Prince/O(+> Discography v1.9

by Jon Brode

"All of this and more is for you.
With love, sincerity and deepest care,
my life with you I share."

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        For You                         1978    Warner Brothers
        Prince                          1979    Warner Brothers
        Dirty Mind                      1980    Warner Brothers
        Controversy                     1981    Warner Brothers
        1999                            1982    Warner Brothers
        Purple Rain                     1984    Warner Brothers
        Around the World in a Day       1985    Paisley Park
        Parade                          1986    Paisley Park
        Sign 'O' the Times              1987    Paisley Park
        The Black Album                 1987    Paisley Park
        Lovesexy                        1988    Paisley Park
        Batman                          1989    Warner Brothers
        Graffiti Bridge                 1990    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        Diamonds & Pearls               1991    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        O(+>                            1992    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        The Hits 1                      1993    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        The Hits 2                      1993    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        The Hits / The B-Sides          1993    Paisley Park / Warner Brothers
        Come                            1994    Warner Brothers

Notes: Unless attributed differently, Prince produces, arranges, composes,
       and performs all of his own tracks.

       An "{I}" means that the specified item is only available as an
       import to the United States. Most commonly, this means that it
       was released either only in Europe or only in Japan.

For You

1) For You [Prince] 1:06 In Love [Prince] 3:38 Soft and Wet [Prince; lyrics by Prince & C. Moon] 3:01 Crazy You [Prince] 2:17 Just as Long as We're Together [Prince] 6:24 2) Baby [Prince] 3:09 My Love is Forever [Prince] 4:09 So Blue [Prince] 4:26 I'm Yours [Prince] 5:01 Although uncredited, Andre Cymone claims he played on this album. Chris Moon claims to have co-written "Baby" and "My Love Is Forever", as well as "Soft and Wet". This album, Prince and Dirty Mind have all of the songs copyrighted by Ecnirp Music.


1) I Wanna Be Your Lover [Prince] 5:47 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad [Prince] 3:49 Sexy Dancer [Prince] 4:18 When We're Dancing Close and Slow [Prince] 5:18 2) With You [Prince] 3:59 Bambi [Prince] 4:22 Still Waiting [Prince] 4:24 I Feel For You [Prince] 3:24 It's Gonna Be Lonely [Prince] 5:30 Andre Cymone: Bass and Vocals on "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" Andre claims that Prince got the extended instrumental ending to "I Wanna Be Your Lover" from jam sessions with the band.

Dirty Mind

1) Dirty Mind [Prince, M. Fink] 4:11 When You Were Mine [Prince] 3:44 Do It All Night [Prince] 3:42 Gotta Broken Heart Again [Prince] 2:13 2) Uptown [Prince] 5:30 Head [Prince] 4:40 Sister [Prince] 1:33 Partyup [Prince] 4:24 Dr. Fink: Synthesizer on "Dirty Mind" and "Head" Lisa Coleman: Vocals on "Head" Many people claim Morris Day wrote "Partyup" but allowed Prince to take credit for it in exchange for being set up as lead singer of The Time. Andre Cymone claims that Prince stole the bass line to "Uptown" from him.


1) Controversy [Prince] 7:14 Sexuality [Prince] 4:20 Do Me, Baby [Prince] 7:47 2) Private Joy [Prince] 4:25 Ronnie, Talk to Russia [Prince] 1:48 Let's Work [Prince] 3:57 Annie Christian [Prince] 4:21 Jack U Off [Prince] 3:12 Lisa Coleman: Vocals on "Controversy", "Ronnie Talk to Russia" and "Jack U Off" Synthesizer on "Jack U Off" Dr. Fink: Synthesizer on "Jack U Off" Bobby Z: Drums on "Jack U Off" Andre Cymone claims that he wrote "Do Me, Baby" in 1976. This and all albums following it have the songs copyrighted by Controversy Music.


1) 1999 [Prince] 6:22 Little Red Corvette [Prince] 4:58 Delirious [Prince] 3:56 2) Let's Pretend We're Married [Prince] 7:20 D.M.S.R. [Prince] 8:05 3) Automatic [Prince] 9:24 Something in the Water (Does Not Compute) [Prince] 4:00 Free [Prince] 5:00 4) Lady Cab Driver [Prince] 8:25 All the Critics Love U in New York [Prince] 5:55 International Lover [Prince] 6:35 Lisa Coleman: Vocals on "1999", "Little Red Corvette", "Delirious", "Automatic", and "Free" Dez Dickerson: Guitar on "Little Red Corvette" Vocals on "1999" and "Little Red Corvette" Jill Jones: Vocals on "1999", "Automatic", "Free", and "Lady Cab Driver" Wendy Melvoin: Vocals on "Free" Vanity: Vocals on "Free" D.M.S.R did not appear on the original release of the 1999 CD. Warner Brothers has fixed that as of early 1991.

Purple Rain

1) Let's Go Crazy [Prince] 4:39 Take Me With You [Prince] 3:54 The Beautiful Ones [Prince] 5:25 Computer Blue [Prince, J. Nelson, W. Melvoin, L. Coleman] 3:59 Darling Nikki [Prince] 4:15 2) When Doves Cry [Prince] 5:52 I Would Die 4 U [Prince] 2:51 Baby I'm a Star [Prince] 4:20 Purple Rain [Prince] 8:45 Apollonia: Vocals on "Take Me With U" Lisa Coleman: Keyboards and Vocals Wendy Melvoin: Guitar and Vocals Bobby Z: Drums Brown Mark: Bass and Vocals Dr. Fink: Keyboards and Vocals Strings on "Take Me With You", "Baby I'm a Star", and "Purple Rain" David Coleman: Cello Novi Novog: Violin and Viola Susan Katayama: Cello This album, 'Around the World in a Day', and 'Parade' have all of the songs attributed to Prince and the Revolution. Rumor has it that John Nelson, Wendy and Lisa all had a hand in "Purple Rain".

Around the World in a Day

1) Around the World in a Day [Prince, J. Nelson, D. Coleman] 3:25 Paisley Park [Prince] 4:41 Condition of the Heart [Prince] 6:46 Raspberry Beret [Prince] 3:31 Tamborine [Prince] 2:46 2) America [Prince] 3:40 Pop Life [Prince; Strings Music by L. Coleman, W. Melvoin] 3:42 The Ladder [Prince, J. Nelson] 5:26 Temptation [Prince] 8:21 Annette Atkinson: Stand-up Bass on "Pop Life" Tim Barr: Stand-up Bass on "Pop Life" Brad Marsh: Tambourine on "America" Denyse Buffum: Viola on "Pop Life" David Coleman: Cello on "Around the World in a Day", "Raspberry Beret", and "Pop Life" Oud, Fingercymbals, Darbuka, and vocals on "Around the World in a Day" Lisa Coleman: Vocals on "The Ladder" Sheila E.: Drums on "Pop Life" Suzi Katayama: Cello on "Raspberry Beret" and "Pop Life" Eddie M.: Saxaphone on "The Ladder" and "Temptation" Jonathan Melvoin: Vocals and Tamborine on "Around the World in a Day" Susannah Melvoin: Vocals on "Around the World in a Day", and "The Ladder" Wendy Melvoin: Vocals on "The Ladder" Novi Novog: Violin on "Paisley Park" and "Raspberry Beret" Sid Page: Violins on "Pop Life" The Revolution: Vocals on "Around the World in a Day" Taj: Vocals on "The Ladder" Marcy Dicterow Vaj: Violins on "Pop Life" Larry Woods: Viola on "Pop Life"


1) Christopher Tracy's Parade [Prince, J. Nelson] 2:11 New Position [Prince] 2:21 I Wonder U [Prince] 1:40 Under the Cherry Moon [Prince, J. Nelson] 2:57 Girls & Boys [Prince] 5:30 Life Can Be So Nice [Prince] 3:12 Venus De Milo [Prince] 1:54 2) Mountains [Prince, W. Melvoin, L. Coleman] 3:58 Do U Lie? [Prince] 2:43 Kiss [Prince] 3:38 Anotherloverholenyohead [Prince] 3:58 Sometimes It Snows in April [Prince, W. Melvoin, L. Coleman]6:50 Mazarati: Vocals on Kiss Sheila E.: Vocals on "Girls & Boys" Cowbells on "Life Can Be So Nice" Drums on "Venus De Milo" Wendy Melvoin: Vocals on "Girls & Boys" Lisa Coleman: Vocals on "Girls & Boys" Susannah Melvoin: Vocals on "Girls & Boys", "Parade", and "Anotherloverholenyohead" Jonathan Melvoin: Drums on "Do U Lie?" Marie France: French Rap on "Girls & Boys" Eric Leeds: Horn on "Girls & Boys" and "Mountains" Atlanta Bliss: Trumpet on "Girls & Boys" and "Mountains" Miko Weaver: Rhythm Guitar on "Mountains" Sandra Fransisco: Vocals on "Do U Lie?" Orchestral Players Violins: Isabelle Daskoff, Francine Walsh, Mari Botnik, Pam Gates, Janice Gower, Karen Jones, Betty Moor, Irma Neumann, Assa Drori, Bill Hymanson, Oscar Chasow, Ron Clark, Henry Ferber, Erne Granat, Ed Green, Bill Hybel, Reggie Hell, Pat Johnson, Don Palmer, Sheldon Sanov, Joe Schonbrun, Terry Schonbrun, Harold Wolf Violas: Pam Goldsmith, Margot Maclaine, Carol Mukagawa, Myer Bello, Alan Deverich, Norman Forrest, Alan Harshman, Jorge Moraga, David Stock Cellos: Jim Arkatoff, Ray Kelley, Ray Kramer, Fred Seykora, Basses: Chuck Domonico, Arni Egilsson Woodwinds: Gene Cipriano, Don Ashworth, John Clarke, Dave Edwards, Gary Foster, Jim Kanter, John Lowe, Dick Mitchell, Jack Nimitz, Joe Soldo, Bob Tricarico Trumpets: Ray Brown, Rich Cooper, Bob Findley, Larry Ford, Bob O'Donnel, Al Vizutti Trombones: Garnett Brown, Charles Loper, Morris Repass, Bill Watrous French Horns: Marni Johnson, David Duke, Joe Myer, Brian O'Connor, Calvin Smith, Jim Thatcher Tuba: Tommy Johnson Tymapni & Precussion: Brent Fischer

