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  • Papsukkal : (Pahp-sook-kahl)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    Primary Vizier of the Great Anunnaki Watchers

    • Other Names : Unknown
    • Epithets : Unknown
    • Lineage : Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts : Unknown
    • Temple : Called 'E-akkil' in the city of Kish
    • Symbol: The Winged Disc
    • Sacred Objects: Quartz Crystals, Emerald, Flourite (Dream Stone)
    • Magickal Aspects: Aids in Communication with the Great Anunnaki Watchers, Intercession, Bearer of Dreams


    No Entries

    No Entries

  • Sebitti : (Sehb-eet-tee)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    'The Seven', a group of Seven Warrior Gods. (Identified with the Pleiades)

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'The Seven'
    • Lineage: Creations of An and Ninhursag-Ki
    • Spouse / Consorts: N/A
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: 'The Pleiades' Constellation
    • Sacred Objects: The Sword, Any Implement of War, Carnelian, Onyx
    • Magickal Aspects: War, Protection, Destruction, Justice, Vengeance

  • Shakkan : (Shah-khan)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of Cattle and of Herdsmen. Often paired with Ashnan - the Grain Goddess.

    • Other Names: Sumuqan, Amakandu
    • Epithets: 'Herdsman of the Gods'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Cattle, Horns
    • Sacred Objects: Bulls, Horns
    • Magickal Aspects: Strength, Power, Control, Animal Husbandry

  • Shulpae : (Shool-pay)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    A Sumerian Creator God, God of Fertility, Also a God of Demonic Powers.

    • Other Names: Could possibly be another name for An / Anu
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Ninhursag-Ki
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Unknown
    • Sacred Objects: Gold, Grain
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Strength, Protection, Creation, Fertility, Fulfillment, Unity with the Divine, Justice and Judgement, Destruction

  • Siduri : (Sih-doo-ree)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Goddess of Brewing and Wisdom.

    • Other Names: None Known
    • Epithets: 'The Alewife'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Vine, Grapes
    • Sacred Objects: The Chalice, Grapes, Barley, Vines
    • Magickal Aspects: Wisdom, Mysticism, Altered States, Union with the Divine, Brewing and Mixology, Potions and Elixirs

  • Sililu : (Sih-lih-loo)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Mother of the Horse, Equestrian Goddess.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'The Divine Mare'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Horse
    • Sacred Objects: Horses, Seahorses, Hippocampi, Topaz
    • Magickal Aspects: Strength, Power, Speed, Loyalty, Courage

  • Sirsir : (Seehr-seehr)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Boatman God of the Underworld, Patron God of Sailors.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'The Boatman'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Oars, Reed Boat
    • Sacred Objects: Coins (for passage fare), Onyx, Flourite (Dream Stone)
    • Magickal Aspects: Astral Travel, Necromancy, Knowledge of the Afterlife, Resurrection, Dreamweaving


  • Tiamat : (Tee-ah-maht)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Goddess of Primeval Chaos. Goddess of the Abyss of the Sea. Ancient Dragon Mother. Mother of the Ancient Ones and the Serpent Races. Slain by Marduk at the conclusion of the Great War in Heaven. Marduk fashioned the Heavens and the Earth from her body.

    • Other Names: Tiawa, Tehom, Leviathan, Hubur
    • Epithets: 'Great Mother', 'Queen Tiamat', 'Mother Hubur', 'Mother of Chaos', 'The Great Worm', 'Lady of the Deep'
    • Lineage: The Primeval Dragon of Chaos
    • Spouse / Consorts: Apsu / Kingu
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Dragon
    • Sacred Objects: The Red Sea, The Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, The Serpent, Obsidian, Onyx, Hematite
    • Magickal Aspects: Creation, Generation, Mysteries, Chaos

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