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Cosmogony and Pseudo-Science

    Topics Include :-

  1. The Connection of Oahspe with Pseudo-Science
  2. Photon Belt

The Connection of Oahspe with Pseudo-Science

vortexPlate28 a vortex diagram

round Vortex

25. Though the general form of a vortex in its beginning is long, funnel-shaped (like a whirlwind), its ultimate is toward a globular form. And though the current of a vortex is spiral, at first, its currents ultimate toward less spirality. If one could imagine a very long serpent in spiral form, constantly turning its head in at one pole, and its tail at the other, and forever crawling upon its own spirality, such a view would somewhat illustrate the currents of a vortex.

26. In the above plate the black center representeth a planet, and the black spot with the letter "S" representeth a satellite. The white lines indicate the course of the vortexian currents, but purposely exaggerated in the drawing. First, to show the undulation in the vortex where the satellite resteth, and secondly, to show the head turning in at one end, and the bulge of the tail ready to overlap itself, wherefrom there is an excess of light manifested in the tail (northern) regions.

Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Ch III: 25-6
Here are some graphics produced by pseudo scientist Dan Winter reproduced here to expand our conceptualisation of a vortex, and its implication for being a link between spirit, light and matter. He brings together the Platonic solids, golden mean spirals and a torus to allow us to visualise how ethe might give form, light and motion to 3D corpor via vortexya.

(above) View of a spiral mapped onto a Torus (a donut shape)
A externally caused whirlpool forming an independent vortex (left).
Braids becoming a round vortex (right).

Dual torus

Action of a vortex collectively shown as individual particles moving along the coils of a torus

Left and right golden mean spirals overlap (interfere).
Their points of crossing make lines that end in the outer layer which appear like lotus petals (left).
The outer points number 10 and when connected by lines they form a dodecahedron (centre).
Heterodyning spirals drawn in a dodecahedron matrix when viewed in 3D become a Torus and a vortex (right)

An infinitesimal particle (seed potential) projects, expands and goes forth as a braid of strings that intertwine into spirals that form an openended vortex. (Above left and right)
(Left) Braids within braids
(Centre left) A spiral implodes on itself (a spiral in a spiral in a spiral etc., ultimately becoming a point)
(Centre right) A natural nautilus
(Right) A golden mean spiral become a nautilus shape (white).
(Right) The geometric shapes as an infinite macrocosm become enfolded into an ifinite microcosm. The torus (green) becomes a point with rays, the vortex (a caduceus or hermetic medicine symbol) become petals (red), and the whole is within a dodecahedron matrix.

(Left) The forms produced when colour is introduced.
(Right) The different wavelengths as spirals become white when they converge at the source and overlap.
(Left) The carrier wave gets folded into an envelope and braided with others.
(Right) Golden mean spirals dawn on a torus become various couloured nautiluses.

As the Earth rotates round the Sun, it is said that the Sun rotates round Alcyone (counter-clockwise), the brightest star in the constellation of the Pleiades system. Further, talk in recent years of a "photon belt" is said to be a stream of high energy particles emanating from Alcyone, which our solar system is about to enter on its 25,868 (sometimes 24,000) year cycle. It will remain in the stream for a few thousand years. As the solar system orbits the sun Alcyone, the emanations from that star system are said to have an effect on the consciousness of humans on this planet - we have been in an age of darkness, and are now moving into an age of enlightenment. The earliest reference to the Sun's rotation round Alcyone is in "A Dweller on Two Planets" by Phylos the Tibetan (channelled material from about 1860).

This is likely a cruel joke.
Our Sun is not part of the Pleiades system, neither does it orbit the Pleiades every 24,000 years. The Pleiades are 407.5 light years from our solar system. If our Sun were in this orbit, then its' orbital velocity would be over one tenth the speed of light. This equates to approximately 32,000 km/sec. This velocity would be apparent, as the constellations would change quite dramatically in the course of a single lifetime if this were true.
But then again, its possible that science is amiss in calculating these impossibly far distances. This may not be far fetched if the scientists claiming other causes for red shift are right.
Astronomers do acknowledge that our Sun is probably rotating around another object in this Galaxy,

Jenkins thinks the absurd New Age notion that our solar system orbits the Pleiades in a period of 26,000 years involves precession and that the Pleiadian orbit is intended to refer to the sun's apparent motion around the zodiac in relation to the fixed sidereal position of the Pleiades.