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Anunnakist Love Spells

In the casting of love spells, one needs to be careful not to manipulate any other person. We should never force anyone to do anything against his or her free will. Love spells that force another to fall in 'love' with you generally backfire in the end, leaving you, the spell caster, feeling manipulated and used. A love spell should never be cast on a person, but rather, you should direct your spell to the Deity or to the Universe, and allow them to guide the right person to you.

In Anunnakism, the Deity most often utilized for love spells is Inanna, but other Anunnaki Gods and Goddesses may be incorporated into your spellwork, you can refer to the Anunnaki Pantheon for the attributes of the various deities.

Spell Examples:

Sedu Love Call - Items you will need:

  • Your personal Sedu
  • A Sedu figure / image candle (to represent your desired lover)
  • 3 Love herbs - violet, jasmine and orange blossoms
  • Abzu Lamps (a black candle and a white candle)
  • A small pink or red candle with a fireproof holder
  • Rose oil or Lotus oil
Create a Sedu figure or obtain a pink or red figure candle of the appropriate gender that you wish to attract. On a night of Inanna (Friday) prepare your altar and cast the spell in the following manner:

Mix together small equal portions of violet, jasmine and orange blossoms (or any three love herbs), enough so that you have a small handful.

Next, sprinkle the herbal mixture upon your altar in a 'figure-8' pattern large enough to accommodate two Sedu figurines and a candleholder, with the top and bottom facing to the north and south.

Place your personal Sedu figure in the southern portion of the 'figure-8', facing to the north.

Place the Sedu that represents your desired match in the northern portion, facing south towards your own Sedu.

Place the Abzu Lamps (Black and White Candles) to either side of the figurines, aligned with the center of the 'figure-8'. Black Lamp - left, White Lamp - right.

Place a red or pink candle (in a holder) in the center of the 'figure-8', at the point where top and bottom intersect.

Anoint the candle with rose oil or lotus oil. As you anoint the candle, close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded in soft pink light. Feel love pouring from your spirit into the universe. Feel a return rush of love coming back from all around you. Absorb this love energy into your heart, and then direct it down into your hands. Form this 'love energy' into a brilliant ball of pink light and charge the candle with this force. If you like, you may also anoint the Sedu that you created for this spell.

Light the Abzu Lamps and the object candle and repeat the incantation below 7 times. Then allow the object candle to burn out on it's own. (Make sure the candle is in a fireproof holder - we don't want any accidents. Always be safe with candles and never leave them unattended).

Sedu of my love to be,
Inanna's grace is shed on thee.
Star of love, shining bright,
Bring my love to me this night,
I ask of the Universe, I ask of the All,
Fulfill my desires, answer my call.

Love Charm - Items you will need for this powerful charm:

  • A small red flannel or satin bag
  • A small silver pentacle
  • Powdered or dried dove's heart (can be obtained from occult suppliers - if not, use cinnamon - either powdered or stick)
  • A piece of mandrake root
  • A Garnet stone
  • A piece of Rose Quartz
  • Clove oil
On a night of Inanna (Friday) gather all the dry ingredients together and place them inside the flannel bag. Place 3 drops of clove oil inside the pouch, then tie it shut. Anoint the outside of the bag with clove oil. Say the following incantation 3 times, and then carry this charm bag upon your person in order to attract love.

Star of love, heart of a dove,
Bring me happiness, joy and love,
Root of the mandrake, stone of the heart,
Bring me a lover, O creature of art!

To keep this charm bag charged with power, simply anoint the bag each full moon, or upon any Friday in the waxing moon, and recite the spell 3 times.

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