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Anunnakist House Blessing

Your home is your castle, it is your sacred dwelling place, it is your temple, it is your celebration hall, it is your refuge from the world, it is the place where you keep your precious heirlooms, it is the place where you raise your family, it is a place you can always come 'home' to.

The home is so important, we should never entrust its' energies to random chaos, therefore blessing and anointing the home is a very important step in procuring peace and harmony in our lives.

Spell Examples:

Ritual Floor Washing - Infuse three or seven protective herbs as a strong tea, add it to the cleaning water in your mop-bucket. Now add a pinch of rock salt to your mop-water, you may also want to place a protective stone in the bottom of the bucket.

Use this mixture to wash all the floors in your home, visualizing all the while, the rooms becoming filled with white light. This will neutralize and drive out any negative energies, forces or vibrations that may be lingering in your home.

If you cannot mop your floors due to carpeting or some such thing, then simply create this same infusion and use a washcloth to wipe down all the doorframes and window frames in your house.

Foundation Duku - Construct a small Duku of clay or Fimo , you may insert into the Duku any protective or power stones that you wish.

Paint the Duku a bright red (this is a Sumerian custom to ward off negative energies - the ancient Sumerians used to paint their doorframes a brilliant red to keep evil spirits away from their homes).

On the Day of Utu (Sunday) or the Day of Nanna (Monday), take the Duku and bury it deep beneath your doorstep, or near to your front door, (if this is not possible - perhaps you could bury it in a planter near your front porch), as you place the Duku into the ground, say the following incantation:

Foundation stone of Mother Earth,
Guard my home, protect my hearth,
Bless this house and all my kin,
Keep safe all those who dwell within.

As long as the Duku remains buried on your property, your home will be blessed. If you should ever move, remember to dig up the Duku and take it with you. It cannot be used again, but you do not want your energy remaining behind, so you may choose to keep the Duku as a keepsake of your former home, or you may wish to destroy it and release the energies contained within back to the elements. You will have to create a new Duku for your new home.

Elemental Blessing - Items you will need:

  • Abzu Healing Water (see 'Healing' section above)
  • A small dish of rock-salt (do not use sea-salt)
  • Frankincense incense and a burner (preferably of a type which will not burn your hands, such as an earthenware pot filled with sand or a chain-suspended fumitory, as you are going to be carrying the censer while the incense is burning from room to room)
  • Myrrh oil
Start at the front of your property line if at all possible and bless the walkway to your home and the perimeter of all your property. If this is not possible, then begin at your front door. To bless and consecrate your home you will need to employ the elemental symbols which you have gathered.

Begin by sprinkling a little salt (representing earth) and visualize it creating a field of protective white light around your property, don't forget to visualize it forming this field of energy over and under the property as well.

Now sprinkle a little Abzu healing water (representing water) and visualize it washing away all negativity and troublesome forces.

Next, light a little incense (representing fire) and fume the area, visualizing the incense smoke burning away all negative impurities in your airspace, and charging the atmosphere with power.

Finally, anoint the walkway and the property with myrrh oil (representing air) while visualizing the entire property shining brightly, as if a single ray of heavenly light were shining upon it.

Repeat this process for every room of your house, paying special attention to anoint and cense any form of portal, such as your doorways, windows, fireplaces, crawlspaces and especially mirrors. You may also want to bless the portals of TV, computers, stereos and mailboxes, as these all draw specific energies into your home.

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