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Anunnaki Origin Theory

Who were the Anunnaki?

The Anunnaki were a Neolithic (New Stone Age) tribal culture that lived in the highlands of Northern Mesopotamia, today's modern Kurdistan. They were a spiritually advanced shamanistic culture that was responsible for the early tutoring and direction of their more primitive neighbors in lowland Mesopotamia. Rebirth

Weren't the Anunnaki Supposed to be Aliens, or something like that?

According to some popular fringe-element theories, the Anunnaki were allegedly super-advanced aliens from a dying planet which colonized earth in ancient times. They created the human race through genetic manipulation, then enslaved the humans to dig for gold and to build their mud-brick temples and cities.

But logically and scientifically speaking - that is all hogwash.

What happened to the Anunnaki?

By the time of the foundation of the first civilization in Sumer (about 8.000 years ago) most of the true Anunnaki were extinct. Their descendants, the Anakim tribes (Nephilim) were numerous, but they existed in the desolate regions of Canaan (today's Syria). Some believe that they were all killed during the Great Flood, but evidence supports that they existed for quite some time after that event. In fact, they are referenced numerous times in the Old Testament as the Rephaim and the Anakim - the Giants that dwelt in the land of Canaan. Over time, their bloodlines became diluted through interbreeding with native populations, until they all but vanished from the earth.

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