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Historical U.S. Federal Route 66; Romeoville-to-Gardner, Illinois via Plainfield & Braceville
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Many portions of this alignment is still in use. From Romeoville to Plainfield, I-55 uses it. IL 126 takes you from I-55 to Plainfield and IL 59 takes you souht to Shorewood. Here you get back on I-55 to IL 129 near Wilmington. IL 129 use to goe the rest of the way. In recent years a great bridge over a railroad spur was closed, then torn down, this led to IL 129 being pulled back to Briadwood.


Here you pass right through. Not much really to see.


At Plainfield, U.S. 66 went in to the town (via Current IL 126) and turned south and passed the eastern edge of Downtown (via IL 59).

A marker on U.S. Rt. 30/IL St Rt 59.


In the days of Rt 66, Joliet never came this far west. Due to urban sprawl, the city now extends past this route into Kendall County to the west.


This is a small town being swept up in the rapid development of urban life. Most of the businesses are to the west on U.S. Rt. 52. On the south end of Shorewood IL 59 ends and traffice is filtered back on to I-55.

Rural Will County

As you head down this alignment of U.S. 66 (now I-55), you pass I-80. Before this interchange was repaired a few yars back, you use to be able to see the imprint of the 66 sheild on the BGS on I-80, behind the current I-55 sheilds. Those signs have since been replaced.

Further down, U.S. 66 crosses the Des Plaines river in great, gray bridges.

Looking north at the gary bridges on ALT. Rt. 66 (I-55) south of Joliet.

Northwest of Wilmington, U.S. Rt. 66 leaves I-55 and heads on original road (IL 129).


Just north of Braidwood is a old advertisement. It is located on at the intersection with Coal City Road and Rt. 66 (now IL 129). At the corner it is located on the northwest side. To see this you will nee to park you car and look head. The winter months, when there is no leaves on the trees, is the best time to view it. the ad was for a local place called "Faletti's Orchestra". The placed a grand piano on the top of the hill. It is said that a sign for the business was at one time located at the base of the hill. That is long gone, but the piano is still there. The piano is said to date back to the late 40's early 50's. Not much of it remains. The below photos were taken in February of 2006.

Looking up at the piano from the corner of Coal City Road and Rt. 66. the circle indicated where the piano is.

Looking at what is left at the grand piano.

Looking back down at the corner of Coal City Road and Rt. 66 from the piano. The semi-truck is on SB Rt. 66 (IL 129).

At Braidwood, this is the first place you can see the original alignment of U.S. 66. The two alignments run along each side of the Union Pacific tracks to Gardner.


As of now this is where the road comes to a end. Just south of the town, was the bridge over the UPRR Spur to Coal City. Due to lack of funding and years of dispar, the bridge was closed then tore down. You can still go to the old bridge site (on both sides). The embankments are still there and concrete and guild cables are a mess in the weeds.

NB U.S. 66 (ALT.) near old bridge.

This is the end of the pavement these days on the Gardner side. IDOT recently repaved this section of the road, and created a turn around here.

The UPRR over the Mazon River, next to where ALT U.S. 66 ran.

A guide cable and concrete from the old bridge, among the over growth.

Looking back south from the old bridge area.

Looking at the bridge from the southside at the Mazon River near gardner. Photo Courtesy Rich Carlson "Illinois Highway Page"


This alignment of U.S. 66 forms the northern ring around the town. IL 129 use to end at the intersection on IL 53 (also where that ends) on the westside of town near the interchange with I-55. One of the mian attractions of Gardner is the towns old two-cell jail. This is located near downtown.

66 near Carbon Hill Road at Gardner.

Street sign at Old Rt. 66 and Carbon Hill Road still labels the intersection as IL 129.

A mural in Downtown Gardner.

The jail.

At the intersection with IL 53, U.S. 66 heads south on to the Frontage Road for I-55