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Who were the Watchers?

'The Watchers' is another ancient name for the Anunnaki. It is derived from the ancient Hebrew word 'Erin', which roughly translates as 'Those Who Watch'. It is the name used to describe the Fallen Angels (Anunnaki) in the apocryphal Books of Enoch.

Millenium According to the Enochian texts, the Watchers were a group of heavenly angels that decided to come down to earth and co-habit with the human population. They took spouses for themselves from among the humans, and they taught the people all the secrets of heaven and earth.

The children of the Watchers and their human consorts were called the Nephilim and they were giants compared to the people of the land. These Nephilim giants were bloodthirsty and destructive, so according to the legend, God destroyed them, the Watchers, and the people on earth (except Noah and his family) with a terrible flood.

By the way, the myth of Noah's Flood is originally a Sumerian Myth about a King named Ziusudra who went through almost an exact set of trials and tribulations, this myth pre-dates the Enochian and Biblical accounts by several millennia.

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