Sign 'O' the Times

1) Sign 'O' the Times [Prince] 5:02 Play in the Sunshine [Prince] 5:05 Housequake [Prince] 4:38 The Ballad of Dorothy Parker [Prince] 4:04 2) It [Prince] 5:10 Starfish and Coffee [Prince, S. Melvoin] 2:51 Slow Love [Prince; Lyrics by Prince and C. Davis] 4:18 Hot Thing [Prince] 5:39 Forever in My Life [Prince] 3:38 3) U Got the Look [Prince] 3:58 If I Was Your Girlfriend [Prince] 4:54 Strange Relationship [Prince] 4:04 I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man [Prince] 6:31 4) The Cross [Prince] 4:46 It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night [Prince, M. Fink, E. Leeds] 8:59 Adore [Prince] 6:29 Atlanta Bliss: Trumpet Lisa Coleman: Sitar and Wooden Flute on "Strange Relationship" Vocals on "Slow Love" Sheila E.: Drums on "U Got the Look" Vocals and drums on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Sheena Easton: Vocals on "U Got the Look" Eric Leeds: Saxophone Susannah Melvoin: Vocals on "Play in the Sunshine", "Starfish and Coffee" and "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Wendy Melvoin: Tambourine and Congas on "Strange Relationship" Guitar and Vocals on "Slow Love" Miko Weaver: Guitar on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Jill Jones: Vocals on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Greg Brooks: Vocals on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Wally Safford: Vocals on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" 6000 wonderful Parisians: Vocals on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Jerome Benton: Vocals on "It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night" Gilbert D.(avidson): Vocals on "Housequake" Coke J.(ohnson): Vocals on "Housequake" Todd H.: Vocals on "Housequake" Susan R.(ogers): Vocals on "Housequake" Brad M.(arsh): Vocals on "Housequake"

The Black Album

1) Le Grind [Prince] 6:44 Cindy C [Prince] 6:13 Dead On It [Prince] 4:35 When 2 R in Love [Prince] 3:56 2) Bob George [Prince] 5:34 Superfunkacalifragisexy [Prince] 5:53 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton [Prince] 6:58 Rock Hard in a Funky Place [Prince] 4:20 Although it was recalled, it was an official album. It has an official WB catalog number, real copies were pressed and many are circulating. Therefore, it is included here and not with the Bootlegs.


1) Eye No [Prince] 5:46 Alphabet Street [Prince] 5:39 Glam Slam [Prince] 5:06 Anna Stesia [Prince] 4:57 2) Dance On [Prince] 3:44 Lovesexy [Prince] 5:50 When 2 R in Love [Prince] 3:59 I Wish U Heaven [Prince] 2:43 Positivity [Prince] 7:17 Atlanta Bliss: Brass Boni Boyer: Vocals and Hammond Organ Cat: Vocals Sheila E.: Drums, Precussion, and Vocals Dr. Fink: Computer Keyboards Eric Leeds: Brass Prince: Whatever Levi Seacer Jr: Bass and Vocals Miko Weaver: Guitar and Vocals Ingrid Chavez: Vocals on "Eye No" Track times taken from the tracked promo CD.


1) The Future [Prince] 4:07 Electric Chair [Prince] 4:08 Arms of Orion [Prince, S. Easton] 5:02 Partyman [Prince] 3:11 Vicki Waiting [Prince] 4:52 2) Trust [Prince] 4:23 Lemon Crush [Prince] 4:15 Scandalous [Prince, J. Nelson] 6:15 Batdance [Prince] 6:13 Sounds of Blackness Choir: All Choir Parts Eric Leeds: Horns Atlanta Bliss: Horns Claire Fisher Orchestra: All String Parts Sheena Easton: Vocals on "Arms of Orion" Jack Nicholson: Samples on "The Future", "Partyman", "Vicki Waiting" and "Batdance" Kim Basinger: Samples on "The Future", "Partyman", "Vicki Waiting" and "Batdance" Michael Keaton: Samples on "The Future", "Partyman", "Vicki Waiting" and "Batdance" Femi Jiya: Vocals on "Partyman" Anna Fantastic: Vocals on "Partyman" Matthew Larson: Vocals on "Batdance" Although still published by Controversy Music, most of Prince's songs from this album through O(+> are administered by Warner Brothers Music.

Graffiti Bridge

1) Can't Stop This Feeling I Got [Prince] 4:24 New Power Generation [Prince, L. Seacer] 3:39 Release It [Prince] 3:54 The Question Of U [Prince] 4:00 2) Elephants And Flowers [Prince] 3:54 Round and Round [Prince] 3:55 We Can Funk [Prince, G. Clinton] 5:28 Joy In Repetition [Prince] 4:53 3) Love Machine [Prince, L. Seacer, M. Day] 3:34 Tick, Tick, Bang [Prince] 3:30 Shake! [Prince] 4:01 Thieves In The Temple [Prince] 3:20 4) The Latest Fashion [Prince] 4:02 Melody Cool [Prince] 3:39 Still Would Stand On Time [Prince] 5:23 Graffiti Bridge [Prince] 3:51 New Power Generation (pt. II) [Prince] 2:57 Rosie Gaines: Vocals on "New Power Generation" The New Power Generation: Background chant on "New Power Generation" Morris Day: Drums on "New Power Generation" Levi Seacer: Samples on "New Power Generation" Vocals and Bass on "Graffiti Bridge" The Time: Perform "Release It" Perform "Love Machine" Perform "Shake!" Perform "The Latest Fashion" Candy Dulfer: Saxophone on "Release It" Saxophone on "Love Machine" Saxophone on "The Latest Fashion" Tevin Campbell: Performs "Round and Round" Vocals on "Graffiti Bridge" Vocals on "New Power Generation (pt 2)" George Clinton: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Garry Shider: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Steve Boyd: Vocals on "We Can Funk" William Payne: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Belita Woods: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Joseph Fiddler: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Keyboards on "We Can Funk" Tracey Lewis: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Mike Harris: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Pat Lewis: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Sandra Dance: Vocals on "We Can Funk" Eric Leeds: Saxophone on "We Can Funk" Atlanta Bliss: Trumpet on "We Can Funk" Elisa Fiorillo: Vocals on "Love Machine" Mavis Staples: Performs "Melody Cool" Vocals on "Graffiti Bridge" Vocals on "New Power Generation (pt 2)" The Steeles: Vocals on "Melody Cool" Vocals on "Still Would Stand All Time" Jana Anderson: Vocals on "Shake!" T.C. Ellis: Vocals on "New Power Generation (pt 2)" Robin Power: Vocals on "New Power Generation (pt 2)" Boni Boyer: Vocals and Organ on "Graffiti Bridge" Sheila E.: Vocals and Drums on "Graffiti Bridge" Clare Fischer: Orchestration on "Graffiti Bridge" Diamonds & Pearls 1) Thunder [Prince] 5:45 Daddy Pop [Prince] 5:16 Diamonds and Pearls [Prince] 4:43 2) Cream [Prince] 4:12 Strollin' [Prince] 3:46 Willing and Able [Prince, L. Seacer, T. Mosely] 4:59 Gett Off [Prince] 4:31 3) Walk Don't Walk [Prince] 3:06 Jughead [Prince, T. Mosley, K. Johnson] 4:56 Money Don't Matter 2 Night [Prince] 4:48 Push [Prince, R. Gaines] 5:56 4) Insatiable [Prince] 6:37 Live 4 Love [Prince, T. Mosley] 6:58 Elisa Fiorillo: Backing Vocals on "Daddy Pop" Backing Vocals on "Walk Don't Walk" The Steeles: Backing Vocals on "Willing and Able" Eric Leeds: Flute on "Gett Off" Levi Seacer Jr: Guitar and Backing Vocals Tommy Barbarella: Keyboards Sonny T.: Bass and Backing Vocals Rosie Gaines: Keyboards, Co-lead Backing Vocals Michael B.: Drums Tony M.: Lead raps and Backing Vocals Kirk Johnson: Backing Vocals and Percussion Damon Dickson: Backing Vocals and Percussion


1) My Name Is Prince [Prince, T. Mosley] 6:38 Sexy M.F. [Prince, L. Seacer, T. Mosley] 5:25 Love 2 The 9's [Prince] 5:45 2) The Morning Papers [Prince] 3:57 The Max [Prince] 4:30 Segue 0:21 Blue Light [Prince] 4:38 I Wanna Melt With U [Prince] 3:50 Sweet Baby [Prince] 4:01 3) The Continental [Prince] 5:31 Damn U [Prince] 4:25 Arrogance [Prince] 1:35 The Flow [Prince, T. Mosley] 2:26 4) 7 [Prince, L. Fulsom, J. McCrackin] 5:13 And God Created Woman [Prince] 3:18 3 Chains O' Gold [Prince] 6:03 Segue 1:29 The Sacrifice Of Victor [Prince] 5:40 Eric Leeds: Sax on "Blue Light" Michael Koppelman: Bass on "Blue Light" Carmen Electra: Rap on "The Continental", Vocals on "Love 2 the 9's" The Steeles: Backing Vocals on "The Sacrifice of Victor" DJ Graves: Scratching Mike Nelson, Kathy Jensen, Dave Jensen, Brian Gallagher, Steve Strand: Horns Produced, Arranged and Performed by Prince and the NPG. 2 versions of this album where released. The standard version, with a "parental advisory" sticker, and a slightly censored version without the sticker.

