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Cat Glover is best known for her work with Prince during the late '80s as one of the most vibrant and active members of his band. Her choreogrphy, wild dance style, and unparalleled energy pushed Prince's stage and video performances to new levels during the period of Sign O' The Times and Lovesexy. She was a great source of inspiration for him as well as a perfect foil for his stage persona.

Since that time she has been busy in London and Los Angeles recording her own material as well as continuing her choreography and performing. She has recorded with Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass, Louie Louie, and is currently recording with Steve Hopkins. She has performed in London and Los Angeles including Glam Slam L.A. last year. She currently has a single out in Europe called "The Big Chill" and is preparing for a promotional tour this fall.

This website is here to provide information about her current activities and to celebrate her past accomplishments. She has given us her full support and though she is unable to receive email at this time, we do keep close contact with her concerning this site. Enjoy.

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