle toward each end. Since this spell is designed to draw something to you, you should dress the candle by anointing oil at the lengthwise center then draw a line with your finger down the candle towards your body, then flip the candle over and repeat the process on the other end of the candle, again drawing the anointing oil towards yourself. Whenever you wish to magickally draw something to yourself, anoint your candles in an inward direction - towards your body. When you wish to get rid of something, such as negative energies or bad habits, anoint your candles in an outward direction - away from your body)

Gather your spell ingredients together and place them inside the triangle of candles. Leave them in the sunlight for one hour to gather strength.

At the culmination of the hour, place your hands, with palms facing downward, over the gathered ingredients. Begin raising energy by drawing it into your body from the sunlight, feel it's warmth and life-giving energy circulating in your body, envision this energy gathering in your hands. Direct this energy into the spell ingredients, envisioning abundance and prosperity coming to you.

Place your dry ingredients into the charm bag one by one, envisioning the power of the bag growing stronger with each added ingredient.

Place 9 drops of Frankincense or Myrrh oil (or both - 9 of each) into the charm bag and tie it shut. Anoint the outside of the bag with 3 drops of either oil or 3 drops of each, frankincense on one side, myrrh on the other.

Light the candles, beginning with the black Abzu Lamp, then the white Abzu Lamp and finally the green or gold object candle. As the candle flames rise, envision the entire altar bathed in bright golden-yellow light.

Light the incense and pass the charm bag through the smoke 9 times, each time reciting the incantation below. After you have finished, place the charm bag in the middle of the triangle and allow the candles to burn out on their own (again, always use caution and never leave burning candles unattended. I usually keep my altar in sight while I relax and read a book or work on manuscripts or some such thing.)

By power of sun and brilliant gold,
Abundance comes to my household,
Sacred resins and magnet draw,
Wealth to me from near and afar.

Now you may carry your charm bag with you, or you may hang it up near the ceiling in the heart of your home to draw abundance to the household.

You may recharge your abundance charm bag any time you feel that it is necessary by re-anointing the bag, censing it and repeating the incantation 9 times.

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