The Hits / The B-Sides

When Doves Cry [Prince] 3:47 Pop Life [Prince; Strings by W. Melvoin, L. Coleman] 3:41 Soft And Wet [Prince; lyrics by Prince and C. Moon] 3:02 I Feel For You [Prince] 3:24 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? [Prince] 3:48 When You Were Mine [Prince] 3:43 Uptown [Prince] 4:09 Let's Go Crazy [Prince] 4:39 1999 [Prince] 3:36 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man [Prince] 3:38 Nothing Compares 2 U [Prince] 4:57 Adore [Prince] 4:39 Pink Cashmere [Prince] 6:13 Alphabet St. [Prince] 5:38 Sign 'O' The Times [Prince] 3:42 Thieves In The Temple [Prince] 3:19 Diamonds And Pearls [Prince] 4:19 7 [Prince, L. Fulsom, J. McCrackin] 5:09 Controversy [Prince] 3:35 Dirty Mind [Prince, M. Fink] 3:49 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Prince] 2:56 Head [Prince] 4:43 Do Me, Baby [Prince] 3:55 Delirious [Prince] 2:38 Little Red Corvette [Prince] 4:55 I Would Die 4 U [Prince] 2:56 Raspberry Beret [Prince] 3:31 If I Was Your Girlfriend [Prince] 3:46 Kiss [Prince] 3:45 Peach [Prince] 3:48 U Got The Look [Prince] 3:46 Sexy M. F. [Prince, L. Seacer, T. Mosely] 5:24 Gett Off [Prince] 4:29 Cream [Prince] 4:12 Pope [Prince] 3:28 Purple Rain [Prince] 8:40 Hello [Prince and the Revolution] 3:23 200 Balloons [Prince] 5:05 Escape [Prince] 3:30 Gotta Stop (Messin' About) [Prince] 2:54 Horny Toad [Prince] 2:12 Feel U Up [Prince] 3:44 Girl [Prince and the Revolution] 3:47 I Love U In Me [Prince] 4:12 Erotic City [Prince and the Revolution] 3:55 Shockadelica [Prince] 3:30 Irresistible Bitch [Prince] 4:11 Scarlet Pussy [Prince] 4:18 La, La, La, He, He, Hee [Prince] 3:21 She's Always In My Hair [Prince and the Revolution] 3:27 17 Days [Prince and the Revolution] 3:54 How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore [Prince] 3:50 Another Lonely Christmas [Prince and the Revolution] 4:51 God [Prince and the Revolution] 4:02 4 The Tears In Your Eyes [Prince] 3:23 Power Fantastic [Prince, W. Melvoin, L. Coleman] 4:45 Disc 1 was also released as "The Hits 1". Disc 2 was also released as "The Hits 2". Performance information only included for new songs. See previous entries for extra information on old songs.


Come [Prince] 11:13 Space [Prince] 4:27 Pheromone [Prince] 5:08 Loose! [Prince] 3:26 Papa [Prince] 2:48 Race [Prince] 4:28 Dark [Prince] 6:10 Solo [Prince, David Henry Hwang] 3:48 Letitgo [Prince] 5:32 Orgasm [Prince] 1:39 Prince, Michael B., Sonny T., Tommy Barbarella, Mr. Hayes, Mayte: Players Prince: All lead and background vox Partner on "Orgasm": she knows [probably Vanity] Mike Nelson, Kathy and Dave Jensen, Brian Gallagher, Steve Strand: Horns Eric Leeds: Flute on "Letitgo" Jearlyn Steele Battle: "Face The Music" sample on "Race" Mayte: Additional background vox on "Race" Kathleen Bradford: Additional background vox on "Letitgo" Ricky Peterson: Additional keyboards on "Letitgo" This album is credited to "Prince 1958-1993".


O(+>                    Prince Rogers Nelson  (aka, O+>, O{-+>, O(-+->, etc)
Alexander Nevermind     Prince Rogers Nelson
Andre Cymone            Andre Anderson
Apollonia               Patricia Kotero
Atlanta Bliss           Matt Blistan
Bobby Z                 Bobby Rivkin
Brown Mark              Mark Brown
Carmen Electra          Tara Patrick
Cat                     Cathy Glover
Christopher (Tracy)     Prince Rogers Nelson
David Z                 David Rivkin
Dr. Fink                Matt Fink
Eddie M                 Eddie Minnifield
Jamie Starr             Prince Rogers Nelson
Jimmy Jam               James Harris III
Joey Coco               Prince Rogers Nelson
Madhouse                Prince Rogers Nelson
Michael B               Michael Bland
Miko Weaver             Michael Weaver
Paisley Park            Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince                  Prince Rogers Nelson
Robin Power             Robin Herron
Sheila E                Sheila Escovedo
Sonny T                 Sonny Thompson
St. Paul                Paul Petersen
T.C. Ellis              David Ellis
Taj(a Sevelle)          Nancy Richardson
Tommy Barbarella        Tommy Elm
Tony M                  Tony Mosely
Vanity                  Denise Matthews

Non-Album Tracks (alphabetically)

2 The Wire (Creamy Instrumental)                        3:13 *
2 Whom It May Concern                                   4:02 *
17 Days                                                 3:54 *
200 Balloons                                            5:05 *
Alexa De Paris                                          3:20
An Honest Man                                                   (movie)
Another Lonely Christmas                                4:20
Brother With A Purpose                                  4:18 *
Call The Law                                            4:19 *
Clockin' the Jizz (instrumental)                        4:51 *
Do Your Dance (KC's Remix)                              5:58 *
Erotic City                                             3:53 *
Escape (edit)                                           3:31 *
Ethereal Mix                                            4:43 *
Father's Song                                                   (movie)
Feel U Up (short stroke)                                3:42 *
Gangster Glam                                           6:04 *
Get Off                                                 4:41 *
Get Some Solo                                           1:31 *
Girl                                                    3:57 *
God                                                     3:59 *
God (instrumental {I})                                  7:49
Gotta Stop (Messin' About)                              2:55 *
Hello                                                   3:24 *
Horny Pony                                              4:17 *
Horny Toad                                              2:13 *
Housebangers                                            4:23 *
How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?                     3:54 *
I Love U In Me                                          4:13 *
Interactive                                             ???? *
Irresistible Bitch                                      4:11 *
La La La He He Hee                                      3:20 * [SE]
Love or Money                                           3:57
Loveleft, Loveright                                     5:00 *
The Lubricated Lady                                     2:39 *
Q In Doubt (instrumental)                               4:00 *
Race                                                    ???? *
Scarlet Pussy                                           4:10 *
She's Always In My Hair                                 3:27 *
Shockadelica                                            3:29 *
Sex                                                     7:02 *
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World                    4:07 (4:37) **
Thieves in the Temple (part II)                         1:41 *
Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M. Rap)                  3:57 *
Violet the Organ Grinder                                4:59 *

A "*" means that it is officially available on CD, somewhere in the world.

