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  • Abgal : (Ayb-gahl / Ahb-gahl)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    According to ancient Sumerian tradition, Enki created the Abgal (the Seven Great Sages) in the abode of Abzu and sent them out into the world to teach the early humans all manner of esoteric and practical arts and sciences. The Seven Abgal which were created were named thus:
      • Adapa (U-an / Oannes)
      • U-an-duga
      • En-me-duga
      • En-me-galama
      • En-me-beluga
      • An-Enlilda
      • Utu-abzu

    • Other Names: Abgallu, Apkallu
    • Epithets: 'The Seven Great Sages', 'The Great Counselors'
    • Lineage: Experimental Creations of Enki (from his own seminal essence)
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Called 'E-abzu', located in the Abzu
    • Symbol: The Carp (Sumerian - 'Paradu' Fish) / Half-man, half-fish (Mermen).
    • Sacred Objects: Fish, The 'Me's' (Tablets containing the 'Destinies' of all creation), Seashells, Aquamarine
    • Magickal Aspects: Creativity, Wisdom, Learned Knowledge, Inspiration, Hidden Knowledge, Secrets

  • Adapa : (Ay-dah-pah / Ah-dah-pah)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    First of the Seven Sages created by the God Enki. Became the first Anunnaki King of the City of Eridu (called King Alulim). Given Wisdom and 'Perfect Understanding', but not Immortality. Considered the Sumerian counterpart of Adam, the first 'perfect man'.

    • Other Names: U-an, Oannes
    • Epithets: 'The Extra Wise', 'The Perfected One'
    • Lineage: Creation of Enki
    • Spouse / Consorts: Eva / Eve
    • Temple: Called 'E-abzu', located in the Abzu
    • Symbol: The Carp (Sumerian - Paradu Fish) / Half-man, half-fish (Merman).
    • Sacred Objects: The Snake-Entwined Staff (early Caduceus), Aquamarine, Amethyst
    • Magickal Aspects: Perfect Wisdom and Knowledge, Communication with the Divine, Foundation, Acquiring Lost Knowledge or Objects

  • An : (Ayn / Ahn)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    An is the Primary Deity of the Anunnaki Pantheon. He is the Chief Sky God, 'King of Heaven' and Father of the race of Elder Gods known as the Anunnaki. In the Sumerian Pantheon, An is the First Born of Nammu. However, in the Babylonian Pantheon, An is the son of the Ancient Ones Anshar and Kishar. He was the First-born of the Second Generation of Gods, known as the Elder Gods. His cosmic role as Father of the Gods and King of the Sky is most notably similar to the role played by Zeus in the Roman Pantheon. An was also the father of a large number of Sumerian demons, which he sent upon humankind. An retired to the higher heavens, and left the affairs of the universe to his sons Enki, Enlil and the younger generation of Anunnaki Gods.

    • Other Names: Anum / Anu / Shulpae (?)
    • Epithets: 'Sky' / 'Heaven' (Sumerian Translation), 'Sky God', 'King of Heaven', 'Father of the Gods', 'Ruler of the Anunnaki'
    • Lineage: Sumerian - Son of Nammu
      Akkadian - Son of Anshar and Kishar
    • Spouse / Consorts: Sumerian - Nammu / Ninhursag-Ki
      Akkadian - Kishar / Antu
    • Temple: Called 'E-anna', located in Uruk
    • Symbol: The Eight-Pointed Star, Horned Crown on a Shrine, 'Gugalanna' (The Bull of Heaven)
    • Sacred Objects: Cattle (particularly Bulls), Gold, Lapis Lazuli
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Strength, Protection, Creation, Fulfillment, Unity with the Divine, Justice and Judgement

  • Anshar : (Ayn-shar / Ahn-shar)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    First-born of the Ancient Ones. The First God to be created. Father of the Ancient Ones. Anshar was one of the few Ancient Ones who remained loyal during the War in Heaven.

    • Other Names: Unknown. Could possibly be another name for An.
    • Epithets: 'Whole Sky' (Sumerian Translation), 'Father of the Ancient Ones', 'Grandfather of the Gods'.
    • Lineage: Son of Apsu and Tiamat
    • Spouse / Consorts: Kishar
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Unknown
    • Sacred Objects: The Eagle
    • Magickal Aspects: Loyalty, Power, Direction, Protection

  • Antu : (Ayn-too / Ahn-too)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    A Creation Goddess (one of many), Early Moon Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Sister and Consort of An the Sky God. Later replaced by Inanna / Ishtar as Queen of Heaven.

