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Hymns of the Anunnaki:

Hymn to Inanna (Ishtar)

(Excerpted from the Akkadian Tablets)
"Praise be to the Goddess, most awesome of the Anunnaki.
Revere the Mistress of the Peoples, greatest of the Igigi.
Praise be to Inanna, most awesome of the Anunnaki
Revere the Queen of Women, greatest of the Igigi.

She is clothed with pleasure and love
She is laden with vitality, charm, and voluptuousness
Inanna is clothed with pleasure and love
She is laden with vitality, charm, and voluptuousness.

In lips she is sweet, life is in her mouth
At her appearance rejoicing becomes full
She is glorious, veils are thrown over her head
Her figure is beautiful, her eyes are brilliant.

The goddess - with her there is counsel
The fate of everything she holds in her hand
At her glance there is created joy
Power, magnificence, the protecting deity and guardian spirit."

Hymn to Nanna (Sin)

(Excerpted from the Akkadian Tablets)
"O Lord, Hero of the Gods, Who in Heaven and Earth is Exalted in Uniqueness,
Father Nanna, Lord of Erishshirgal, Hero of the Gods,
Father Nanna, Lord of the Shining Crown, Hero of the Gods,
Father Nanna, Who is Grandly Perfected in Kingship, Hero of the Gods,
Father Nanna, Who Solemnly Advances in Garments of Princeliness,
Ferocious Bull, Whose Horn is Thick, Whose Legs are Perfected, Who is Bearded in Lapis, and Filled with Luxury and Abundance, Offspring Which is Self-Created, Fullgrown in Form, Pleasant to the Sight, Whose Exuberance is Unrestrained, Womb that Gives Birth to Everything, Which Dwells in a Holy Habitation with Living Creatures,
Grand Begetter, Merciful in His Disposing, Who Holds within His Hand the Life of the Whole Land,
O Lord, Thy Divinity Fills the Wide Sea with Awe, as well as the Distant Heavens,
O Progenitor of the Land, Who has Founded Temples, Thou Likewise Bestow Upon Them Names,
O Father, Begetter of Gods and Men, Who Founds Shrines and Establishes the Sacred Offerings of the Gods, Namer of Kingships, Giver of the Scepter, Thou Dost Determine Destiny Unto Distant Days,
O Mighty Prince Whose Deep Heart No One of the Gods Comprehends, Whose Light Goes From the Base of Heaven to the Zenith, Who Opens the Door of Heaven and Gives Light to All People,
Father Begetter, Who Looks Favorably Upon All Living Creatures,
O Lord, Decider of the Destinies of Heaven and Earth, Whose Word No One Alters, Who Controls Water and Fire, Leader of Living Creatures, What Other God is Like Unto Thee?
In Heaven Who is Exalted? Thou! Thou Alone art Exalted.
On Earth Who is Exalted? Thou! Thou Alone art Exalted.
Thou! When Thy Word is Pronounced in Heaven the Igigi Prostrate Themselves.
Thou! When Thy Word is Pronounced on Earth the Anunnaki Kiss the Ground.
Thou! When Thy Word Drifts Along in Heaven like the Wind it Makes Rich the Feeding and Drinking of the Land.
Thou! When Thy Word Settles Down on the Earth Green Vegetation is Produced.
Thou! Thy Word Makes Fat the Sheepfold and the Stall; it Makes Living Creatures Widespread Over the Land.
Thou! Thy Word Causes Truth and Justice to Be, so that People Speak the Truth.
Thou! Thy Word Which is Far Away in Heaven, Which is Hidden in the Earth is Something No One Sees.
Thou! Who Can Comprehend Thy Word, Who Can Equal It?
O Lord, in Heaven as to Dominion, on Earth as to Valor, Among the Gods Thy Brothers, Thou Hast Not a Rival."
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