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dragonz BALL   Official Web Site of the Ex-Hailey Dragonz

Current Record: 11W 3L

Here are the hot ass team members :

soon to be bald
#20 Jon Lee aka Big Little Man
Height : 5-7
Weight : 61 kg
NBA Comparison: Malik Rose
Game :
Excellent PG who's supreme dribbling ability and awesome cross-overs leave the defence in utter confusion. Has been known to venture down low occasionally. Also likes to mix it up inside and boards well for his size.  Physical player who always plays hard and also sneaks in some blocks on much talle players. The big question is whether he can bounce back from his recent unfortunate ankle injury.
Since entering the league his jump shot has improved immensely. He now consistently hits over 50% from the field and over 80% from the line.
The 2002 season is his second entry into the league after a premature retirement due to work commitments. He tried baseball in his time off, but failed miserably.

Personal Quote: ..... Mmmmmm Suyi.....

spikey is better
#8 Dave Lee aka Daby
Height : 5-9
Weight : 65 kg
NBA Comparison: Kobe Bryant
Game : Versatile player who can play almost any position well, but prefers and is most effective at 2 or 3. Two seasons ago Dave (aka Mack Daby) was a wafer-thin boy straight out of high school. After an intensive weight training program he has emerged as a machine.
Watch out in 2002 for some tough post moves, as well as taking it all the way to the rack off some screens set by Cam.
Developed a deadly mid range game with an assortment of pull up J's and running floaters. Likes to run the break and does so with flair, but needs to work on his athleticism to get down the court in time to get a chance to finish. Also is streaky from downtown. Loves the physical contact (on and off the court) and rebounds with the best of them.
May have a heavy contract, but is starting to blossom and justify his #2 place in the draft. Has two major weak spots - losing his cool with the refs (and other fat players), and flirting with other players' women mid-game (especially the Caucasian variety).

Personal Quote: Oh sorry.. were you trying to guard me?

nice visor punk
#31 Cam Morgan aka C-Mo or WhiteBoy C
Height : 5-11
Weight : 73 kg
NBA Comparison: Keith Van Horn w/o the socks or Eminem
e : A good solid presence down low who will most likely remain in the 4 position this season. He has previously been playing a supportive role to bigger men (e.g. the walsta ) but will have a greater workload this season. Occasionally will fill in the 2 to utilise his athleticism. Has the most off balance shot in the history of the game. Likes to run down the left side of the court and hit lay ups from behind the backboard. Also seems to like flirting with danger by running millimetres from stepping out of bounds. Watch out for his greatly improved left hand and death-defying vertical leap.
But be sure not to leave him unguarded on the perimeter because he has been known to break teams with his 3-point range. Has developed excellent timing to block break away layups, and must learn not to fall on the ground afterwards. Is very close to dunking regularly and does so with pizazz.

Personal Quote: Hey Lang/Dave! Pass me the ball! Umm.. that 3 felt good, I don't know why it didn't hit the ring!

bulk is his key feature
#9 Melv Low aka Smelf or Tractor Traylor
Height : 5-8
Weight : 52 kg
NBA Comparison: Kerry Kittles
Game : An imposing presence on the court who will likely slip into the starting SG position. He is a long time member of this league whose experience is invaluable. Other members will rely on him down the stretch to get the job done. Most dangerous weapon is his outside jumper, but be careful of the occasional drive to the basket which can surprise even his own teammates. Has a tendency to complain about bad calls with the words "what the crap". Must beef up to handle the rigours of D grade basketball.
His trademark one-handed hook shot is copied by Low fans around the world.
Defensively he is greatly improving, with the ability to block much larger opponents with a large wind-up (but this ability must be controlled - often he finds it difficult to restrain the swat). He now looks ready to put his body on the line with the passion the Dragonz have grown to stand for. The guard duo of Melv and Alby should make the Dragonz more than competitive.

Personal quote: What the crap?!?!

teatowels are in this year
#23 Albie Sin aka A Gun
Height : 5-5
Weight : 58 kg
NBA Comparison: Wang Zhi Zhi
Game : Another veteran of the league who enters his 4th season, having played with various championship teams. He is perhaps best known for his constantly changing bodily appearance - training for Mr World led him to undergo intensive muscle building training. After finishing a disappointing 35th he abandoned this dream and decided instead to settle down in married life and raise a family.
He is a very competitive guard who can be deadly from downtown but has lapses in concentration. His shot is deadly accurate and he needs to shoot more to maintain the Dragonz offense.
He needs to balance himself when he sets his shot (i.e.stop copying Cam's shot).
His hussle is sporadically impressive and he has an uncanny ability to rip boards down when he wants to, where he uses
his great strength to his advantage. Is known to pick off the occasional basket and take it all the way.
Doesn't appreciate hits to the face by fat ugly white guys (i.e. NOT Cam) and subsequently uses this aggression to improve his game. Is rumoured to be an undercover FBI agent under the alias of A Gun to investigate the disappearance of Cam's game.

Personal Quote: Hee Hee Hee!! *giggle*

big boy with a big...
#55 David Chen aka Hung Long
Height : 5-9
Weight : 70 kg
NBA Comparison: Jason Collins or the bald dude on the Nets bench who waves the towel
Game : The much anticipated international import has joined a winning team which has so far gone 7-2 with him this season. He truly is comparable with the Memphis Grizzlies' Pao Gasol (a very high credential) and the ladies tell me he is also just as good-looking.   
David (Nick-named "Hung") fit right into the tight team chemistry. His fast pace breakaway dribbles, matched with occasional drives down the lane through traffic, or pull-up J's make this newcomer an invaluable asset.
He, like his namesake, also struggles to keep his mind on the game when ladies are around.
He was #6 overall in the draft this year, first drafted by the LA Clippers, but sent to Dragonz as part of a block-buster 7 player trade (which also involved Jalen Rose who's now dominating Chicago's offense).
Is able to whack people with his well endowed assets.  He still has some to prove since we rejected many star recruits for him. A picture of him is proving difficult to locate because of the need to censor something protruding from his shorts.

Personal Quote: This thang is gettin heavy...

i'm such a tough guy
#33 Lang Ip aka Big O
Height : 5-9
Weight : 75 kg
NBA Comparison: Oscar Robertson
Game : The official heavy weight of the team - both in physique and scoring. This mid-season inclusion has proved to be just the spark the Dragonz needed to start them on their winning ways. After a sluggish 0-2 beginning, Ip has sparked an unchallenged 10-1 run.
Lang is a superb ball handler with a few years under his belt in the ABA and in the Italian leagues. Playing off the bench for a few years behind Kobe has served to fuel his motivation to maximise his playing time and efficiency on the court.
Heads-up plays are now on in the Dragonz offense - everyone is on their toes as Ip drives to the basket and dishes off.
He is not afraid of the big men of the league, taking pleasure in the hard knocks and subsequent trips to the foul line.
Although normally a steady scorer, he can be streaky at times especially from beyond the arc. Recent games have shown a weakness from the line which will no doubt be sorted with a few hours in the gym.

Personal Quote: Dave, you pass me the ball on the wing. Albie, you run around in a circle to create a diversion. Cam, just get out of the way so I can get an iso. Jon, screen my defender so I can take a 3. Melv, tell that chick on the side to meet me in the carpark right after I'm done here.. in the meantime, jump up and down.

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