    • Other Names: Anunitu, Antum, Anatum
    • Epithets: 'Queen of Heaven' (Later replaced by the Goddess Inanna)
    • Lineage: Daughter of Anshar and Kishar
    • Spouse / Consorts: An
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Crown with the Eight-Pointed Star
    • Sacred Objects: The Spiral, Sapphire, Star Sapphire
    • Magickal Aspects: Creation, Nurturing, Power, Protection, Intercession

  • Anukki : (Ayn-noo-kee / Ahn-noo-kee)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    According to Babylonian tradition, the Anukki were the children and creations of the great dragon of chaos called Tiamat. Primarily these were the rebellious Gods of the Babylonian creation epic 'Enuma Elish'.

    • Other Names: Annuki, Ennuki
    • Epithets: 'Children of Tiamat', 'The Underworld Judges'
    • Lineage: Creations and children of the Dragon Goddess Tiamat
    • Spouse / Consorts: N/A
    • Temple: N/A
    • Symbol: The Winged (Plumed) Serpent
    • Sacred Objects: Anything Serpentine
    • Magickal Aspects: Wisdom, Hidden Knowledge, Judgement, Discernment, Magick, Keepers of the Secrets of Chaos

  • Anunna : (Ayn-noo-nah / Ahn-noo-nah)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    According to Babylonian tradition, the Anunna were the children and creations of the Sky God An. The Anunna were the forming body of the 'Assembly of the Gods' (Sumerian- 'Puhur Ilani')

    • Other Names: Annuna, Enunna
    • Epithets: 'Children of An', 'Chiefs of the Sky'
    • Lineage: Children of An and his consorts
    • Spouse / Consorts: N/A
    • Temple: 'Dilkug' / 'Duku' - The Holy Mound
    • Symbol: Thunderbirds
    • Sacred Objects: Anything Avian, particularly any form of Raptor
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Majesty, Judgement, Observation, Swiftness, Order, Celestial Magick, Keepers of the Secrets of Heaven

  • Anunnaki : (Ayn-noo-nah-kee / Ahn-noo-nah-kee)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    The general inclusive term for all the great Gods of the Sumerian and Babylonian Pantheon. The Anunnaki were divided into the Greater Anunnaki of Heaven and the Underworld, and the Lesser Anunnaki of Earth. The Anunnaki also served as judges of the dead in the Underworld of Kur.

    • Other Names: Annunaki, Enunnaki, Anannage, Watchers, Grigori
    • Epithets: 'Sons of Heaven and Earth', 'Children of the Gods', 'Sons of God', 'Children of Light', 'The Great Judges', 'Ministers of Heaven', 'Those who from Heaven to Earth Came', 'Holy Angels', 'The Heavenly Watchers', 'The Watchers'
    • Lineage: Children and Creations of An and Ki / Tiamat and Apsu
    • Spouse / Consorts: N/A
    • Temple: The 'Duku' ('Holy Mound')
    • Symbol: The Winged Disc, The Winged Serpent
    • Sacred Objects: Anything of Avian and /or Serpentine Nature, Hematite, Quartz Crystals, Emerald
    • Magickal Aspects: Wisdom, Power, Majesty, Hidden Knowledge, Judgement, Discernment, Magick, Observation, Swiftness, Order, Celestial Magick, Keepers of the Secrets of Chaos and of Heaven

  • Apsu : (Ayp-soo / Ahp-soo)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of the Primeval Source, the first sentient lifeform in the Universe. Apsu was the embodiment of the element of Sweet, Fresh Water - (whereas his consort, the Dragon Goddess Tiamat, was the embodiment of Bitter, Salt Water.)

    • Other Names: Abzu, Absu
    • Epithets: 'The Deep', 'The Abyss', 'The Sweet Waters'
    • Lineage: Sumerian - Creation of Nammu (Aspect of Nammu)
      Akkadian - The First Primeval Entity
    • Spouse / Consorts: Tiamat
    • Temple: Called 'Abzu', built by Enki to commemorate Apsu after Enki slew him. Located deep beneath the waters within the Earth in the 'Apsu' abyss of Sweet Waters.
    • Symbol: The Sea Serpent
    • Sacred Objects: Eels, Fertile Mud (reminiscent of the Primordial Ooze)
    • Magickal Aspects: Generation, Inception, Inspiration, Cleansing, Binding, Dissolution, Time, Death

  • Asarluhi : (Ay-sar-loo-hee / Ah-sar-loo-hee)
    (Akkadian Pantheon)

    Brother of Marduk (in some traditions, he is the son of Marduk), God of Magickal Incantation and Healing. Patron God of the ancient city Ku'ara. Gives aid to all workings of Magick, especially incantational and healing rituals.

