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Banishments (Lesser Exorcisms)

Banishments are minor forms of exorcism, albeit not performed upon another person, but rather upon oneself. Banishments are utilized for ridding oneself of bad habits, negative energies, bad thoughts, emotional turmoil, etc…etc. They can also be employed against situational and environmental parameters. Such as strife in the home, problems in your workplace, or just about anything that causes you difficulty.

Rather than just banishing the negative energy away, you should always endeavor to transmute the harmful, negative energy into pure, positive, helpful energy.

Do this by visualizing the negative energy first as a darkened, swirling cloud - gradually extend your energy as a filament of white light into the heart of the dark cloud, see it begin to change color, gradually brightening until all the darkness is gone. Now mentally charge this cloud of light-energy with a bright pink light and absorb it all back into your body. This is pure transmuted energy and it will boost your personal energy reserves to new heights. Practicing this technique often creates a sense of well-being and helps tremendously in reducing the amount of stress in your life.

Spell Examples:

The Crystal Egg, (Part 2) - Achieve an Alpha state of awareness. Visualize your crystal egg protective shield which you formed with the prior exercise. Now envision the crystalline form of the egg changing to a bright pink in color, infuse the egg with this energy so that it becomes permanent. This pink crystal egg will now automatically transmute all negative energies that you come into contact with at all times. Anytime something bothers you, visualize it striking the crystal egg and changing into pink light that is absorbed by the shield.

Elemental Banishings - Use this for banishing bad habits or troublesome problems. First, write down what is bothering you on a small piece of parchment. Next, focus your energy on the parchment; see your problem dissolving in the light of your energy. Finally, consign the problem to one of the four elements and ask that it carry it away from you.

  • Earth - You can bury the parchment, along with the problem.

  • Fire - You can burn the parchment, along with the problem.

  • Water - Make a little paper boat of the parchment and set it sailing down a river or out to sea. Let the tide take the parchment and the problem.

  • Air - Tear the parchment and problem into tiny bits and scatter them to the four winds.

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