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Hiking Section

Hiking in the Rockies is Great.  From Calgary it takes about two and a half hours to get to a good hiking spot in the backcountry.  If you live in a different part of the world, well, your going to have to fly here to see the Rockies then.  The picture with just the big Mountain is Mount Assinaboine.  I have hiked a loop around it.  The trip is a two or three night jaunt in the woods.  The second picture (to the right) is in Kananaskis, which is not only good for hiking but Fabulous for hiking and in the winter Snowshoing and touring.  That picture is of the Elbow Loop, it is a 41.5km round trip.  You will most likely find Mountain Bikers on that trail.  And the third Picture there is of Nigel Peak in the Columbia Icefields.  I have never done any hiking in the Icefields, though I have driven through them quite a bit.

Now I will show you all the cool Mountains and Hiking around Crowsnest Pass where I live.

This picture was taken atop Crowsnest Mountain

Now this area of the Crowsnest Pass is Fantastic.  Off and around the Mountain called Mt. Ptolmey there is a huge vein of caves.  This cave in the picture is called Cleft Cave.  It takes about half an hour to go right through it.  When you come out on the other side you're right on the side of a huge cliff 300-400ft or so.  Another cave that is visited by people, even expert spalunkers is Gargantua cave.  I've heard that it takes two days to go right through it. There are 3 or 4 floors in it all together.  In the Cleft Cave picture it makes it look as though the cave isn't very big in the opening.  That's not true, take the thickness of your fingernail and put that at the bottom of the opening to the cave and that is how big a person is.

And now some pictures of the Burgess shale, perhaps one of the most amazing places on this planet.