    • Other Names: Asalluhi
    • Epithets: 'God of Ku'ara', 'Master of Incantations'
    • Lineage: Son of Enki and Damgalnunna
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple : Unknown
    • Symbol: The Horned Serpent Crown
    • Sacred Objects: The Magickal Wand / Staff, Amethyst
    • Magickal Aspects: Master of Magickal Incantation, Elemental Magick, Exorcisms, Banishments, Healing, Inspiration, Occult Knowledge

  • Ashnan : (Aysh-nahn / Ahsh-nahn)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Goddess of cereal grains and agriculture. Given charge of the rich fertile lands of Sumer by Enki. Often Paired with Shakkan, God of Cattle. She was a very important goddess to the ancient Sumerians, as she was the one responsible for all their crops.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'Goddess of Good Grains', 'The Golden One', 'Goddess of the People', 'The Fair Maid'
    • Lineage: Daughter of Enlil and Ninlil
    • Spouse / Consorts: Shakkan
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: Stalks of Grain
    • Sacred Objects: The Plough and Pickax
    • Magickal Aspects: Fertility, Growth, Love, Abundance

  • Aya : (Ay-yah / Ah-yah)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Goddess of the Sun. Goddess of the Dawn. Wife of the Sun God, Utu / Shamash.

    • Other Names: Aja, Aia
    • Epithets: 'Lady of the Sun', 'Lady of Justice', 'The Daughter-in-Law'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Utu / Shamash
    • Temple: Cult Center located in Sippar
    • Symbol: The Winged Solar Disc
    • Sacred Objects: Gold, Fire Opal, A Flaming Sword, A Flaming Lamp
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Nurturing, Illumination, Understanding, Judgement, Loyalty, Fidelity, New Beginnings, Keeper of Paradise

  • Baba : (Bah-bah)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    A Sumerian Mother Goddess, Goddess of Healing, Matron Goddess of Lagash.

    • Other Names: Bau
    • Epithets: 'Mother Baba'
    • Lineage: Daughter of An
    • Spouse / Consorts: Ningirsu
    • Temple: Cult Center located in Lagash
    • Symbol: Unknown
    • Sacred Objects: Amber, Gold
    • Magickal Aspects: Protector of Mothers and Children, Childbirth, Healing, Creation, Generation, Faithfulness, Prosperity

  • Belet-seri : (Bell-eht-seh-ree)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    'Queen of the Desert', Matron Goddess of Nomads. Goddess responsible for the record-keeping of the Underworld of Kur. Scribe of the Underworld Queen, Ereshkigal.

    • Other Names: Belet-sheri
    • Epithets: 'Scribe of the Earth', 'Record Keeper of Kur' (The Underworld), 'Mistress of Open Country' (where restless ghosts were said to reside)
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Martu / Amurru
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Reed Stylus (early writing implement), The Whirlwind
    • Sacred Objects: Keys, Mirrors, Funerary Items
    • Magickal Aspects: Knowledge, Memory, Discoverer of Secrets, Arts of Divination, Communication with Spirits, Travel, Protection, Destruction

  • Birdu : (Ber-doo)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Lord of Death, Underworld God of Vengeance and Destruction.

    • Other Names: Meslamta'ea
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Son of Enlil and Ninlil
    • Spouse / Consorts: Manungal
    • Temple: A Palace in the Underworld of Kur
    • Symbol: The Vulture
    • Sacred Objects: Avian Raptors and Carrion Birds, Obsidian, Onyx
    • Magickal Aspects: Mysteries of Death and the Afterlife, Warrior Aspects, Judgement, Vengeance

No Entries
  • Dagan : (Day-gawn)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of Grain. God of Fertility. Early Chthonic Underworld God.

