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  • Utu : (Oo-too)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of the Sun, God of Justice, God of Omens, God of Extispacy (divination by entrails), Maker of Kings, Judge of the Living, 'Lord of the Land of the Living', Caretaker of Dilmun, the Garden Paradise in the Edin, Father of Nanna - the Moon God. Patron God of Sippar and Larsa.

    • Other Names: Shamash, Babbar, Adrammelech
    • Epithets: 'Lord of the Land of the Living'
    • Lineage: Son of Nanna and Ningal
    • Spouse / Consorts: Aya / Antu
    • Temple: Called 'E-Babbar', located in Sippar
    • Symbol: The Winged Solar Disc
    • Sacred Objects: Gold, Fire Opals, Fire
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Immortality, Lifeforce, Cleansing, Healing, Prophecy, Divination, Magick, Exorcisms, Protection, Judgement

  • Uttu : (Uht-too)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    Goddess of Weaving and Clothing, Goddess of Plants and Vegetation

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Daughter of Enki and Ninhursag-Ki
    • Spouse / Consorts: Enki
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Spider, Spiderweb
    • Sacred Objects: Spiderwebs, Woven Cloth, The Loom
    • Magickal Aspects: Spellweaving, Magick, Bindings, Dreamweaving


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  • Zakar : (Zah-kawr)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of Dreams, Interpretor of the 'Messages of the Gods'. God of the Night. God of Prophecy and Divination.

    • Other Names: Dzaker, Zaqar
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Sand (original 'Sandman'), Stars
    • Sacred Objects: Divination Tools, Fluorite (Dream Stone)
    • Magickal Aspects: Divination, Mediumship, Channeling, Dream Interpretation, Dreamweaving, Astral Travel, Psychic Power

  • Zarpanitum : (Zar-pah-nee-toom)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Warrior Goddess, Goddess of Agriculture, Goddess of Fertility, 'Queen of Babylon'

    • Other Names: Sarpanitum, Erua, Beltia
    • Epithets: 'Faithful Queen'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Marduk
    • Temple: Shared 'Esagila' in Babylon
    • Symbol: The Triple Horned Crown
    • Sacred Objects: Implements of War, The Hawk
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Majesty, Strength, War, Cunning, Loyalty, Fidelity, Fertility, Growth, Abundance, Prosperity

  • Ziusudra : (Zee-oo-soo-drah)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Demi-God King of Shuruppak, Priest of Enki who built an 'Ark' in order to survive the Great Deluge, After the Flood An and Enlil bestow Immortality upon Ziusudra and take him to live in the Garden Paradise of Dilmun. Possibly the precursor of the Islamic Sage - Al-Khidr / Al-Khadir.

    • Other Names: Ut-Napishtim, Uta-Na'ishtim, Ut-Napushte, Xisuthros (From the Greek 'Babylonaeica' accounts of Berossus), Hebrew Noah
    • Epithets: 'He Who Found Life', 'Day of Life', 'Atrahasis' ('Extra Wise' / 'The Far Distant')
    • Lineage: Son of King Ubur-tutu
    • Spouse / Consorts: Wife and family unnamed
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Dove, The Reed Hut
    • Sacred Objects: Reeds, Birds (particularly Birds of Paradise and Peacocks)
    • Magickal Aspects: Wisdom, Faith, Loyalty, Immortality

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