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Anunnakist Healing Spells

The art of natural healing is a very complex study, with myriad systems of practice. There are numerous excellent information resources available for many aspects of the healing arts. The wise magician should study at least a few of these methods, such as herbal remedies, crystal and gem therapy, healing touch, and perhaps chromotherapy (healing with colored light-energy).

In the Anunnakist Tradition, we employ all of the aforementioned methods, but I am not going to cover all these systems, as it would take several webpages to completely detail their practices.

Spell Examples:

Abzu Healing Water - First, obtain or fashion a small decorative bottle with a tight fitting stopper, make sure the opening of the bottle is wide enough to accommodate a small crystal, then fill it near capacity with pure spring-water.

Next, obtain a small piece of the healing stone called Chalcedony and place it inside the bottle, you may also want to place a clear quartz crystal in the bottle to add extra energy.

Now place your hands over the bottle and begin to raise energy, visualize it glowing a brilliant bluish-white, direct the energy into the water and psychically imbue it with the healing light energy.

Finally, psychically charge the healing water with this spell: (repeated 9 times)

Healing Water of Abzu's Springs,
Enki's Water glowing bright,
Water of Health, Water of Life,
Sacred Water of Healing Light

Soul Candle - Acquire a large white or blue candle (preferably squat and wide, usually about 3"x6"), Inscribe the name, birth date, and astrological sign of the person who is ill on the bottom of the candle.

Next, inscribe the Pentacle of the Covenant (five point star without a circle) on top of the candle (the candle wick should be in the center of the star).

Inscribe the symptoms of the illness in the middle of the candle.

Place the candle on a nightstand at the head of the sickbed. As the candle burns away - so should the illness.

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