Extended Singles, Remixes, and Edits (alphabetically)

1999 (edit)                                             3:35 *
7 (album edit)                                          4:23 *
7 (acoustic version)                                    3:54 *
7 (after 6 edit)                                        4:20 *
7 (after 6 long version)                                5:15 *
7 (mix 5 long version)                                  4:56 *
7 (mix 5 edit)                                          4:06 *
Alexa De Paris (extended version)                       4:54 *
All The Critics Love U In New York                      3:15
Alphabet St. (cont.)                                    3:14
Alphabet St. (Edit)                                     2:25
Alphabet St. (this is not music, this is a trip)        7:48 *
America [NPQ]                                           21:46
Another Lonely Christmas [NPQ]                          6:47 *
Anotherloverholenyohead (edit)                          3:23
Anotherloverholenyohead (extended)                      7:52
Arms of Orion (edit)                                    3:40 *
Batdance (the batmix)                                   7:15 *
Batdance (edit)                                         4:06 *
Batdance (Vicki Vale mix)                               5:55 *
Baby I'm A Star [NPQ]                                   2:55
Controversy (edit)                                      3:39
Cream (N.P.G. mix)                                      5:47 *
Delirious (Single Edit)                                 2:36
Diamonds And Pearls (edit)                              4:20 *
Dirty Mind (edit)                                       3:54
Hot Thing (edit)                                        3:40
Electric Chair (remix) {I}                              5:36 *
Erotic City (dance mix)                                 7:24 *
Escape (Free Yo Mind From This Rat Race) [NPQ]          6:26
Feel U Up (long stroke)                                 6:30 *
The Future (remix) {I}                                  6:25 *
Gett Off (flutestramental) [aka thrust dub]             7:26 *
Gett Off (flutestramental) [US-promo version]           4:10
Gett Off (official bootleg)                             damn near 10 mins
Gett Off (purple pump mix) [aka extended remix]         8:31 *
Gett Off (Rosie's dub)                                  5:30
Gett Off (single remix) [European, US Promo]            4:03 *
Gett Off (single remix) [US]                            4:31 *
Gett Off (thrust mix)                                   9:29 *
Gett Off (thrust single edit)                           4:48 *
Gett Off (urge mix) [aka houstyle]                      8:20 *
Gett Off (urge dub)                                     4:35
Gett Off (urge single edit)                             4:25 *
Girl (extended)                                         7:36
Girls And Boys (edit)                                   3:27
Glam Slam (edit) {I}                                    3:30 *
Glam Slam (remix)                                       8:52 *
Hello (fresh dance mix)                                 6:38
Hot Thing (dub version)                                 6:53
Hot Thing (edit)                                        3:40
Hot Thing (extended remix)                              8:32
Housequake (7 minutes MoQuake)                          7:15
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (edit)         3:39
I Wanna Be Your Lover (edit)                            2:57
I Wish U Heaven (part 1, 2 & 3)                         10:15 *
I Wish U Heaven (radio edit of remix)                   4:25
I Wish U Heaven (single edit of remix)                  5:45
I Would Die 4 U (extended version) [aka US Remix]       10:15 *
If I Was Your girlfriend (edit)                         3:46 *
Insatiable (edit)                                       4:01
Just As Long As We're Together (edit)                   3:25
Kiss (extended)                                         7:16 *
La La La He He Hee (highly explosive)                   10:32
Letitgo (edit)                                          4:15 *
Let's Go Crazy (edit)                                   3:46
Let's Go Crazy (extended vers.) [aka special dance mix] 7:35 *
Let's Pretend We're Married (edit)                      3:40
Let's Work (dance remix)                                8:02
Let's Work (edit)                                       2:56
Little Red Corvette (dance mix)                         8:22 *
Little Red Corvette (edit)                              3:08 *
Little Red Corvette (edit of Dance Mix)                 4:32
Love or Money (extended version)                        6:50
TMBGITW (beautiful)                                     3:57 (5:55) **
TMBGITW (beautiful extended club version)               6:25 *
TMBGITW (beautiful beats)                               3:30
TMBGITW (brian's mix)                                   4:30
TMBGITW (staxowax)                                      5:14 *
TMBGITW (mustang mix)                                   6:19 *
TMBGITW (flutestramental)                               3:35 *
TMBGITW (sexy staxaphone and guitar)                    3:54 *
TMBGITW (mustang instrumental)                          3:23 *
Money Don't Matter 2 Night (edit)                       4:12 *
Mountains (extended version)                            10:03
My Name Is Prince (edit)                                4:05 *
My Name Is Prince (original mix edit)                   8:06 *
My Name Is Prince (12" club mix)                        8:11 *
My Name Is Prince (house mix)                           7:18 *
My Name Is Prince (hard core 12" mix)                   7:55 *
N. P. G. (funky weapon remix)                           5:01 *
Nothing Compares 2 U [NPQ]                              4:17
Paisley Park (remix) {I}                                6:59
Partyman (partyman music mix)                           4:31 *
Partyman (purple party mix)                             6:02 *
Partyman (video mix)                                    5:40 * (and 6:20)
Peach [single release censored]                         3:48
Pink Cashmere (12" remix) {I}                           6:19
Pink Cashmere (guitar version)                          3:58 *
Pink Cashmere (vocal version)                           3:56 *
Pop Life (fresh dance mix)                              6:16
Pop Life (extended) {I}                                 9:03
Pope (12" remix) {I}                                    6:06
Purple Rain (edit)                                      4:02
Raspberry Beret (new mix) [aka extended]                7:25
Scandalous (edit)                                       4:12 *
Scandalous Sex Suite (The Crime)                        6:24 *
Scandalous Sex Suite (The Passion)                      6:17 *
Scandalous Sex Suite (The Rapture)                      6:39 *
Scarlet Pussy [NPQ]                                     6:09 *
Sexy Dancer (long version) {I}                          8:47
Sexy M.F. (12" remix)                                   7:34 *
Sexy Mutha (edit of 'Sexy M.F.' remix)                  3:55 *
She's Always In My Hair (new mix)                       6:48
Shockadelica (extended version)                         6:12
Sign 'O' The Times (edit)                               3:44
Still Waiting (edit)                                    3:48
T.C.'s Rap                                              3:11 *
Thieves in the Temple (remix)                           8:03 *
Thieves in the Temple (temple house dub)                5:06 *
Thieves in the Temple (thieves in the house mix)        6:50 *
U Got The Look (long look)                              6:45
Uptown (edit)                                           4:09
When Doves Cry (edit)                                   3:49
Willing And Able (edit)                                 4:15 *

A "*" means that it is officially available on CD, somewhere in the world.
"NPQ" means that there is no parenthetical qualifier to the title and it
has the exact same name as the regular version.

"17 Days" was co-written by Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin and Matt Fink.
"Love or Money" was co-written by the Revolution.  "La, La, La, He, He, He"
was co-written by Sheena Easton.  "Sex" was co-written by Levi Seacer Jr.
"Call The Law" was co-written by Tony M.

Prince performed songs on non-Prince releases

4 the Tears in Your Eyes        USA for Africa                          2:49 *
Good Love                       Bright Lights, Big City Soundtrack      5:09 *
Just Another Sucker             Minneapolis Genius                      5:21 *

A "*" means that it is officially available on CD, somewhere in the world.

Videos (roughly chronologically)

I Wanna Be Your Lover
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
Dirty Mind
Little Red Corvette
Let's Pretend We're Married
When Doves Cry
Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U / Baby I'm a Star
Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
4 the Tears in Your Eyes
Paisley Park {I}
Girls & Boys
Sign 'O' the Times {I}
U Got the Look
I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Alphabet Street
Glam Slam
I Wish U Heaven
Batdance (batmix edit)
Thieves in the Temple
New Power Generation
Gett Off
Gett Off (Houstyle)
Violet the Organ Grinder
Gangster Glam
Clockin' the Jizz
Diamonds and Pearls
Willing and Able
Money Don't Matter 2 Night (w/Prince)
Money Don't Matter 2 Night (w/o Prince)
Call The Law
2 Whom It May Concern
My Name Is Prince
Sexy MF
Love 2 The 9's
The Morning Papers
The Max
Blue Light
I Wanna Melt With U
Sweet Baby
The  Continental
Damn U
Three Chains O' Gold
Nothing Compares 2 U
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Acknowledge Me
Love Sign

Movies & Video Releases

Purple Rain                                             Jul  1984 &
Prince & the Revolution Live                            Jul  1985 &
Under The Cherry Moon                                   Jul  1986 &
Sign 'O' The Times                                      Nov  1987 &
Lovesexy Live 1 {I}                                     ???  1988 &
Lovesexy Live 2 {I}                                     ???  1988 &
Grafitti Bridge                                         Nov  1990 &
Gett Off Maxi-video                                     Sep  1991 &
Sexy MF                                                 Jun  1992 &
Diamonds and Pearls Video Collection                    Oct  1992 &
The Hits Collection                                     Sep  1993 &
Billboards                                              Jan  1994 &
Three Chain 'O Gold                                     Aug  1994 &

A "&" means that it is officially available on Laser Disc, somewhere in
the world.

Covers (alphabetical, by artist)