    • Other Names: Dagon, Dogon
    • Epithets: 'Lord of Grain'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Cult Centers in Tuttul and Terqa (middle Euphrates region)
    • Symbol: The Fish-Man
    • Sacred Objects: Grain Sheaves, Water Vases
    • Magickal Aspects: Growth, Abundance, Fertility, Renewal, Sacrifice

  • Damgalnunna : (Dahm-gahl-noon-nah)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Goddess of Sweet Water, Queen of the Abzu. Mother of the Warrior Champion, Marduk and the Magician, Asarluhi.

    • Other Names: Damkina, Ninki
    • Epithets: 'The Faithful Wife'
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Enki
    • Temple: Called 'E-abzu', located in the Abzu
    • Symbol: The Water Vase, The Horned Serpent
    • Sacred Objects: The 'Duku' ('Holy Mound'), The Cauldron, Smoky Topaz
    • Magickal Aspects: Fidelity, Marriage, Childbirth, Protection, Creation, Regeneration, Magick, Mysticism, Mysteries, Manifestation

  • Dumuzi : (Doo-moo-zee)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    (Demi-God) God of fertility and crops. God of Spring and Summer. God of Stables and Sheepfolds, Demi-God 'Shepherd King of Uruk', lover of Inanna / Ishtar. God of Resurrection. Brother of the Goddess Geshtin-anna. Dumuzi spent half of each year in the Underworld, which caused the seasons of Fall and Winter, when he re-emerges to the Earth each year in the Taklimtu ritual, he brings the onset of Spring and Summer.

    • Other Names: Tammuz, Du'uzi, Mithras (?), Cernunnos (?), Jesus (?)
    • Epithets: 'The Faithful Son'
    • Lineage: Son of Enki and a mortal named Sirtur
    • Spouse / Consorts: Inanna / Ishtar
    • Temple: A Palace in the Underworld of Kur
    • Symbol: The Quadrated Circle, Solar Cross
    • Sacred Objects: The Plough, Shepherd's Crook, Grain and Corn
    • Magickal Aspects: Fertility, Growth, Lord of Spring / Summer, Lord of Domesticated Animals, Lord of Vegetation, Prosperity, Healing, New Beginnings, Rebirth, Resurrection, Fidelity, Honor, Duty

  • Emesh : (Ee-mehsh / Eh-mehsh)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    God of Agriculture. Enlil's Farmer. God of Vegetation. Brother of Enten, the God of Herdsmen.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'Farmer of the Gods'
    • Lineage: Creation of Enlil
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Plough, The Spade
    • Sacred Objects: All Farming Implements, Garden and Farm Produce
    • Magickal Aspects: Fertility, Growth, Abundance, Crops & Plants

  • Enki : (Ehn-kee)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    God of fresh, sweet water. King of the realm of Abzu. Lord of Magick, Wisdom and Incantations. God of Medicine. Fashioner of Humankind. 'Lord of Life'. Source of all Secret Knowledge. Keeper of Immortality. Proclaimer of Destinies. Keeper and Bestower of the Divine 'Me's' (the 'Destinies' of all creation). Creator of 'Culture and Civilization'. Father of All Vegetation. Son of An and the Primeval Source, Nammu. First-born of the Anunnaki (twin of Ereshkigal.)

    • Other Names: Ea, Nudimmud
    • Epithets: 'King of the Abzu', 'Lord of Water and Earth', 'Lord of the Fertile Earth', 'Lord of the Marshlands', 'Master of All Magick', 'Keeper of Destiny', 'Father of Mankind', 'The All-Wise One', 'Keeper of Mysteries', 'Father Enki'
    • Lineage: Sumerian - Son of An and Nammu
      Akkadian - Son of An and Kishar
    • Spouse / Consorts: Damgalnunna / Ninhursag-Ki
    • Temple: Called 'E-abzu', located in the Abzu, and 'E-engurra', located in his cult center of 'Eridu'.
    • Symbol: The Serpent, Two Entwined Serpents, The Goat-fish (Capricornus), Horned Crown on a Shrine, Overflowing Water Vase.
    • Sacred Objects: The 'Duku' ('Holy Mound'), Anything Serpentine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Quicksilver (Mercury)
    • Magickal Aspects: Fertility, Creation, Inspiration, Inception, Generation, Magick, Mysticism, Wisdom, Knowledge, Keeper of the Divine Destinies of the Universe, Culture and Civilization, Lord of Water and of Earth, God of Fishermen, Warrior Aspects, Giver of Spiritual Gifts, Protection, Prosperity, Abundance, Justice and Judgement

