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Anunnakist Principles:

  • Anunnakism is the study of the ancient Sumerian Gods and their divine interactions with the Earth and its' inhabitants.

  • Anunnakism is the practice of Divine Magick inspired by the Anunnaki.

  • Anunnakism is the New Religion of the Anunnaki Gods.

  • Anunakism encourages the study of other traditions and religions, and seeks to discover the fundamental similarities of all spiritual systems.

  • Anunnakism incorporates effectual mystical techniques which have been drawn from Sumerian and Akkadian sources as well as other diverse ancient and modern sources of mystic thought.

  • Anunnakism is the foundation of our practice, and positive, transformational magick is our ultimate goal.

  • Anunnakism reveres all that is Divine in nature, which is everything.

  • Anunnakism has at its core, the Anunnaki Gods of ancient Sumer, but we believe that they existed prior to the time of Sumer, and well after, albeit under a number of different names.

  • Anunnakism believes that all Pantheons of Ancient Gods and all Traditions of Magick have at their root, the influence of the Anunnaki.

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