This is a 1963 Chevy corvair GREENBRIER van It was my 1st van. I got it when I was 17 they made this van from 1961 till 65 they have a  rear flat 6 engine just like the corvair car did. I lost this van in 1997, I all most lost my life that day but I moved on to build another witch is the one I drive today .

This is the 2nd 1963 Corvair panel van

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This van has seen many ways of life over the years. It was a delivery van for SEARS a daily driver. it was parked for around 15 years before I got it. I installed hydraulics on it to make it move up and down and bounce off the ground. It was a low rider. In 2003 I rebuilt the suspension to race it on the auto cross track there are some photos of it out on the track. It lives on now as the name of my band GREENBRIER and as my toy. Right now its getting the body worked over again should be painted in the summer of 2005.


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