Age of Chance                        1986 "Kiss"
Andromeda Projects                 * 1991 "Batdance"
Arcwelder                                 "Sign 'O' the Times"
Art of Noise [with Tom Jones]      * 1989 "Kiss"
BAD II                             * 1991 "1999"
Claudia Barry                      * 1993 "When 2 R In Love"
Sandra Bernhard                    * 1989 "Little Red Corvette"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "7"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Alphabet Street"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "The Arms Of Orion"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Batdance"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Glam Slam"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "I Could Never Take The Place OYM"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Let's Go Crazy"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "The Morning Papers"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Partyman"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Peach"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Pink Cashmere"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Purple Rain"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "Sign "O" The Times"
The Best Of Prince                 * 1993 "U Got The Look"
Bette Bright and the Illuminations   1982 "When U Were Mine"
Big Daddy                          * 1985 "Purple Rain"
Bjelleklang                          1991 "Kyss"
Blackbirds                                "Do U Lie?"
Blood Uncles                       * 1987 "Let's Go Crazy"
The Blue Rubies                    * 1989 "When U Were Mine"
Denice Brooks                      * 1991 "Purple Rain"
Chaz & Joi                           1989 "Sexy Dancer"
Cheyne                               1985 "Private Joy"
Chypnotic                          * 1990 "Free"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "1999"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Diamonds and Pearls"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Kiss"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Little Red Corvette"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Pop Life"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Purple Rain"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "The Question of U"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Raspberry Beret"
Classic Metropolitan Orchestra     * 1993 "Thieves in the Temple"
George Clinton Parliament Funkad.  * 1994 "Erotic City"
Billy Cobham                       * 1987 "Sign 'O' the Times"
Carole Davis                       * 1989 "Slow Love"
Rainy Davis                          1987 "Still Waiting"
Rebecca De Mornay                    1984 "Little Red Corvette"
Die Aerzte                         *      "Kiss"
Docenterna                           1989 "Kiss"
Dorothy                            * 1988 "Still Waiting"
Danny Elfman                       * 1989 "Scandalous"
T.C. Ellis                         * 1991 "Bambi"
Epo                                  1991 "When 2 R in Love"
Flying Pickets                     * 1990 "Purple Rain"
Freedom                                   "Do It All Night"
Stephane Furic                     * 1993 "Diamonds & Pearls"
Gear Daddies                              "Little Red Corvette"
Goo-Goo Dolls                      * 1990 "I Could Never Take The Place of YM"
The Gutterbrothers                        "Kiss"
MC Hammer                          * 1990 "Soft and Wet"
John Wesley Harding                * 1988 "Kiss"
Haywoode                                  "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
Heroina                            * 1991 "The Cross"
Hindu Love Gods                    * 1990 "Raspberry Beret"
The Hollies                        * 1993 "Purple Rain"
Hue & Cry                            1988 "Kiss"
Chris Hunter                         1986 "Purple Rain"
Debra Hurd                           1983 "Gotta Broken Heart Again"
The Ink Spots                      * 1991 "Purple Rain"
Jade                               * 1993 "Do Me, Baby"
King M.C. & D.J. Flash                    "Erotic City"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "1999"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "I Would Die 4 U"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "Kiss"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "Let's Go Crazy"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "Little Red Corvette"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "Purple Rain"
Laser Karaoke                      & 1991 "When Doves Cry"
LaToya Jackson                       1984 "Private Joy"
LaToya Jackson                       1989 "1999"
Millie Jackson                     * 1987 "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
Rebbie Jackson                       1984 "I Feel For You"
Jill Jones                         * 1987 "With You"
Chaka Khan                         * 1984 "I Feel For You"
Lars Vegas Trio                      1992 "Kiss"
Cyndi Lauper                       * 1983 "When U Were Mine"
Living Colour                      * 1993 "17 Days"
Lois Lane                          * 1992 "Sex"
Lindy Layton                       * 1991 "Do Me Baby"
London Symphony Orchestra            1985 "Purple Rain"
Mayte                              * 1994 "The Most Beautiful Boy In The World"
MC Frosty and Lovin' C               1984 "When Doves Cry"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Arms of Orion"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Girls and Boys"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "I Feel For You"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "I Wish U Heaven"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Kiss"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Little Red Corvette"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Paisley Park"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Purple Rain"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Raspberry Beret"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Sign 'O' The Times"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Take Me With U"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Thieves in the Temple"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "Trust"
Keff McCulloch                     * 1991 "When Doves Cry"
Duff McKagen                       * 1993 "Bambi"
The Meeting                               "Let's Go Crazy"
Stephanie Mills                    * 1983 "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore"
Meli'sa Morgan                     * 1986 "Do Me, Baby"
Steve Nieve                          1987 "Condition of the Heart"
Gary Numan                         * 1992 "1999"
The Nylons                         * 1992 "Little Red Corvette"
Pankow                               1987 "Girls And Boys"
Pankow                               1990 "Let's Go Crazy"
Pointer Sisters                      1982 "I Feel For You"
Princess and the Starbreeze        * 1987 "Its Gonna Be Lonely"
P.J. Proby                                "Sign 'O' the Times"
Raemon                               1985 "Private Joy"
Evan Rogers                          1985 "Private Joy"
Mitch Ryder                          1983 "When U Were Mine"
Sabrina                            * 1987 "Kiss"
A School of Fish                     1991 "Let's Pretend We're Married"
Simple Minds                       * 1988 "Sign 'O' the Times"
Slimstones                           1994 "Purple Rain"
Soul Asylum                          1988 "The Cross"
Sound Sensation                           "1999"
Sound Sensation                           "Girls and Boys"
Sound Sensation                           "Kiss"
Sound Sensation                           "Little Red Corvette"
Sound Sensation                           "Mountains"
Sound Sensation                           "Paisley Park"
Sound Sensation                           "Pop Life"
Sound Sensation                           "Purple Rain"
Sound Sensation                           "Raspberry Beret"
Sound Sensation                           "When Doves Cry"
Paul Shaffer                       * 1993 "1999"
Mavis Staples                      * 1993 "Positivity"
Susan Streitwieser                        "When Doves Cry"
Bob Thompson                              "Little Red Corvette"
TLC                                * 1994 "If I Was Your Girlfriend"
Tina Turner                          1983 "Let's Pretend We're Married"
Tuesday Knight                       1987 "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?"
Wee Papa Girls                            "Alphabet Street"
Ween                               * 1990  Medley - "L.M.L.Y.P."
Mary Wells                         *      "I Feel For You"
Andy White                           1990 "Raspberry Beret"
You Sing The Hits (Karaoke)          1988 "1999"
You Sing The Hits (Karaoke)          1988 "Alphabet Street"
You Sing The Hits (Karaoke)          1988 "Kiss"
You Sing The Hits (Karaoke)          1988 "Pop Life"
You Sing The Hits (Karaoke)          1988 "Raspberry Beret"

An anonymous European band covered the Black Album.
The Best of Prince is an anonymous band of Filipino/Chinese musicians.
MC Hammer's version is called "She's Soft and Wet".
T.C. Ellis' version of "Bambi" is called "Bambi (rap)".
The King M.C. and D.J. Flash cover is called "Erotic City Rapp".
The Bjelleklang version of "Kiss" is called "Kyss".
The Docenterna cover is called "Puss".
The All Stars recorded "The Prince Mix".
The Hollies version of "Purple Rain" is called "Purple Rain (live version)".
Ween's medley, called "L.M.L.Y.P.", used "Alphabet Street" and "Shockadelica".

A "&" means that it is officially available on LD, somewhere in the world.
A "*" means that it is officially available on CD, somewhere in the world.

