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Bonney, or Charangas Bendito Y Bien Formado

Standing On Bearhill, oktober 2001.
Bonney, or if you wish, Charangas Bendito Y bien Formado standing on top of "bearvalley`s Hill" (Bjørndalsklubben) in October 2001. Bonney is very lightfooted and fast as lightning. She still has some puppy-like features being only 11 months old. Her Breeders are Tore and Nina Nilsen

Bonney, Irish Wolfhound october 2001.
Bonney, overlooking Brenvik Bay, in the background the Hamsun Mountains.

Come on you rascal and I let you have it! You toothless monster!
Bonney on the wrong side of the fence. It is very wise to have a fence and gate about 1.80 centimeters high if you want to be sure that your wolfhound will still be there when you come home.

Bonney, Irish Wolfhound october 2001.
Bonney, on the skitrack near our home. Here is were she can go completely beserk, crashing into the moors, emerging with boots of mud and blubber and a black beard. Click here to see a large picture of her on the snowy mountain top as shown on the frontpage.

Bonney, Irish Wolfhound august 2003.
Bonney, in front of the Hamsunfjell near our home.

Bonney, Irish Wolfhound october 2004.
Bonney, in front of Tiltvika near our home.

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