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Introduction to Anunnakism

The Anunnakist Tradition is not meant to be a studied re-creation of ancient Sumerian practice, but rather it is a simple system of magick based on the ancient principles taught by our Anunnaki ancestors to the first human cultures.

Frieze of a winged spirit, sargon or priest carrying a gazelle and worshipper carrying a poppy stem The Anunnakist Tradition of magickal development is a living, breathing, vital form of transfigurative magick. It is a synthesis of ancient practice, philosophy and some principles of modern advanced physics, which we are discovering are more like the powers of magick everyday.

The basic philosophy is simple, we are all created divine, we are all part of the Universal Lifeforce. We are co-creators with the Anunnaki.

According to the ancient Mesopotamian legends, the Anunnaki created humankind to be their co-workers, and they taught our ancestors all of their sacred knowledge of the heavens. It is up to us to once again learn to awaken these gifts of spiritual knowledge within us. To seek our creators among the heavens. To seek our destinies among the stars.

Anunnakism is comprised of a very basic framework of techniques which can be adapted by the practitioner in any artistic fashion he or she chooses.

Anunnakism is a tradition of freedom, beauty, mystery, artistic expression, and creativity. The Anunnakist practitioner embraces the muse of the spirit and strives to celebrate life to the fullest, here and now.

Anunnakism is not claiming to be a 'be-all, end-all' answer to the mysteries surrounding ancient Sumer and the legends of the Anunnaki, but it is based on what we have learned of them over the past 160 years, and upon information received whilst in ritual meditative communion with these beings.

This website and the system of Anunnakism it relates are the messages of the Anunnaki themselves, we are merely their instrument of delivery.

The Anunnaki represent the closest link to the Divine Source which we are aware of to date. They are our beloved ancestors, our wisest of mentors, our loyal and fearless guardians, our trusted confidantes, but above all else - they are our most treasured friends.

It is indeed truly possible to develop a very deep and meaningful spiritual relationship with the Anunnaki, as they have always been watching over us, since the beginning of time, and they are eager to reconnect with us. Their blood, trace DNA, intellect and spirit reside in the ethereal / physical matrix of every living human being. We are indeed their children and their eternal legacy upon this Earth, and they are ever watching…ever waiting, for us to come home to them.

~ Samyazel
Founder of Anunnakism
Los Angeles, California

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