Songs Written for Other Artists

Paula Abdul             1991 *  "U"                     [PP]
Deborah Allen           1987    "Telepathy"             [JC]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "Blue Limosine"         [JS]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "Happy Birthday Mr. Christian"  [JS]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "In A Spanish Villa"    [JS]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "A Million Miles"       [JS,LC]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "Ooo She She Wa Wa"     [JS]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "Sex Shooter"           [JS]
Apollonia 6             1984 *  "Some Kind of Lover"    [JS,BB]
The Bangles             1986 *  "Manic Monday"          [CT]
Dale Bozzio             1988 *  "So Strong"
Brownmark               1989 *  "Shall We Dance"
Tevin Campbell          1993 *  "The Halls Of Desire"   [PP]
Tevin Campbell          1993 *  "Uncle Sam"             [PP,PS]
Tevin Campbell          1993 *  "Paris 1798430"         [PP]
Tevin Campbell          1993 *  "Shhh"                  [PP]
Ray Charles             1991    "Uh Huh"
Ingrid Chavez           1991 *  "Elephant Box"          [PP,IC]
Ingrid Chavez           1991 *  "Heaven Must Be Near    [PP,LSj,IC]
Ingrid Chavez           1991 *  "Jadestone"             [PP,IC]
Ingrid Chavez           1991 *  "Slappy Dappy"          [PP,IC]
Ingrid Chavez           1991 *  "Whispering Dandelions" [PP,IC]
George Clinton          1993 *  "The Big Pump"          [GC]
Joe Cocker              1992 *  "Five Women"
Margie Cox              1994 *  "Standing At The Altar"
Andre Cymone            1985    "The Dance Electric"
Miles Davis             1989 *  "Amandla"
El Debarge              1992 *  "Tip O' My Tounge"      [PP,KJ]
Celine Dion             1992 *  "With This Tear"
Candy Dulfer            1993 *  "Sunday Afternoon"
Sheila E                1984 *  "The Belle of St. Mark" [JS]
Sheila E                1984 *  "The Glamorous Life"    [JS]
Sheila E                1984 *  "Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar"
Sheila E                1984 *  "Noon Rendezvous"       [JS,SE]
Sheila E                1984 *  "Oliver's House"        [JS]
Sheila E                1984 *  "Shortberry Strawcake"  [JS]
Sheila E                1985 *  "A Love Bizarre"        [SE]
Sheila E                1987 *  "Boy's Club"            [SE]
Sheila E                1987 *  "Koo Koo"               [SE]
Sheila E                1987 *  "Love on a Blue Train"  [SE]
Sheila E                1987    "Love and Sex"          [SE]
Sheila E                1987 *  "One Day (I'm Gonna Make You Mine" [SE]
Sheila E                1987 *  "Pride and the Passion" [SE]
Earth, Wind & Fire      1993 *  "Super Hero"
Sheena Easton           1984 *  "Sugar Walls"           [AN]
Sheena Easton           1987 *  "Eternity"
Sheena Easton           1988 *  "101"                   [JC]
Sheena Easton           1988 *  "Cool Love"             [JC]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "All That"              [CE]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "Everybody Get On Up"   [CE,ML,GM,BS]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "Fantasia Erotica"      [CE,KC]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "Fun"                   [CE]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "Go Go Dancer"          [CE,TM]
Carmen Electra          1992 *  "Just a Little Lovin'"  [TM,NPG]
T.C. Ellis              1991 *  "Girl of My Dreams"
T.C. Ellis              1991 *  "Miss Thang"
The Family              1985 *  "Desire"                [JS]
The Family              1985 *  "High Fashion"          [JS]
The Family              1985 *  "Mutiny"                [JS]
The Family              1985 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
The Family              1985 *  "The Screams of Passion"[JS]
The Family              1985 *  "Susannah's Pajamas"    [JS,EL]
The Family              1985 *  "Yes"                   [JS,EL]
Elisa Fiorillo          1990 *  "On The Way Up"         [LSj,DZ,EF]
Elisa Fiorillo          1990 *  "I Am"                  [LSj,DZ]
Elisa Fiorillo          1990 *  "Love's No Fun"
Elisa Fiorillo          1990 *  "Ooh, This I Need"
Elisa Fiorillo          1990 *  "Playgirl"
Nona Gaye               1994 *  "Love Sign"             [O(+>
Nona Hendryx            1987 *  "Baby Go-Go"            [JC]
Howard Hewett           1993 *  "Allegiance"
Jill Jones              1987 *  "All Night, All Day"
Jill Jones              1987 *  "Baby, You're A Trip"   [JC]
Jill Jones              1987 *  "For Love"
Jill Jones              1987 *  "G-Spot"
Jill Jones              1987 *  "Mia Bocca"
Jill Jones              1987 *  "My Man"                [JC]
Jill Jones              1987 *  "Violet Blue"           [JC]
Chaka Khan              1988 *  "Eternity"
Chaka Khan              1988 *  "Sticky Wicked"
Kahoru Kohiruimaki      1990 *  "Bliss"                 [LSj]
Kahoru Kohiruimaki      1990 *  "Mindbells"             [LSj]
Kid Creole & the Cocon. 1990 *  "The Sex of It"
Patti LaBelle           1989 *  "Yo Mister"
Patti LaBelle           1989 *  "Love 89"               [SEa]
Patti LaBelle           1991 *  "I Hear Your Voice"     [PP,RG,FJ]
Lois Lane               1992 *  "Qualified"             [KJ]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Andorra"               [EL,LSj,SE]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Cape Horn"
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "The Dopamine Rush"
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Easy Does It"          [EL]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Little Rock"           [EL]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Night Owl"             [EL,LSj,SE]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Once Upone A Time"     [EL]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Overnight, Every Night" [EL,LSj,SE]
Eric Leeds              1991 *  "Times Squared"         [EL]
Eric Leeds              1993 *  "Aguadilla"             [EL]
Louie Louie             1993 *  "Dance Unto The Rhythm" [PP,MK]
Louie Louie             1993 *  "Get Blue"              [PP,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "One"                   [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Two"                   [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Three"                 [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Four"                  [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Five"                  [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Six"                   [MH]
Madhouse                1987    "Six and 1/2"           [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Seven"                 [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Eight"                 [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Nine"                  [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Ten"                   [EL,SE,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Ten and 1/2"           [EL,SE,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Eleven"                [EL,SE,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Twelve"                [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Thirteen"              [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Thirteen and 1/4"      [EL,SE,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Fourteen"              [MH]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Fifteen"               [EL,SE,LSj]
Madhouse                1987 *  "Sixteen"               [EL]
Madhouse                1994 *  "17"                    [MH]
Madonna                 1989 *  "Love Song"             [MC]
Martika                 1991 *  "Don't Say U Love Me"   [MA]
Martika                 1991 *  "Love... Thy Will Be Done" [MA]
Martika                 1991 *  "Martika's Kitchen"     [LSj]
Martika                 1991 *  "Spirit"                [LSj,MA,FB]
Mazarati                1985 *  "100 MPH"
Mayte                   1994 *  "However Much U Want"
Monie Love              1993 *  "Born 2 B.R.E.E.D."     [ML,LSj]
Monie Love              1993 *  "In a Word Or 2"        [ML]
N.P.G.                  1993 *  "Guess Who's Knocking?" [LSj,MB,TE,ST,TM,KJ,DA]
N.P.G.                  1993 *  "Johnny"                [LSj,MB,TE,ST,TM,KJ,DA]
N.P.G.                  1993 *  "Goldnigga"             [LSj,MB,TE,ST,TM,KJ,DA]
N.P.G.                  1993 *  "Deuce and a Quarter"   [LSj,MB,TE,ST,TM,KJ,DA]
N.P.G.                  1993 *  "2Gether"               [TM]
Stevie Nicks            1982 *  "Stand Back"            [SN]
Mica Paris              1991 *  "If I Love U 2 Nite"
Kenny Rogers            1986 *  "You're My Love"        [JC]
Taja Sevelle            1987 *  "If I Could Get Your Attention"
Taja Sevelle            1987 *  "Wouldn't You Love To Love Me"
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "Come Home"
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "I Guess I'm Crazy"
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "Interesting"
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "Jaguar"
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "Time Waits for No One" [MS]
Mavis Staples           1989 *  "Train"
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "The Voice"             [RG,FJ]
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "House In Order"
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "Blood Is Thicker Than Time"
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "You Will Be Moved"
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "The Undertaker"        [LSj,MB,TE,ST]
Mavis Staples           1993 *  "A Man Called Jesus"
Jevetta Steele          1991 *  "And How"
Jevetta Steele          1991 *  "Skip 2 U My Darling"
Jevetta Steele          1993 *  "Hold Me"
Jevetta Steele          1993 *  "Open Book"             [MA,LSj]
The Steeles             1993 *  "Well Done"             [DZ]
The Steeles             1994 *  "Color"
Ren Woods               1982    "I Don't Wanna Stop"
Three O'Clock           1988 *  "Neon Telephone"        [JC]
The Time                1981 *  "Cool"                  [DD]
The Time                1981 *  "Get It Up"
The Time                1981 *  "Girl"
The Time                1981 *  "Oh, Baby"
The Time                1981 *  "The Stick"
The Time                1982 *  "777-9311"              [JS]
The Time                1982 *  "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" [JS]
The Time                1982    "Grace"                 [JS]
The Time                1982 *  "I Don't Wanna Leave You" [JS]
The Time                1982 *  "OnedayI'mgonnabesomebody" [JS]
The Time                1982 *  "The Walk"              [JS]
The Time                1982 *  "Wild And Loose"        [JS,DD]
The Time                1984 *  "The Bird"              [JS,JJ,MD]
The Time                1984 *  "Chili Sauce"           [JS,MD,SP]
The Time                1984 *  "Ice Cream Castles"     [JS,JJ,MD]
The Time                1984 *  "If The Kid Can't Make You Come" [JS,JJ,MD]
The Time                1984 *  "Jungle Love"           [JS,MD]
The Time                1984 *  "My Drawers"            [JS,JJ,MD]
The Time                1984    "Tricky"                [JS]
The Time                1990 *  "Chocolate"             [JS]
The Time                1990 *  "Data Bank"             [JS]
The Time                1990 *  "Donald Trump (Black Version)" [JS]
The Time                1990 *  "Jerk Out"              [JS,MD,JH,TL]
The Time                1990 *  "My Summertime Thang"   [JS]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "3 x 2 = 6"             [JS]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "Bite The Beat"         [JS,JJ]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "Drive Me Wild"         [JS]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)" [TL]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "Make Up"               [JS]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "Nasty Girl"            [JS]
Vanity 6                1982 *  "Wet Dream"             [JS]

+ The full title is "Synthsizer / The Ultimate Sound Experience".

A "*" means that it is officially available on CD, somewhere in the world.

        AN      written as Alexander Nevermind
        CT      written as Christopher
        JC      written as Joey Coco
        JS      written as Jamie Starr
        MH      written as Madhouse
        PP      written as Paisley Park

        BB      co-written by Brenda Bennet
        BS      co-written by Bill Sheppard
        DA      co-written by Damon Dickson
        DD      co-written by Dez Dickerson
        DZ      co-written by David Z
        EL      co-written by Eric Leeds
        FB      co-written by Frankie Blue
        FJ      co-written by Frances Jules
        GM      co-written by Gilbert Moorer
        GC      co-written by George Clinton
        IC      co-written by Ingrid Chavez
        JH      co-written by Jimmy Jam
        JJ      co-written by Jesse Johnson
        KC      co-written by Karen Cover
        KJ      co-written by Kirk Johnson
        LC      co-written by Lisa Coleman
        LSj     co-written by Levi Seacer Jr.
        MA      co-written by Martika
        MB      co-written by Michael Bland
        MC      co-written by Madonna
        MD      co-written by Morris Day
        MK      co-written by Michael Koppelman
        ML      co-written by Monie Love
        MS      co-written by Mavis Staples
        NPG     co-written by The New Power Generation
        PS      co-written by Paula Sherield
        RG      co-written by Rosie Gaines
        SE      co-written by Sheila E(scovedo)
        SEa     co-written by Sheena Easton
        SN      co-written by Stevie Nicks
        SP      co-written by Paul Petersen
        ST      co-written by Sonny Thompson
        TE      co-written by Tommy Elm
        TL      co-written by Terry Lewis
        TM      co-written by Tony Mosley

Covers of Songs Written for Other Artists

1 A.M.                  1992 *  "A Love Bizarre"        [SE]
Big Daddy               1991 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Best of Sheena Easton   1993 *  "The Arms Of Orion"
Best of Sheena Easton   1993 *  "The Belle of St. Mark"
Chypnotic               1990 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Classic Metro. Orch.    1993 *  "Melody Cool"
Classic Metro. Orch.    1993 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Michael Hedges          1986 *  "A Love Bizarre"        [SE]
The Kinsey Report       1993 *  "Five Women"
London Symphony Orch.   1990    "Nothing Compares 2 U"
London Twilight Orch.   1993 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Mayte                   1994 *  "If I Love U 2Night"    [PP]
Mayte                   1994 *  "If I Love U 2Night (spanish)"  [PP]
Keff McCulloch          1991 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
MXM                     1990 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
N.P.G. (w/ the Steeles) 1994 *  "Superhero"
Sinead O'Connor         1990 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Powerjam                1990    "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Synthesizer+            1991 *  "Nothing Compares 2 U"
TLC                     1993 *  "Get It Up"

The Best of Sheena Easton is a band of anonymous Filipino/Chinese
musicians.  Yes, they seem to think that "Belle of St. Mark" is a Sheena
Easton song.

