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Edin Press: Guild Journal & Liturgical Texts

Edin Press is the in-house publishing arm of The Watchers Guild and The Temple of Edin. Edin Press is the publisher of the official quarterly journal of Anunnakism, Edin Magazine, and the official teachings of the Anunnakist Liturgy written by Samyazel.

These essential items can be obtained through the links listed below also, please visit the Edin Press main website for an interesting assortment of other exclusive titles and products.

Edin Magazine The Official Quarterly Journal of Anunnakism.

The Anunnakist Liturgy:

  • 01 Anunnakism Basics
  • 02 The Anunnakist Initiatory Path
  • 03 Anunnakist Cosmogeny
  • 04 Anunnakist Rituals
  • 05 Anunnakist Oracles
The Edin Press Main Website.

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