  • Enkidu : (Ehn-kee-doo)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Patron God of All Animals. Primitive being created by Enki and Ninhursag-Ki. Companion of Gilgamesh.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'The Loyal Friend', 'The Wild Man'
    • Lineage: Creation of Enki and Ninhursag-Ki
    • Spouse / Consorts: An Unknown Temple Courtesan, 'The Harlot'
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The 'Lahmu Hero' (a stylized being with a beard and three coils of hair over the forehead, wearing a triple sash, often depicted holding the Flowing Vase on it's shoulders)
    • Sacred Objects: All Animals of the Wild, Earth Stones
    • Magickal Aspects: Loyalty, Fidelity, Strength, Courage, Power, Cunning, Friendship, Sacrifice, Master of the Wild

  • Enkimdu : (Ehn-keem-doo)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    God of Canals, Waterways and Ditch-digging. Lord of Irrigation. God of Water Vegetation. God of Farmers and all who till the earth.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Plough, The Canal Dike
    • Sacred Objects: All Farming Implements
    • Magickal Aspects: Farming and Agriculture, Growth, Abundance, Fertility, Irrigation, Cleansing, Knower of Waterways, Emotional Control

  • Enlil : (Ehn-lihl)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    'Lord of the 'Lil' (Air / Space)', God of Air, Wind and Storms. King of Heaven and Earth, Assembler of the Divine 'Me's' (the 'Destinies' of all creation). Supreme God of Earth. Possessor of the 'Tablet of Destinies', which give Enlil complete power and control over the universe and the affairs of humankind.

    • Other Names: Ellil, Illil
    • Epithets: 'Lord of the Air / Wind', 'King of the Earth', 'Lord of the Populated Lands', 'Kur-Gal' ('Great Mountain')
    • Lineage: Sumerian - Son of An and Ninhursag-Ki
      Akkadian - Son of Anshar and Kishar
    • Spouse / Consorts: Ninlil
    • Temple: Called 'E-Kur', located in Nippur
    • Symbol: The Eagle, Horned Crown on a Shrine
    • Sacred Objects: The Eagle, Feathers, Gold, Carnelian, Peridot
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Majesty, Inspiration, Intuition, Intellect, Creativity, Swiftness, Foundation, Lust, Competition, War, Protection, Vengeance, Judgement, Bargaining

  • Ennugi : (Ehn-noo-gee)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    Canal-controller of the Gods. Enlil's Thronebearer

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: Unknown
    • Lineage: Unknown
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Servitor in the Temple E-Kur
    • Symbol: The Canal Dike / 'Bolt of the Waters'
    • Sacred Objects: The Water Vase
    • Magickal Aspects: Fertility, Irrigation, Cleansing, Knower of Waterways, Emotional Control

  • Enten : (Ehn-tehn)
    (Sumerian Pantheon)

    God of Cattle and Sheep. God of Herdsmen. Brother of Emesh, the Farmer God.

    • Other Names: Unknown
    • Epithets: 'Lord of the Herds'
    • Lineage: Creation of Enlil
    • Spouse / Consorts: Unknown
    • Temple: Unknown
    • Symbol: The Shepherd's Crook
    • Sacred Objects: Herd Animals, Horns
    • Magickal Aspects: Power, Strength, Control, Abundance, Prosperity

  • Ereshkigal : (Eh-rehsh-kee-gahl)
    (Sumerian & Akkadian Pantheon)

    Queen of the Underworld. Twin Sister of Enki. Stolen away by Kur and taken to the Underworld shortly after the creation of the world. 'Mistress of the Dead', 'Ruler of Shades'.

    • Other Names: Irkalla
    • Epithets: 'Queen of the Great Earth', 'Mistress of Earth'
    • Lineage: Daughter of An and Nammu
    • Spouse / Consorts: Kur / Gugalanna (Bull of Heaven) / Nergal
    • Temple: A Palace in the Underworld of Kur
    • Symbol: 'Basmu' - The Horned Serpent
    • Sacred Objects: Any Funerary Item, Cauldron, Bones, Obsidian, Onyx, Nocturnal Animals (particularly the Owl and the Bat)
    • Magickal Aspects: Receiver of Funerary Offerings, Communication with the Dead, Judgement, Rebirth, Regeneration, Immortality, Secrets of the Afterlife, Justice, Vengeance

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