Over the years on the road 

Sept 15th 2006 Newton Iowa


Brian Troester, Al Fear, Neal McCoy, Matthew Kane

June 16th 2006 Marble Rock Iowa

 Matthew Kane 


on the left  on the right.

Ray is the bass player for


December 4th 2005  The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO 


Shawn Camp on the left and Matthew Kane on the Right


Shawn on stage in Co.

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Shawn Camp by Shawn Camp   

See Shawn Camp on


Nov 17 2005 The 1st ave Club Iowa City Ia.

Matthew Kane on the left and Ted Russell Kamp on the Right


The bass player for Shooter and the 357's

Nov 17 2005 The 1st ave Club Iowa City Ia.

Nick,  Bryan Kelling, Tricia, Leroy Powll

The Drummer and Guitar play from the 357s

June 20 2005 The Mill Down Town Iowa City Ia

Matthew Kane and Shooter Jennings


June 20 2005

The 357's

 Leroy Powll, Bryan Kelling, Ted Kamp


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