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Thank you for expressing interest in my newly released patent: Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer Simulating Artificial Intelligence - # 6,587,846. As implied in its title, this innovation represents the first affective language analyzer incorporating ethical/motivational terms, serving as a linguistic platform. This concept is based upon a multi-level hierarchy of the traditional groupings of virtues, values, and ideals: collectively arranged as subsets within a hierarchy of metaperspectives, as partially depicted immediately below.

Glory--Prudence . . . . Honor--Justice
Providence--Faith . . . Liberty--Hope
Grace--Beauty . . . . . Free-will--Truth
Tranquility--Ecstasy . . . Equality--Bliss

Dignity--Temperance . . . Integrity--Fortitude
Civility--Charity . . . . . Austerity--Decency
Magnanim.--Goodness . . . Equanimity--Wisdom
Love--Joy . . . . . . Peace--Harmony

The systematic organization of this ethical hierarchy allows for extreme efficiency in programming (eliminating much of the associated redundancy): allowing for a precise determination of the motivational parameters at issue during a given verbal interchange.

This AI platform is organized as a tandem/nested expert system: composed of a primary affective-language analyzer overseen by a master control-unit (that coordinates the motivational interchanges over real time). Through an elaborate matching procedure, the precise level of communication is accurately determined: defined as the passive-monitoring mode. This basic determination, in turn, serves as the basis for a response repertoire tailored to the computer: simulating a sense of motivation within the verbal interaction (the true AI simulation mode). This innovation is completely novel in its ability to simulate motivationally charged language: an achievement previously eluding AI researchers due to the lack of an adequate model of motivation in general. As such, it represents a pure language simulation program, effectively bypassing the limitations plaguing current robotics: serving in applications such as switchboard/receptionist and assistant-companionship potential.





John E. LaMuth is a 65 year-old counselor and author, native to the Southern California area. Credentials include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from University of California, Irvine: followed by a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton; with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. Postgraduate career choices include social work with abused children, and as an educator in the field of psychology. PhD in Bioethics, Sustainability and Global Public Health was awarded in May, 2018 by the American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN), United States of America (USA).John is currently engaged in private practice in Divorce and Family Mediation Counseling in the Southern CA area JLM Mediation Service Box 105 - Lucerne Valley, CA 92356. John is also Professor for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at The American University of Sovereign Nations, located at San Carlos Arizona USA. Education PhD in Bioethics, Sustainability and Global Public Health bestowed in May, 2018 by the American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN), United States of America (USA). MS Counseling (1984) Calif. State Univ. Fullerton Counseling with emphasis in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling BS Biological Sciences (1977) Univ. of Calif. Irvine Biological Sciences with Honors Diploma for Research in Psychobiology

LaMuth, John. A Revolution in Family Values: Tradition vs. Technology. Fairhaven Books: Lucerne Valley, March 2002 ISBN #: 1929649657 Note: perfect bound 460 pages.
LaMuth, John. The Ultimate Guide to Family Values: A Grand Unified Theory of Ethics and Morality (Deluxe Edition). Fairhaven Books, June 2002 ISBN # 1929649282 Note: perfect bound - 225 pages.
LaMuth, J. E. (2000). A Holistic Model of Ethical Behavior Based Upon a Me-taperspectival Hierarchy of the Traditional Groupings of Virtue, Values, & Ideals. Proceedings of the 44th Annual World Congress for the Int. Society for the Systems Sciences Toronto.
LaMuth, J. E. (2003). Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer Simulating AI. - US Patent # 6,587,846.
LaMuth, J. E. (2004). Behavioral Foundations for the Behaviourome / Mind Mapping Project. Proceedings for the Eighth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable,Tsukuba, Japan.
LaMuth, J. E. (2004). Communication Breakdown: Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness. Lucerne Valley, CA: Fairhaven. LaMuth, J. E. (2005). Character Values: Promoting a Virtuous Lifestyle. Lucerne Valley, CA: Fairhaven.
LaMuth, J. E. (2007). Inductive Inference Affective Language Analyzer Simulating Transitional AI. - US Patent # 7,236,963.

Presentation of a paper at ISSS 2000 (International Society for Systems Sciences) Conference in Toronto, Canada on various aspects of the new science of Powerplay Politics TM.
Toward a Science of Consciousness: TUCSON April 8-12, 2002 Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona-sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies-University of Arizona (poster presentation).
8th International Tsukaba Bioethics Conference at Tsukaba, Japan on Feb. 15 to 17, 2003

Honors Honors Diploma for Research in Biological Sciences (June 1977) - Univ. of Calif. Irvine (including journal publication).

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