Prince Samples

Above The Law                   "Groupies' Best Friend"         "Housequake"
Acen                    1992    "trip II the moon (mix)"        "Alphabet St."
Arrested Development    1992    "Tennessee"                     "Alphabet St."
Arrested Development    1992    "Eve of Reality"                "New Position"
Assassin                        "A Que L'Histoire"              "Temptation"
Big Daddy Kane          1991    "The Lover In You"              "Pop Life"
Black By Demand         1989    "Dearly Beloved"                "Let's Go..."
Black, Rock and Ron             "Rap Life"                      "Pop Life"
Bomb The Bass                   "Beat Dis"                      "Housequake"
Boy George              1988    "No Clause 28 (mix)"            "Housequake"
Hiram Bullock           1992    "Way Kool" (album)              "Housequake"
Candyman                1990    "Nightgown"                     "E.C." & "I.B."
Chubb Rock                      "Talkin Loud, Ain't Sayin Jack" "Housequake"
George Clinton          1989    "Hysterical"                    "Sex"
Color Me Badd           1993    "How Deep"                      "Crazy You"
Consolidated                    "America Number One"            "Hot Thing"
Criminal Element Orch.  1987    "Put The Needle On The Record"  "Kiss"
Cure                    1993    "Purple Haze"                   "2 Whom It MC"
Da Lench Mob            1992    "Freedom's Got An A.K."         "Gett Off"
De La Soul                      "Lovely How I Let My Mind Float""Ballad of DP"
Derek B                 1987    "Bad Young Brother"             "SOTT"
Die Warzau              1992    "Never Again" (Atlantic Mix)    "America"
Digital Underground     1990    "Doowhatchalike"
Digital Underground     1990    "Hip Hop Doll"                  "Nine"
Digital Underground     1990    "Sex Packets"                   "Sex Shooter"
Digital Underground     1990    "Sex Packets"                   "S Always in MH
Digital Underground     1991    "Flowin' On The D-Line"         "Housequake"
Dream Warriors          1991    "Wash Your Face in my Sink"     "When Doves Cry
Candy Dulfer            1993    "Pick Up the Pieces"            "Gett Off"
Eazy E                          "Eazy Duz It"                   "Let's Go Crazy
Carmen Electra          1993    "All That"                      "Adore"
TC Ellis                        "Miss Thang (mix)"              "SOTT"
Elisa Fiorillo          1990    "Playgirl"                      "Erotic City"
Elisa Fiorillo          1990    "Playgirl"                      "Raspberry B."
Full Force              1992    "If It's Cool Witcha Baby"      "New Position"
Boy George                      "No Clause 28 (mix)"            "Housequake"
House of Pain           1992    "Jump Around"                   "Gett Off"
Kiss Like This          1990    "Faith In You (12" remix)"      "Kiss"
Kool Moe Dee            1987    "Rock You"                      "SOTT"
Kwame'                          "Skinny Muva"                   "Bob George"
Levert                  1990    "Rope-a-dope Style"             "Housequake"
Madonna                 1989    "Like a Prayer (12" club mix)   "Bob George"
MC Doc                          "Are U Wid It"                  "IWBY Lover"
MC Hammer                       "They Put Me In The Mix"        "Housequake"
MC Hammer               1990    "Pray"                          "When Doves Cry
MC Hammer               1990    "Work This"                     "Let's Work"
Grace Jones             1993    "Sex Drive"                     "My Name Is P"
Grace Jones             1993    "Typical Male"                  "The Max"
Jesus Jones                     "Right Here, Right Now (mix)"   "SOTT"
Me Phi Me               1992    "Pu' Sho Hands 2Getha"          "Gett Off"
Miki Howard             1992    "I've Been Through It"          "Alpha. Street"
Meat Beat Manifesto     1988    "I Got the Fear"                "Kiss"
Meat Beat Manifesto     1990    "God O.D."                      "Pos" & "Al St"
Mucky Pup                       "Freakin' At The Peep Show"     "Gett Off"
Naughty By Nature       1991    "Let the Ho's Go"               "Housequake"
Nine Inch Nails                 "Ringfinger"                    "Alphabet St."
NPG                     1993    "Deuce and a Quarter"           "Horny Pony"
Oh Well                         "Radar Love"                    "Housequake"
Robert Plant            1990    "Hurting Kind"                  "Housequake"
PM Dawn                 1991    "A Watcher's Point of View"     "Cindy C"
The Project             1991    "Explode"                       "ICSTFIG"
Public Enemy            1990    "Brothers Gonna Work It Out"    "Let's Go Crazy
Rodney-O and Joe Cooley 1987    "D.J.'s and M.C.'s"             "Kiss"
Sex on a Beach                  "Mary's Jam"                    "Gett Off"
Sir Mix-a-Lot           1989    "Beepers"                       "Batdance"
Sir Mix-a-Lot           1992    "A Rapper's Reputation"         "Head"
MC Solaar                       "Caroline"                      "SAIMH"
SUAD                            "Lamborghini"                   "ATWIAD"
Sudden Death            1992    "Sleep Around"                  "Gett Off"
TC Ellis                1991    "Miss Thang (mix)"              "SOTT"
Terminator X            1991    "Ain't Got Nothing"             "IIWYG"
To Be Continued                 "Yo, Mr. President"
The Underworld          1992    "The Afterworld"                "Let's Go Crazy
UTFO                            "Bits and Pieces"               "Kiss"
UTFO                            "Diss"                          "Kiss"
Ween                            "Push The Little Daisys (mix)"  "Alphabet St."
Young Disciples                 "Get Yourself Together"         "SOTT"
Young Disciples                 "Young Disciples Theme"         "SOTT"

House of Pain claims they did not sample "Gett Off".


Bobby Jimmy & the Critters              "Milkshake"     "Housequake"
Mona Lisa                               "Qualified Kiss""Kiss"
No Face                         1990    "Spanish Fly"   "Do Me Baby"
Tom Mathisen & Herodes Falsk            "Dong"          "Kiss"
Heebeegeebees                   1985    "Ponce - Purple Pants"  "Purple Rain"
Bertus Steigerpijp                      "Rits"          "Kiss"

Songs Prince Helped With (performed on, remixed or produced, but didn't write)

94 East                         "Dance to the Music of the World"
94 East                         "Games"
94 East                         "If You Feel Like Dancin'"
94 East                         "Lovin' Cup"
94 East                         "One Man Jam"
James Brown & Aretha Franklin   "Gimme Your Love"
Kate Bush                       "Why Should I Love You?"
George Clinton                  "Tweakin'"
George Clinton                  "Let's Get Satisfied"
Sheila E.                       "Toy Box"
Sheila E.                       "Yellow"
Elevation                       "Traitor"
Eric Leeds                      "Kenya"
The Lewis Connection            "Got to be Something There"
Madonna                         "Act of Contrition"
Brown Mark                      "Bang Bang"
Wendy & Lisa                    "Lolly Lolly"

Miscellaneous Official Product

Prince: Alter Ego               Pirannah Press          comic
Three Chains O' Gold            Pirannah Press          comic
Sacrifice of Victor                                     book
Neo Manifesto                                           book
10,000                                                  magazine
New Power Generation                                    magazine
O(+> Interactive                Graphix Zone            CDROM

