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Welcome to the homepage of sfcvs

Welcome to the homepage of sfcvs. sfcvs allows users required to used proxy servers to access the internet to retrieve files from CVS servers of Sourceforge projects.

I mainly wrote this script for my own purpose, as I wanted to have access to sourceforge projects CVS files directly, and cannot use CVS because of an HTTP proxy the company I work for forces me to cross :)

It simply uses the web interface of the CVS pages, and should work with minimal modifications for other web sites using the same  interface (Savannah for instance ?).

This program requires Python and was tested under Windows 2000 and Linux RH7.3 (but should work probably on anything with python and network card inside):

Please read the README file for the program usage.

Download : Initial version (0.1)

This program is totally free, you may use it as you like, but it comes with absolutely no warranty.

If you have suggestions, you can mail me :

I found a similar project written in Java called CVSgrab.