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The Cosmogeny of Anunnakism

Heaven Of Angels


  • The Three Heavens
    • Third Heaven - Anduruna: The dwelling place of An and his court.
    • Second Heaven - Akasha: Astral Plane, the dwelling place of the Anunnaki Watchers.
    • First Heaven - Lil: Air / Space, the dwelling place of Enlil and his court.

  • The Three Realms of Existence:
    • Plane of An - The Astral Realm, the Invisible Universe.
    • Plane of Ki - The Physical Realm, the Material Universe.
    • Plane of Kur - The Mental Realm, the Dreamscape.

  • The Multiverse
    Anunnakism embraces the concept of an infinite number of universes co-existing in our present time-space continuum, albeit seperated by dimensional / vibratory frequencies. This concept is known as the Multiverse, and it contains all possible worlds that can be imagined.
    'All Time is Now, All Space is Here'

  • The Akashic Record
    The Akashic Record is the divine 'Hall of Records' which exists in Anduruna. Within the Akashic Records are stored all the information pertaining to the universe; complete virtual records of any event that has ever happened, along with every moment of everyone's lives who have ever lived in any plane of existence. The Akashic Record is a vast repository of divine information and it can be accessed through specific Anunnakist Meditative Techniques (reserved for the En-Priesthood)

  • Racial Memory
    Racial Memory is the concept that within our very genetic makeup lies the memories of all our ancestors, as well as the entire history of the human race. Through certain specific magickal and meditative techniques reserved for the En-Priesthood, we are able to access this stored information.

  • The Anunnaki Sleepers
    When the Anunnaki withdrew from the Earth plane they left behind them a huge population of their offspring and descendants of these offspring. After millenia had passed these descendants who were often unaware of their Anunnaki ancestry, became the witches and wizards of history. They are known as the Anunnaki Sleepers, and we believe they still exist today.

  • The Covenant of Duranki
    In the days after the great deluge, the Anunnaki met together in the halls of Anduruna, there the Anunnaki assembled in the Sacred Chamber and Enki created the covenant known as 'Duranki', the 'Bond of Heaven and Earth'. Enlil, in agreement with Enki, stepped upon the Duku mound, where he proclaimed Enki's Covenant and swore himself and all the Anunnaki to its' allegiance. The Covenant of Duranki promises that mankind shall never be harmed again by the Gods, it also binds the Anunnaki to the Spiritual Realm, so they may never again cohabit with the 'Daughters of Man'.

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