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Curve Fitting and Error Propagation

Absolute Zero: Determination (Example)



Air: Pressure x Temperature (Constant Volume)



t(C) P(cmHg)


0.3200000E+02 0.7330000E+02

0.3500000E+02 0.7450000E+02

0.3800000E+02 0.7510000E+02

0.4100000E+02 0.7600000E+02

0.4400000E+02 0.7680000E+02

0.4700000E+02 0.7760000E+02

0.5000000E+02 0.7820000E+02

0.5300000E+02 0.7900000E+02

0.5600000E+02 0.7960000E+02

0.5900000E+02 0.8020000E+02

0.6200000E+02 0.8100000E+02

0.6500000E+02 0.8150000E+02

0.6800000E+02 0.8210000E+02

0.7100000E+02 0.8270000E+02






Data Information









Model: P = at + b (y = ax+b)

See the complete list of library functions (miscellaneous)






Curve Fitting Detailed Results

(parameters and covariance matrix)



Model: P = at + b (y = ax+b)

a = 0.236 0.005; b = 66.24 0.27 and cov(a,b) = - .129946E-02






Absolute Zero: Determination (P = 0)


P = 0 => t = -b/a






Error Propagation










Final Result


t = -281 7 C

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