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30. May    2001    Due to some technichal problems, I had to move my entire website...Tap lives!

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    This is Spinal WAP

    If you don't own a WAP phone, try downloading Deck-It WAP viewer.Please mail me if you've got tips or anyting I can add to this WAP-service.
    Svein I.

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    Platekompaniet selger Break Like the Wind, og 'Black Album' for bare kr 59  - løøøp og kjøøp!

Welcome to Tappus Norwegicus mark III

Nice to see that so much is happening in the Tap campus this year. 
I am currently working on my third Spinal Tap site since 1994 - in the mean time - have a look at my collection of Tapabilia.


CD, CDROM, DVD, spinalvinyl, video, shirt

(back, l. to r.)
Vinyl: 12"shaped Stonhenge disc/poster: "Bitch school" 1992
"From the original Motion picture soundtrack This is Spinal Tap "1989
Hear'n'Aid 1986.

(front, l. to r.)
Videos: 1997 BMG re-rerelease (VHS-PAL)
("Theme/Other: Spoof rock documentary, Language: Occational, strong, Sex/nudity: One mild reference, Violence: None.")
This is Spinal Tap - (VHS-PAL) 1986 ed. (Statue of Liberty cover)
This is Spinal Tap 1992?(VHS-PAL)  re-release ca 1994
Return of Spinal Tap - (VHS-PAL) 1999

(back, l. to r.)
This is Spinal Tap Criterion CDROM 1994 (with bonus disc and guitar pick)
Book: Inside Spinal Tap
This is Spinal Tap Criterion DVD 1998 (now out-of-print)
(not pictured) This is Spinal Tap (zone 2) DVD 1999
Spinal Tap uncut  4.5 hour bootleg - VHS-NTSC
(front, l. to r.)
Spinal Tap "Access no Areas" backstage pass.
CD: 1990 Spinal Tap
CD: Break Like the Wind 1992


(Notice the cricket comes in handy, sometimes)


Not widely reported: Derek and David contributed on the 1986 Hear'n Aid album. Recognise these lovely lads?


Only 25 made: custom Spinal Tap /Smell the Glove shirt.


(c) Svein I. Halvorsen 2000 - All pictures for illustration purposes only