Unreleased Studio Tracks

2 Sexy [instrumental, not the Sheila E song]
51 Hours *
319 *
Acknowledge Me *
The Ball [aka Crystal Ball] *
Been Down A Long Lonely Road
Big Tall Wall *
Can I Play With U [aka Red Riding Hood] *
Climax (instrumental) [aka Jamming Til The Dawn] *
Come Outside And Play *
Crucial [two versions] **
Crystal Ball [two versions, aka Expert Lover] **
Days of Wild *
Endorphin Machine *
Euphoria Highway [aka Cruising Down The Highway] *
Extra Lovable *
Glam Slam '91 *
Good Man *
The Grand Progression *
Heaven *
Hey Louie Louie
I Hear Your Voice [???]
I Miss U
I Wonder *
In All My Dreams *
Last Heart [aka If U Break My Heart 1 More Time] *
Lisa *
Moonbeam Levels [aka A Better Place 2 Die] *
Movie Star *
My Tree *
Now *
Old Friends 4 Sale [2 versions] *
Old Friends 4 Sale '91 *
Oobey Doop *
Open Book *
A Place in Heaven [2 versions: Lisa vocals, Prince vocals] **
Player *
Possessed [vocal and instrumental] **
Purple Music [aka So High, 2 versions] *
Real Love [aka Jamming 'Til Dawn, instrumental] *
Rebirth of the Flesh [aka Souly-a-colia, aka Semi-a-colia, aka New Funky Cool]
Schoolyard *
Sexual Suicide *
She's Just a Baby *
Something Funky This House Comes [aka Something Funky 4 U Coming] *
Soul Psychedelicide [4 versions] *
Strays of the World
There's Others Here With Us *
Toybox [instrumental]
Turn It Up [+ extension for long version] **
U Call Me *
The Voice Inside * [???]
Welcome 2 The Rat Race *
What's My Name
Witness [3 versions] ***
Wonderful Ass [2 versions] **
Your Love is So Hard *
..and several instrumentals with unknown or guessed titles

    Listed above are the unreleased songs I've been able to verify.  They
are available on various bootlegs or on traded tape, some are easier to
find than others and they vary in recording quality. Note: a "*" means the
song is available on CD.

Unreleased Songs (Non-Studio)

Baby U Burn Me Up (The Bird)
Be Alive *
Billy's Sunglasses *
Blues in C [aka If I Had a Harem] *
Burn It *
Cold Coffee and Cocaine
Cross The Line *
Dance 2 The Beat [performed by The Time]
Don't Make Me Pay 4 Your Mistakes [aka Blues in G] *
Electric Intercourse [aka Shock U With My Lips] *
Everybody Dance
God Is Alive
An Honest Man *
I Can't Shake This Feeling [alternate version of "Purple Rain"] *
Leave Me Alone
Let Me Tell U What I Might Do *
New Jack Bitch [aka Billy Jack Bitch]
Our Destiny
Penetration [performed by Miles Davis] *
People Without *
PoorGoo *
Rave unto the Joy Fantastic *
The Ride *
The Second Coming [aka It Won't Be Long] *
When Doves Scream [alternate version of "When Doves Cry"]
White Girls

Note: a "*" means the song is available on CD or laser disc.

Demo Versions of Songs Written For Others

100 M.P.H. *
All Day / All Night *
Allegiance *
Baby, You're A Trip *
Be My Mirror
Bliss *
Chocolate *
Dance Electric *
Data Bank *
Desire *
Don't Say U Love Me *
Don't Talk To Strangers
Eternity [2 versions] *
Five Women *
G-Spot [2 versions] *
Get Blue *
Girl of My Dreams *
High Fashion *
Hold Me *
I Can't Love You Anymmore
If I Love U 2 Nite *
I'll Do Anything
Love... Thy Will Be Done [2 versions] *
Love Machine *
Make Believe
Martika's Kitchen *
Melody Cool *
Mindbells [2 versions] *
Mutiny *
My Little Pill
Neon Telephone *
Spirit *
Susannah's Pajamas *
There Is Lonely
Tricky *
Uh Huh *
The Voice *
Wouldn't U Love 2 Love Me?
Yes *

Note: a "*" means the song is available on CD.

Alternate Studio Versions of Released Prince Songs

Alexa De Paris ???
Alphabet Street [unused 12" mix, blues version] **
Around the World in a Day [2 versions] *
Baby, I'm a Star *
The Beautiful Ones *
Can't Stop This Feeling I Got [1 1986 and 2 1989 versions] *
Come *
Computer Blue [3 versions] *
Cream *
Daddy Pop *
Darling Nikki [2 versions] *
Electric Chair *
Elephants and Flowers *
Erotic City [2 versions]
Feel U Up *
The Flow *
Girls and Boys ???
Graffiti Bridge *
Horny Pony *
Housequake ???
I Wish U Heaven
I Wonder U *
I Would Die 4 U *
Insatiable *
Irresistible Bitch *
Joy in Repetition [2 versions] *
Kiss [acoustic demo] *
The Latest Fashion *
Little Girl Wendy's Parade [alternate take of Christopher Tracy's Parade] *
Live 4 Love *
Love or Money *
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World *
New Position *
New Power Generation [2 versions] **
New Power Generation (Pt. II) *
Positivity *
The Question of U [2 versions] **
Sex *
Starfish and Coffee * ???
Strange Relationship *
Take Me With U
Thieves In The Temple *
Tick, Tick, Bang *
Under the Cherry Moon * ???
Violet the Organ Grinder *
Walk Don't Walk *
We Can Funk [1 1986 and 2 1989 versions] ***
Willing and Able *

Note: a "*" means the song is available on CD.

Unreleased Versions of Songs Written For Others

Apollonia 6                     "Manic Monday" *
Albert Brooks                   "I'll Do Anything"
Albert Brooks                   "There Is Lonely"
Ingrid Chavez                   "Seven Corners" * [LSj,IC]
Sheila E                        "Girl Power" *
Carmen Electra                  "Carmen On Top" *
Carmen Electra                  "Juice" *
Carmen Electra                  "Power From Above" *
Carmen Electra                  "Powerline" *
Cast of "I'll Do Anything"      "Make Believe"
Cast of "I'll Do Anything"      "Wow"
Elisa Fiorillo                  "Oobey Doop"
Flash                           "Bed of Roses"
Flash                           "Good Man"
Julie Kavner                    "I Can't Love You Anymore"
Julie Kavner                    "My Little Pill"
Madhouse                        "18 (r u legal yet?)" *
Madhouse                        "19" *
Madhouse                        "20" *
Madhouse                        "Dopamine Rush Suite" [aka 21-24] *
Mazarati                        "Jerk Out" *
MPLS                            "The Ryde Dyvine"
Nick Nolte                      "Be My Mirror"
Robin Power                     "Eliminate the Negative" *
Robin Power                     "Number One"
Mavis Staples                   "The Voice" *
The Time                        "9 Lives" *
The Time                        "Corporate World" *
The Time                        "Murph Drag" *
Tracey Ullman                   "Don't Talk To Strangers"
Vanity 6                        "Vibrator" *

Note: a "*" means the song is available on CD.


1981 Holland *
1985 MTV, US *
1986 Detroit, Michigan, US (with the Electrifying Mojo) *

Note: a "*" means the interview is available on CD.

US Chart Info

                                                pop     black/r&b    #sold
For You                                         163     21           800K
 Soft and Wet                                   92      12
 Just as Long as We're Together                 -       91
Prince                                          22      3            1.75M
 I Wanna Be Your Lover                          11      1
 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad                  -       13
 Still Waiting                                  -       65
Dirty Mind                                      45      7            1.8M
 Uptown                                         101     5
 Dirty Mind                                     -       65
Controversy                                     21      3            2.3M
 Controversy                                    70      3
 Let's Work                                     -       9
 Do Me Baby                                     -       -
1999                                            9       4            5M
 1999                                           12      4
 Little Red Corvette                            6       15
 Delirious                                      8       18
 Let's Pretend We're Married                    52      55
Purple Rain                                     1       1            14.7M
 When Doves Cry                                 1       1
 Let's Go Crazy                                 1       1
 Purple Rain                                    2       4
 I Would Die 4 U                                8       11
 Take Me With U                                 25      40
Around The World In a Day                       1       4            4.35M
 Raspberry Beret                                2       3
 Pop Life                                       7       8
 America                                        46      35
Parade                                          3       2            3.5M
 Kiss                                           1       1
 Mountains                                      23      15
 Anotherloverholenyohead                        63      18
Sign O The Times                                6       4            3.75M
 Sign O The Times                               3       1
 If I Was Your Girlfriend                       67      12
 U Got The Look                                 2       11
 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man       10      14
 Hot Thing                                      63      14
Lovesexy                                        11      5            2.65M
 Alphabet Street                                8       3
 Glam Slam                                      -       44
 I Wish U Heaven                                -       18
Batman                                          1       5            4.4M
 Batdance                                       1       1
 Partyman                                       18      5
 Arms of Orion                                  32      -
 Scandalous                                     -       5
Graffiti Bridge                                 6       6            1.95M
 Thieves in the Temple                          6       1
 New Power Generation                           60      27
Diamonds and Pearls                             3       1            5.8M
 Gett Off                                       19      6
 Cream                                          1       -
 Insatiable                                     91      3
 Diamonds and Pearls                            3       1
 Money Don't Matter 2 Night                     21      14
O(+>                                            5       8            3.45M
 Sexy MF                                        66      76
 My Name Is Prince                              36      25
 7                                              7       61
 Damn U                                         -       32
 The Morning Papers                             44      68
The Hits 1                                      46      14
 Pink Cashmere                                  50      14
The Hits 2                                      54      23
 Peach / Nothing Compares 2 U                   107     62
The Hits / The B-Sides                          19      6
The Beautiful Experience                        92      29
 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World           3       2

A '-' means that the song/album didn't chart.  This section uses the
Billboard charts.  Sales figures for "For You" through "O(+>" provided by
Entertainment Weekly.

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