Preface ………………………………….………..………… 1



                PART I – The Major Virtues, Values, and Ideals


1.           An Introduction to Global Solutions towards World Peace                                                                  

2.           The Behavioral Foundations for the Virtuous Realm

3.           The Group Ethical Realm                

4.           The Spiritual / Universal Virtuous Realm    

5.      The Humanitarian Global Tradition

6.      The Transcendental Perspective

7.      The Accessory Virtues, Values, and Ideals

8.      The General Unifying Virtuous Themes


                PART II – Aristotle’s Notion of the Vices of Defect


 9.       An Introduction to the Vices of Defect              

10.     The Group Domain for Defect  

11.     The Universal Realm for Defect

12.     The Humanitarian Domain of Defect

13.     The Transcendental Realm of Defect

14.     The Accessory Counterparts for the Vices of Defect


                PART III – The Extreme Realm of Excess


15.     An Introduction to the Vices of Excess   

16.     The Vices of Excess – Part One

17.     The Vices of Excess – Part Two


18.     Hyperviolence: The Realm of Excessive Defect

19.     The General Unifying Themes for the Realm of Excess








         PART IV – Global Solutions Towards Peace & Harmony


20.       Modifications to the Master Ethical Matrix

21.       Global Perspectives for Advancing World Peace

22.       Applications to Information Technology and AI  

            Appendix (A) - Behavioral Correlates to Neuroscience