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Welcome 2 The Dawn

This site is here to provide information concerning the performer Mayte and to serve as way to explore this figure who is now married to the Artist Formerly Known As Prince and is embarking on her own solo projects.

Among fans & collectors of O(+>, there are many opinions concerning Mayte. Some love her, some hate her, some tolerate her, some adore her. But whatever your opinion, it is obvious that she is a very important person in O(+>'s life at this time and a prominent part of his current musical projects.

Obviously this site is not for people who can't stand Mayte. This site is for people who are at least curious about her: her role in O(+>'s life, her own career, her past, present and future. It is also for those people who do enjoy her very much and find her to be a perfect muse for The Artist Formerly Known As... So enjoy and welcome. Thank you, Mayte for all your inspiration.

Many of the images on these pages can be found on Richie B.'s ftp site. Many thanks to him.

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